Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

The 7 Rays of God & The Initiations

It will not be possible for me to make clear the ray reactions to the final process which we have considered briefly, namely the stage in the liberation of the spirit which we call Identification. All that is possible, even in the case of Initiation, is to give the elementary stanzas which convey to accepted disciples some of the significance of the first initiation. As regards identification, the reactions of the illumined initiate are made available to his intelligence in symbolic form, but if these forms were described, they would be completely misunderstood. When the third initiation takes place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he will then discover the meaning of that type of realization which is here called (for lack of a better name) Identification.

Ray One

"The Angel of the Presence stands within the light divine—the centre and the meeting place of many forces. These forces meet and blend. They focus in the head of him who stands before the Angel. Eye to eye, and face to face, and hand to hand, they stand. Will reinforces will, and love meets love. The will-to-power merges with the will-to-love and strength with wisdom meets. These two are one. From that high spot of unity, the One who is released stands forth and says:—

'I return from whence I came; from the formless to the world of form I make my way.
I will to be.
I will to work.
I will to serve and save.
I will to lift the race.
I serve the Plan with will, the Whole with power.' "

Ray Two

"The Angel of the Presence draws the wanderer to him. Love divine attracts the seeker on the Way. The point of merging is achieved. Mouth to mouth, the breath is drawn forth, and the breath is drawn in. Heart to heart, the beating of these twain is merged in one. Foot to foot, the strength is passed from the greater to the less, and thus the Way is trodden. Force inspires the Word, the Breath. Love inspires the heart, the life. Activity controls the treading of the Way. These three produce the merging. All then is lost and gained. The word goes forth:

'I tread the Way of Love.
I love the Plan.
Unto that Plan, I surrender all I have.
Unto the Whole, I give my heart's deep love.
I serve the Plan;
I serve the Whole with love and understanding.'"

Ray Three

"The Angel of the Presence stands within the centre of the whirling forces. For ages long, thus has he stood, the centre of all energies from above and from below. With intelligence, the Angel works to make the One Who is above and the one who is below to blend and be as one. With twelve clear notes, the hour sounds forth, and then the two are one. The Angel stands entranced. Ear to ear, breast to breast, right hand to left, the two (who are the three) produce the merging of their lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. The work is done. Then man, who is the soul, cries forth with power:—'I understand the Way—the inner Way, the silent Way, the manifested Way, for these three Ways are one.

The Plan proceeds upon the outer Way; it shews itself.
The Whole will stand revealed.
That Plan I know.
I will, with love and mind, to serve that Plan.'"

Ray Four

"The Angel of the Presence stands in his beauty rare upon the lighted Way. The glow of the Presence pours throughout the field of combat and ends, in peace, the strife. The warrior stands revealed. His work is done. Back to back, the Angel and the Warrior stand, their auras meeting in a radiant sphere of light. The two are one.

The Voice goes forth:
—'Harmony is restored and the beauty of the Lord of Love shines forth.
Such is the Plan.
Thus is the Whole revealed.
The higher and the lower meet; form and the formless merge and blend,
and know themselves as one.
In harmony with all united souls, I serve the Plan.'"

Ray Five

"The Angel of the Presence serves the three—the One above, the one below, and the One who ever is. [This refers to the fact that on the fifth plane the Angel is definitely met and known, and the three aspects of the higher triad, buddhi, the abstract mind and spirit, plus the ego in the causal body, and the lower mind are here blended and fused.] The great Triangle begins its revolutions, and its rays reach out in all directions, and permeate the Whole.
The man and Angel face each other, and know themselves to be the same. The light that radiates from the heart, the throat, and from the centre which stands midway meet and merge. The two are one.
The Voice that speaks within the silence can be heard:

'The power that reaches from the highest point has reached the lowest.
The Plan can now be known.
The Whole can stand revealed.
The love that stretches from the heart,
the life that issues forth from God, have served the Plan.
The mind that gathers all with wisdom into the boundaries of the Plan
has reached the outer limits of the sphere of God's activity.
That power informs my life.
That love inspires my heart.
That mind enlightens all my world.
I therefore serve the Plan.'"

Ray Six

"The Angel of the Presence reaches down, and, at the midway point, pierces the fog of glamour. The Path stands clear.
The One who treads the path and stops to fight, who wrestles blindly with the two who seek to hinder and to blind, sees the Way free. It stands revealed. He ceases from the clamour and the fight. He finds his way into the Presence.
Knee to knee, and foot to foot, they stand. Hand to hand, and breast to breast, forehead to forehead, see them stand. And thus they merge and blend.
The trumpet call goes forth:

'The warfare is no more.
The battle ends.
The glamour and the clouds have disappeared.
The light and glory of the Way is here.
That light reveals the Plan.
The Whole is with us now.
The purpose is revealed.
With all I have, I serve that Plan.'"

Ray Seven

"The Angel of the Presence lifts one hand into the blue of heaven. He plunges deep the other into the sea of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earth into heaven. This the man, who stands before the Angel, knows. He grasps the meaning of the painted sign which the Angel holds aloft. [Then follows a phrase which is incapable of translation into modern language. It signifies that complete merging which the mystic endeavours to express in terms of the "marriage in the heavens", and which has been wrongly twisted into the false teaching anent sex magic. This phrase, expressed by a painted symbol, symbolises complete unity between the outer and the inner, the objective and the subjective, between spirit and matter, and between the physical and the essential.]

The two are one.
Naught more remains to grasp.
The Word is manifest.
The work is seen complete.
The Whole is visioned.
The magic work is wrought.
Again the two are one.
The Plan is served.
No word need then be said."

The 7 Solar Rays of Buddha Maitreya the Christ