Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
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If we move into this science and restore the ancient understanding of Planetary reincarnation and Planetary healing through the reincarnation of Saints, we can quicken our process of not only becoming Saints ourselves, and opening up our faith, but actually healing the planet, because healing virtues and healing qualities come from them. We can eliminate many of our limitations, whether it be disease, emotional problems, or just problems in general and thinking that we have no way out, because there is a way out - by actually coming in contact with the Science of God.

How Tulkus and Healing Tools Work Together

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a relationship to the High Lamas, who are well known as healers. They can transmit healing at a distance, even over thousands of miles in other countries. In ancient Chinese medicine, this healing is known as Qi-Gong and in Christian practice we would view it as the Blessings of a Saint. The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation and Healing tools are designed by Buddha Maitreya to work the same way.

In scientific terms the tools stimulate the natural electromagnetic pulse that is found throughout the physical body's meridians and in the Earth's natural electromagnetic pulse. They help strengthen that natural electromagnetic rhythm so the natural psionic energy is strengthened, which is known as Chi in Chinese medicine. It is this Chi that Buddha Maitreya regulates and sends forth as his Healing Energy Field. The Chi is transmitted to everyone who sees or touches the meditation tools or hears the Soul Therapy music. The contact stimulates everyone's consciousness of positive thinking, and spontaneous meditation without effort or focus, fostering one's innate ability to self-heal, radiate Love, and receive the Love of others. This becomes a Universal Awakening and healing that is life changing.

In Tibetan Buddhism this type of universal contact would be explained as a Transmission of Blessings from an Enlightened Conqueror Buddha - a compassionate Being who radiates Loving Wisdom and is unceasingly active for the benefit of all Sentient beings as a true expression of Altruism. Not only is H.H. Gyalwa Jampa sending blessings through the tools but all of the Loving Masters of Wisdom, The Tibetan Tulkus taking refuge under him who in past lives were teachers to many of us, pass their blessings on as they receive a vajra, a shambhala solar form or a pyramid as they become part of their prayer.

In Christianity such qualities are the accepted credentials of a Saint. A priest or a nun can use an article of clothing or a piece of a Saint's body, and the combined faith of the one receiving the blessing and the blessing within the object creates a connection within the Holy Spirit. This connection of the Holy Spirit is the energy of Christ transmitted through the work of the Saint.

Chinese medicine refers to this as "Qi Gong from a Distance"- the ability of a master healer to transmit healing Chi over a distance of thousands of miles. As a person simply holds the tools, relaxes, and listens to the ancient universal prayers and invocations in the meditation music, the emotional body naturally calms down and the mind clears. At the same time contact with the tools opens up the meridians and the chakras to communicate freely and openly, and energetically the person self-vitalizes.

Usually people find that they attain so much peace after this kind of meditation that it stays with them, and that they're able to cope much better with their daily life, people, circumstances, or habits. They see that they're able to spontaneously experience that same meditative quality while they're in the process of a stressful situation or dealing with a habit. Through the meditation, they develop the ability to deal with life better, responding in a much more orderly way. This brings more positive experiences, as the person is more able to be in the moment and respond to the moment.

This is the blessing of the saints, so we give them thanks and we support their material life as they support our spiritual life.