Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

Nepal Earthquake Relief - Salyantar Village Rebuilding Project, December 2015

Villagers whose will receive new light steel housing in the initial phase of the village rebuilding project.

Nepal Earthquake Relief - December 2015 Update

After the monsoon rains and further delayed by the border blockade situation in Nepal which is limiting the supply of goods, especially fuel getting into Nepal from India causing much additional hardship, work has begun on construction of longer term housing for the villagers of Salyantar, Nepal who were hard hit by the earthquakes earlier this year. 

Thank you to everyone for their kind and generous support of our earthquake relief efforts in Nepal this year including the support of this project. In the initial stages of the project we provided immediate relief mainly for shelter, medicine, food and clean water. The next phase which is beginning now is to return to those villages and construct more permanent housing.

Delivering corrugated galvanized iron sheets for makeshift roofing to village of Salyantar, Dhading - 4 hours drive from Kathmandu.

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