Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
The following testimonials are from people that have experienced attending Dharshans with Buddha Maitreya the Christ, online OM Meditations, Soul Therapy or the use of the Shambhala Healing & Meditation Tools & Music for Personal & Planetary Healing.

They wish to share their experiences and the miracles they have witnessed through receiving the Monadic, Soul-filled Light and Healing Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, to help others.

Please take a moment to share your testimonial and help touch the life of another person to help them connect with the auspicious reality of the reincarnation of the Avatar, the Science of Planetary Redemption and the hope that gives us all!
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2014-09-08Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing ToolsSalt Lake City, UTLaura EllingsonThese tools are a healing force in my life. I have experienced the blessings of monadic, soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, just by using them daily in meditation, wearing them and having them in my space. Seven years ago, I was non-functional. I discovered these at the office of an APRN. I've been slowly but surely pulled out of that darkest hour, the depression and anxiety that once plagued me has dissipated tremendously. I have been able to get off half the meds and go to a lower dose on one. Here's what else I've noticed: I feel reborn now, holding a full-time job, doing service on the side, my relationships now free of conflict, much more peace between Mom and me, job situation changed and smoothed out, finances improving, the energy in my home serene and peaceful. On days that are challenging, be it overwhelm, or anxiousness or sadness, I find I have so much more gentleness and trust in dealing with it, holding it in a different perspective than I used to, seeing the bigger picture. I lost interest in a lot of stuff that really didn't align with my soul. Have decluttered and simplified. So much that used to "trigger" me, now just rolls right off my back. I am much better at responding in the moment rather than reacting from personality patterns. It is all because of the charity, blessings and healing of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. I thank Him with all my heart.
2014-07-04Soul TherapyGlastonbury, UKHeidiBuddha Maitreya the Christ’s Soul Therapy is letting go of attachments and things we can't let go of. You go in expecting to be healed but it may take a few days for your energy field to settle. You notice a difference in your pattern of doing things (action) and feelings (emotions). Some things become less important or urgent. Like panicking or feeling stressed. It makes you more relaxed about your life and world events. You may not feel very much but later it can help a lot. It is for the Soul and it helps me do what is right for myself & God. You can notice your karma more and how to change things to make it better for everyone. As we are told everything's one in the end. I like the 7" crystals around the pyramid. Even healing just to look at. Sometimes it's like looking at a star. It helps with doubt in your faith or anxiety. Helps you work it out without going through big processes. You're more able to help others as you clear your karma because you are thankful for your life and can see when others are in distress. It can also help you to say no to things you think aren't right. It gives you strength & courage to be in a non-judgmental pyramid and place. Each Soul Therapy is different. Depending on what you're going through in your life and what your feelings are at the time. I usually find I get clearer and can forgive people and situations. So it helps us to be nicer people. I remember one Soul Therapy - I felt very uncomfortable and did not want to be in the crystal pyramid, but I stayed the course and it changed my personal situation as I could see what was wrong.
2014-04-21Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Soul Therapy Meditation Music for Invocation & BlessingsLighthouse, FloridaJolanta VickersTwo years ago when I first started playing Buddha Maitreya's cds - I had a hard time listening. I didn't give up and just kept using my healing tools and then started listening again. Now I love Buddha Maitreya's voice! He's not just talking just to talk. I love it. I love it! It took me two years to understand how profoundly healing his voice, the drums, the prayers are. Now I feel transformed every time I listen to Buddha Maitreya's cds - I feel the energy and I am very picky. It's just the best, just the best.I was not sleeping because of various reasons but with Buddha Maitreya's music I can fall asleep right away. Thank you Buddha Maitreya
2014-04-18Buddha Maitreya the Christ's BlessingsNew YorkCarol Marie LaPorteDearest Buddha Maitreya, I am entirely grateful for the love and healing you have sent to me. I feel you with me always. I was in the cardiac unit of the hospital and I awoke with a hard shell type unfolding like a protection starting on one side and covering me piece by piece. I felt your love and protection. I am home now. I am fine. You have healed my shoulder. You woke me and told me to hold my crystal above my head. I couldn't understand why I was getting the message so confused I obeyed. Took off my crystal and as I went to hold it above my head my right arm lifted straight up. I haven't moved that shoulder in years. I am yours, Gratefully
2014-04-13Buddha Maitreya the Christ's BlessingsKelseyville, Lake CountyRuth Van Lokeren
2014-03-07Buddha Maitreya Blessings Brooklyn, NYHenry PetrosovI want to thank Buddha Maitreya for helping me heal. I just participated in Buddha Maitreya's virtual meditation teaching and I am so changed after two hours!  I already have felt like my mental clarity is better than ever.  I wear the etheric weaver everyday and always feel Buddha Maitreya's presence and feel very protected all the time. I'm telling you He is good! and I have been around many healers in my life… so I am coming from a place of knowing Buddha Maitreya can heal you. I feel younger and even look younger! Thank you again.
2014-02-20Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric WeaverSalt Lake City, UTLauraI got to work today and noticed a sharp pain sourced around my shoulder blade and tricep area. It was interfering with range of motion in my arm and making it hard to do my job. It occurred to me to use my Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver. I found a way to secure it right on top of my shoulder, then just forgot about it and went back to working. Some time later I noticed my arm had full range of motion back and I could move it in a full circle with no pain at all! Thank You Buddha Maitreya. Your Shambhala Healing Tools are the real deal.
2014-02-09Buddha Maiteya the Christ Shambhala Healing Tools , Om Group MeditationSalt Lake City, UTAshley MartindaleThank you, thank you, thank you for coming into our homes and blessing our lives every moment of every day with your beautiful healing tools!! And thank you so very much for providing OM meditation teachings every week! Today, I listened to the teaching through headphones connected to the computer as I prepared chicken enchiladas for a group of people, and I just thought about how very blessed I am to have you right there with me in my home, and how much you have blessed and changed my life!!!! You started to get ready to lead the OMs, and I thought "oh, I need to put these green chiles in first," and instead of anxiety, there was peace and calm and assurance that all would happen in God's Order and in God's time. I went to my room for the meditation, and you started after I was all settled and ready- there was no rush- just perfect timing. And, as I sat there watching your kind eyes and listening to your kind words, my heart was full and tears came to my eyes. I thought "He is here for me." And I wept. Thank you. When you started to OM, I noticed that my tone was a little off. After a few tries, it sounded like harmony. Then I heard Mandarava Tara's OM, and the faces of many Sangha and Extended Sangha members came to mind. It felt like I was part of an army of angels, our strength stronger as a group, and there was joy and peace. Thank you SO, SO much!
2014-01-28Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver, Soul Therapy MusicToronto, Ontario, CanadaRichard GlicnerA few years ago, I had my first experience of how powerfully healing Buddha Maitreya's etheric weaver and meditation music are. I was hosting friends for dinner and all of a sudden got a migraine headache and thought I would have to cancel, which I really didn't want to do. I was in alot of pain so I put on Buddha Maitreya's meditation cd and listened on headphones to the prayers & invocations with the etheric weaver in one hand and my rosary in the other. By the time the track ended the painful migraine was gone! I couldn't believe it, not only was my pain gone but I had the most peaceful feeling. I enjoyed the evening so much with my friends.. but most of all I will never forget the miracle of that day. I can still feel in my body how it felt to be blessed that day. I still wear my etheric weaver daily and really love it.
2014-01-28Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, Shambhala Healing Tools, DharshanUnited KingdomJamie JonesEver since I bought my first tool I have only looked forward . The change in myself has been HUGE . The calmness , peace and inner joy that Buddha Maitreya has brought me is immense . I can't thank him enough ! I now want to share the love I feel with everyone else . I so look forward to each Dharshan and being able to join in with the online meditations and meditate with Buddha Maitreya . It is so beautiful because your'e able to bring him into to your home and feel that connection with him and others around the world . May everyone's life be blessed!
2014-01-27Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric WeaverValpraiso, IndianaBrian BlakeA good friend's grandson was born premature only weighing only 1 pound 9oz. She called me to weave over the baby boy at a distance. I noticed the weaver felt and acted so different as if the baby was barely there…after a few days the weaver started moving in circles like it usually does. Within one month the baby has gained weight and is doing good after a prognosis of not looking like he would live. I have been using Buddha Maitreya's etheric weaver for years and have noticed it is always positive. I don't think there is anything it hasn't worked on from migraines to helping the girls basketball team with injuries. The etheric weaver goes to the cause and it's like it takes the person/situation back to how they were before the injury. It works very very well. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for an incredible healing tool - I always have it with me.
2014-01-27Online Meditation with Buddha Maitreya the Christ, Etheric Weaver to WearBrooklyn, NYHenry PetrosovI want to thank Buddha Maitreya for helping me heal. I just participated in Buddha Maitreya's virtual meditation teaching and I am so changed after two hours! I already have felt like my mental clarity is better than ever. I wear the etheric weaver everyday and always feel Buddha Maitreya's presence and feel very protected all the time. I'm telling you He is good! and I have been around many healers in my life… so I am coming from a place of knowing Buddha Maitreya can heal you. I feel younger and even look younger! Thank you again.
2014-01-22Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the ChristSalt Lake City, UTSheri KerrMy daughter has a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. She didn't have medical insurance and could not afford to have the tumor removed. She had to wait until January when she could get on the Obamacare insurance. She agonized for months. On July 30, 2013 I put her on the group weaving list. She started getting open lesions all over her back--it seemed like a purging. When she went to to the doctor last week to schedule her surgery, the tumor was completely gone. There is no need for surgery! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for another miracle of love.
2014-01-21Meditation with Buddha Maitreya the Christ, Shambhala Solar FormSalt Lake City, UTJames TaylorBuddha Maitreya just intervenes just at the right time - its so beautiful and awesome - so many amazing things are happening to support my family - i am just so moved in thankfulness - thank you for all the wonderful gifts in my life, Buddha Maitreya. I feel such an appreciation for all of your the love and support!! I am bringing my sister in law to meditation with you this weekend at your Salt Lake City Soul Therapy center and my other son asked me to send the shambhala form to him to start wearing again. I am just so happy that Buddha works in our lives the way he does! Everybody is being blessed! Its way cool.
2014-01-15Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weaver, Shambhala Solar Form, Metatron Mat System with VajrasHermitage, TennesseeReverend Barbara Ross GreaneyI am, and have been a regular user of most of all the healing products for a number of years now, offered by Shambhala Healing Tools. Recently I went through an unusual healing crisis where I was lifted to new levels through the healing tools and deepened my connection with Buddha Maitreya. In early December 2013 I was rear ended in a car accident, and then 9 days later I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery for gallstones and then gallbladder surgery. I was hospitalized for 8 days and received several pints of blood. From being a very healthy person to being on the brink of transition, this was quite a shock to me and my sensibilities about myself. But little did I know that this test would allow all the years of work of being in the center of my Light, of being One with Buddha Maitreya and the Creator, help me stay in my center the majority of the time of this “suffering”, and assist me in opening to new and insightful levels of Oneness, acceptance and non-attachment to what was occurring to me on my physical form. As soon as I was able to focus in the hospital, my husband came in with my weaver and from time to time, although I was very sick, I just wove over the areas where I felt pain or the area that I thought needed attention at that time. Before I received each blood transfusion, I prayed over the blood, and did a short weaving over each packed to raise the vibration of the blood and to cleanse it of any lower energies or imperfections. I do a lot of meditating connecting with Buddha’s energy and light, and while in the hospital, it was as if I were in a cocoon of Buddha’s protective and healing light and energy. I did call on Buddha Maitreya several times directly to aide and assist me, and immediately I felt the presence and comfort of Buddha’s energy. Of course I had my moments as I am still human, but I was astounded that the majority of the time, I could be calm and peaceful, interested in but non-attached to what was happening to my physical form. As I continue to heal at my home this January, I now am adding the pendant form, the Metatron magnetic mat with vajras, my complete array of weavers, and Buddha’s music to help me get back to 100%. Today Ani Patty reminded me that I could be placed in Buddha Maitreya's Solar Cross for prayer, blessing and healing, so my system will get an extra boost of healing for the next 48 hours. Thank you, thank you, Buddha Maitreya for all you do: for the planet, and for the people in raising and clearing our forms and energies. What a blessing and Light you are!
2014-01-09Buddha Maitreya the Christ, Dharshans, Meditations, Shambhala Healing Tools, Vajras, Etheric WeaversCaliforniaMichael BarberI have seen a woman's pain of 6 years heal in a matter of days with distant weaving sessions I performed, I have witnessed a woman on chemo hold a vajra with tears in her eyes as her pain disappeared. My friend diagnosed with schizophrenia became totally illusion and delusion free after a series of 5 sessions with Buddha Maitreya The Christ's vajra and metatron mat system. I have also witnessed many other similar cases. Although these miracles defy everyday rational, logical explanation, I have witnessed them happen with my own eyes. After attending several dharshans, reading all the online teachings, and practically memorizing all of the pujas, I can verify that what has been shared by Buddha Maitreya The Christ has all checked out to be verifiably true. Going through two years of study and attending a 6 hr workshop on the subject of Quantum Physics, I can verify for myself that the Science of The Soul laid out by Buddha Maitreya The Christ, does have a scientific validity based on evidence gathered by many of the top minds in Science. Before meeting Buddha Maitreya, i studied Buddhist teachings and then began a practice of meditation to attempt to verify claims for myself. After several years of moderate study and practice, my habitual body and patterns of activity began to change; yet I could only get so far with written teachings. Buddha Maitreya The Christ has completely synthesized the heart of Buddhism and Christianity. As he explains religion, history, science, economy, medicine, and our destiny - one very clear picture begins to emerge and most importantly, make sense. As a result of Buddha Maitreya The Christ's work, I have the Tools needed to self regulate, keep clear, heal others, and work on what needs to be done. Without these tools to integrate and help change my environment, life would be much more difficult to maintain and keep healthy. The group meditations and Dharshans with Buddha Maitreya The Christ are also a tremendously powerful tool. These experiences are so grounding and affirming to be involved with. Sharing with people and keeping healthy relationships become so much easier when you get to hang with a guy who tells it like it is, won't bs you, and isn't trying to sell you something - other than to be a better person. Every few weeks or so the meditation or Dharshan becomes a wellspring for inspiration and strength. My relationships towards people, the food I eat, the way I handle money, how I see my country, and most importantly - what motivates my daily activities have all gone through transformation. I can see that all the little things can have a major impact in my life and in the world - so this moves me to pay more attention, give more care, and appreciate people places and things a little more. This is something that I can see continues to grow, naturally, and I thank Buddha Maitreya The Christ for his tremendous sacrifices, daily diligence, his love of humanity, and the message of heaven on earth that radiates from his life. From his Cosmic relationship with God, he is able to truly embody virtue in action and make manifest a path that is accelerating the plan of redemption and heaven on earth. Infinite Gratitude to the beautiful Buddha Maitreya The Christ and Mandarava Tara Kumara
2014-01-08Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala StarCincinnati, OhioLeah Curtin, RNMy friend who is a Catholic Nun was suffering from a rare disease called esophageal varicose - swollen varicose veins of the esophagus. The only treatment is to go in and cut the veins when they get too swollen. You can only do this treatment so many times and then the person eventually dies from it as there is no cure. I loaned my Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star Radiator to my friend to wear and within 7 days the veins have disappeared! The doctor went in to do the endoscopy and another surgery and there were no varicose veins to fix! I am happy to share this miraculous story and really enjoy wearing my Shambhala star daily.
2014-01-08Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Christ CrossOrangeville, Ontario, CanadaNola AustinI am 74 years old and bought my Christ Cross last year and in the beginning wore it off and on. I had alot of pain in my back and in my leg behind my knee. I started keeping the Cross behind my pillow and would hold it while I slept. One night I had so much pain I couldn't sleep and then I remembered my cross - I grabbed it and just held it and prayed and all the pain was gone within a half an hour and hasn't come back. I couldn't believe my pain was gone! It does work - this I do know. I am working out at the gym again twice a week and feel healthy. Without Buddha Maitreya's help I wouldn't feel this good. I wake up in the morning and feel so much lighter. Thank you Buddha Maitreya.
2013-11-14Meditation Pyramid, Etheric Weaver, OM MeditationNevada City, CaliforniaPenn MartinMeditating in the pyramid every day using the Om and the invocation is truly transforming my life. Thank you for the gift of this instruction. I am noticing more clarity, calmness and the ability to more often handle stressful situations in life easily while remaining centered. I am also witnessing the blessings of everything just flowing much more naturally and easily, with less resistance. Using the etheric weaver often is helping too. I especially appreciate that it works on a picture or even the name of the person who is being weaved because sometimes it doesn't happen that they want to sit still and be receptive for as long as it takes for the weaver to do its thing. I have noticed dramatic results with the weaver in calming dramatic emotional situations and changing the dynamic into a much calmer positive loving space. Thank You Buddha Maitreya for the blessings again and again in my life.
2013-11-12Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya, the Christ & Shambhala Healing ToolsDenver, ColoradoMatt BattleI have been working with Buddha Maitreya's healing tools for 2 years now, and since then there has been a gentle acceleration of change in everything for the better. Whether its the way I look at things or a healing from Buddha Maitreya, there is a lightness increasing in the entire process. My life continues to be simplified and made easier. I want to do good things and take care of myself and serve others, and the more I commit to using the tools and Buddha Maitreya the easier that is. It is much more than beautiful tools but a blessing from Christ himself. I used to feel misunderstood, but now I feel that I am part of a group that has known me forever…I'm home!
2013-10-22Buddha Maitreya, the Christ OM Meditation & Brainwave Optimization Intensive RetreatKentuckyAngela CDear Buddha Maitreya, I want to tell you how wonderful it was to see you in the monastery and learn the OM meditation from you (twice!) That was an answer to my prayer. Thank you so much for building Shambhala and being the way shower and Hope for humanity! The thrill of my retreat has not worn off and was greatly enhanced Sunday with the online meditation and teachings you gave. I feel so much stronger and able to meditate by myself now. Each cell of my body was transfixed by your voice and the words you spoke with clarity and great meaning. Hearing them from you makes my thoughts about being positive and optimistic much more powerful in my every day living. I have greatly increased faith in the process of my personal recovery and our planetary healing and evolution--more of a glimpse into you amazing work! After doing the pujas for 12 years now, it is very uplifting for my favorite invocation to take on new meaning in this blessed present with You. After many years of "walking with Jesus," how fantastic that You led me to the Ashram of the Christ and now for a dozen years I have personally witnessed Your phenomenal work. Everyday I seek to increase my alignment with You and give thanks for Your Holy Family and the wonderful monks and nuns, and the students all around the world. To witness Shambhala is truly a great blessing and to be part of it, an awesome gift. Thank You so much! With great appreciation, Angela.
2013-10-22Dharshan and Om Meditation with Buddha Maitreya, the ChristCanadaCheryl AI wanted to write to you today to let you know about the most profound experience I had at the Omaha dharshan. It was during the Kriya Babaji meditation . . .the Om chanting at first it was great, but not profound. But then after about 5minutes when everyone was getting into a rhythm, it sounded like Heaven! It was the same sound I heard during my near death experience all those years ago. It was the first time since then that I had heard that sound... the sound of angels.. I was stunned into silence and sobbed at the opportunity to experience such a profound event without having to die. I wish everyone knew how profound, holy and powerful this meditation is. I believe that every time we all do this meditation, we bring heaven and heavenly beings to earth. Words cannot express the depth of the experience or the gratitude I feel for His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for sharing and teaching this to us. I have mediated on this almost daily since I have been back from the dharshan. I have been so deeply affected by this experience, that I was not able to talk about until now. There are parts of me that have been healed that I didn't even know were broken, I feel so loved and cherished by God, Questions have been answered that I didn't know I was asking until the answers were given to me. With this dharshan, I felt like I went back to heaven and spent time with God. Thank you, thank you , thank you.
2013-10-21Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya, the Christ & Shambhala Healing ToolsFremont, NebraskaSue RHis Holiness Buddha Maitreya, I want you to know how grateful I am to have the tools and the support of the meditation. Everything came to a head just before and during the Darshan in Fremont - events forced me to deal with things I had been avoiding. The tools and the meditation have given me the strength to deal with the myriad of blessings! In gratitude – Sue
2013-10-21Buddha Maitreya, the Christ OM MeditationNorwayStine BangI want to say Thank You for the meditation yesterday. It is so nice to be able to meditate together with Buddha Maitreya. It is always good, but yesterday was like a new dimension added to it. Felt so connected, peaceful and blessed. My soul is getting more and more integrated. It is so inspiring to listen to His teachings!! Thank You! And thank you to all of you how make this possible. I am grateful!
2013-10-20Buddha Maitreya, the Christ OM MeditationSedona, ArizonaMary TheresaWhat a wonderful, uplifting, and powerful meditation. It really encouraged me so greatly. It has made a huge difference in my life and I feel the power from the group. Slowly but surely I am making right choices and am changing. Today's meditation was just what I needed to keep moving forward in a positive way and to not get discouraged. I'll have a great week as a result, and will be kinder to others and myself. It is a narrow path we are on but the benefits are huge. Thank you for your support, kindness and encouragement.
2013-10-20Buddha Maitreya, the Christ OM MeditationNapa, CaliforniaTracy HaywardSlowly but surely I am making right choices and am changing. Today's meditation was just what I needed to keep moving forward in a positive way and to not get discouraged. I'll have a great week as a result, and will be kinder to others and myself. It is a narrow path we are on but the benefits are huge. Thank you for your support, kindness and encouragement
2013-09-14Buddha Maitreya Kriya Yoga Meditation PracticeEnglewood, FloridaRosemarie Willaford RN,BSNI am 74 years old & really thankful and enjoying Buddha Maitreya's Babaji Meditation and have made it my main daily meditation. Since I had my daughter 40 years ago - I have always had trouble waking up each night for 2-3 hours and since starting this mediation - I just wake up once to use the bathroom and go right back to sleep! The mental clarity I have is wonderful - the "need to achieve" or feel like I should be somewhere else is gone. I wake up in the morning like a ball of fire with so much energy - I have been cleaning closets, etc and I find I just easily get thoughts of what to do next & in order. The confusion is gone! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for giving us this wonderful meditation and to be able to participate with you virtually is such a blessing!
2013-07-15The Benefits of Buddha Maitreya's Meditation Pyramid SystemsFloridaLouis Gates
2013-07-15Buddha Maitreya Solar CrossMichiganGail MillerI bought a solar cross and own an etheric weaver. my husband had a four hour major surgery on july 1.. I had just received the solar cross only days before the surgery. His tumor , size of a tennis ball was removed, cancerous, and the cancer did not spread. The pathology report came back all clear as well. I had the solar cross with me at the hospital and lots of prayers from several different communities. Still need some prayers for his recovery. He just got home on the 12th. and the intestines are still sluggish. Thank you and pass this on to the lady who helped me with the purchase of the cross. Blessings
2013-07-13Using Buddha Maitreya's Etheric Weavers in HospitalsVirginiaAndrea Melendez, Clinical Nurse Specialist
2013-06-22Hearing Improves Meditating in Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Ascension Pyramid Meditation SystemScotlandBrenda McPhersonI just wanted to say thank you so much to Buddha Maitreya and share that I love him! I have had really bad hearing for near three years and it was getting worse and I was so worried about it being a young mother of two. I got the ascension pyramid a few months ago and have been sleeping and meditating in it – in fact, my whole family uses the pyramid - my two young sons, husband and I all enjoy our time in the pyramid on our own and as a family! When I meditated and slept under the pyramid, I could tell something was shifting – I could feel my face and the back of my head where I had a lot of tension start to relax and felt like my hearing could be getting better! Yesterday, I went to see a hearing specialist and I was so nervous!! I just prayed to God and Buddha Maitreya and knew He would be there with me. I just learned that my hearing has improved so much!! – the doctor said that it is even better than average. I am just over the moon! Thank you very much, Buddha Maitreya!
2013-06-11Son saved from having a sex changeAnonymousThose of you who have raised children know what an emotional journey it can be. I would like to share with you Blessings received for my son and myself from H.H. Buddha Maitreya. Over the course of 20+ years I have watched my son grow from a happy, sensitive, kind, loving child into a moody, depressed, resentful young man struggling for self identity. At the age of 18 this boy moved away from home, to the big city to get away from everything he knew and to find himself. I had not heard from my son for about a year or two and one day he called me up and told me that he had finally found where he belonged. What he found was a new lifestyle, new group of friends, a girl he loved and a support system that went with his newfound identity. What was the new way of living? He informed me that he was born into the wrong body- he should have been a girl not a boy and he found people who felt the same way as he did, psycologists and doctors who support this belief system and they were going to help him transform from male to female. --And oh by the way Mom, it was kinda your fault- the trauma I had in utero has affected my brain and that's what made what I am right now. I was devastated, confused and deeply saddened for him. I immediately starting using the etheric weaver for him. Weaving his name on a daily basis. My son was in sporatic contact over the next few months, and his conviction that was he was doing was right became stronger, not weaker. I then put his name in a solar cross. No change. I received a message from the girl he was with asking for help- prayers, anything to help her and my son through this. She didn't believe that what he was doing was right, but couldn't see a way out. It was then that I contacted the weaving group of students associated with the Monastry. I asked that both my son and his girlfriend's name be put on the weekly group weaving list with Buddha Maitreya's etheric weavers at a distance. After three months on the list, my son calls me up and tells me he had something important to tell me. He was healed. He no longer wanted a sex change, he was no longer confused, no longer depressed, off medication for his depression and he found God! He moved away from the city, got rid of the old friends, stopped going to the gender change support group and started loving life. I know that the Blessings he received from H.H. Buddha Maitreya, the healing effects of the tools and the power of prayer from the student group created this miracle. I am sharing this with you in hope that those of you who are struggling with a similar situation- do not give up. Believe that H. H. Buddha Maitreya is who he says he is, believe that miracles can and do happen, use the healing tools as much as possible, support the monastery and thank God for Buddha Maitreya in your life. Forever Grateful Mom
2013-06-10Help with depressionSan Jose, CaliforniaHeather JonesI just wanted to thank Buddha Maitreya of helping me through a tough time with the etheric weaver. I was struggling with alot of stress & depression. I suddenly had the idea to lay the 7" etheric weaver on my forehead and it literally felt like it was just taking the garbage out of my mind.. I got up after meditating with it there and the depression & stress I was feeling was gone! I also looked 5 years younger! I couldn't believe how different I looked in the mirror. I think it's the best invention every made and I can't imagine where I would be without it. thank you Buddha Maitreya.
2013-05-31Buddha Maitreya VajraClayton, CaliforniaEric ForbesHi i wanted to share my story, This plant has been dieing for many years. It was in a large pot and i planted it in the ground, still was not looking good. when i receive my Vajra i used it over my garden. I held the Vajra over this plant the most thinking it needed all the help it could get. then about 11/2 to 2 week later there was new growth, a large leaf like thing, but it did not look like a leaf. one day it opened and this is it!! this has never happen before in the 13 years i had it! I think its a flower.....I did not know this kind of plant had flowers. Thanks again, Eric
2013-05-28Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Solar Form RadiatorStockholm, SwedenHakan IsralssonI got my Shambhala Solar Form radiator yesterday. And felt a strong healing power when I put it around my neck. I immediately became calm and felt a good well being and protected. Tried a few times during the day to take from me the necklace, and then it felt as usual. But as soon as I put it on me, I felt an enormous well being and calm in the body and mind. I have also noticed that those around me is calmer and happier when I carry it on me. I've also tried and given healing at a distance with Solar Form ​R​adiator, and that person felt himself calmer and breathing felt calmer too.
2013-04-08Buddha Maitreya's Incarnation Invocation Blessings Meditation Music CD & Etheric WeaverOrangeville, Ontario, CanadaNina Floruk
2013-03-29Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver & Small Etheric Weaver to WearRedding, CAKeith & Patty Brumm
2012-12-19Buddha Maitreya Etheric WeaverUtahLaura EI can attest to the miracle of Buddha Maitreya's healing tools through observing what has unfolded with a co-worker. She was perfectly willing to let me share her story. I placed my weaver around her neck one day, when she was having a flare-up due to diverticulitis. She's been wearing it ever since and wore it on her recent trip to New York. She has since returned the weaver I loaned her and is wearing one of her own now. She did not spend her money on clothes in New York but rather on a weaver for herself and her daughter, as well as a down payment on a solar form. When I asked her why, she told me the weaver actually helped her, that her painful flare-up went away the same day I gave it to her and she has not had any flare-ups since then. Just today, several days later, she mentioned she wrenched a muscle in her back yesterday. Today she was in pain and exhausted. She stopped home, in between jobs, and laid down. She weaved the painful side of her body, then fell right asleep. She woke up 15 minutes later feeling much better, pain-free and rested as if she had been asleep for hours! Thank you to Buddha Maitreya for your blessings upon this sweet, sweet lady.
2012-11-12Buddha Maitreya Ascension Meditation PyramidFloridaLouis GatesI had a client come in with her 8 year old daughter who had not spoken since birth. The dad was pretty beside himself with what to do for her. I said, "Let's have her do some healing sessions in Buddha Maitreya's Ascension Pyramid and see what happens." After two one hour sessions in Buddha Maitreya's pyramid, laying on the metatron mat, listening to Buddha Maitreya's music - She talked! She came out of the pyramid and said, "Dad". The Father was just crying and crying.. It was truly a miracle!
2012-12-07Etheric Weaver to wearMaplewood, New JerseyCheryl ChapmanI am an RN of 45 years, Holistic Nurse Certified and a massage therapist for 25 years. My specialty is Oncology and Breast reconstruction. For many years I have been using the full spectrum Etheric weaver and have seen a difference in their healing. In November I ordered a pair of Blue Siberian Quartz Sky Vajra Weaver Earrings. I had no reason for the purchase, only to give myself something nice. For the past year my life has been laden with anger and depression. I thought it was my age of being 69. Nothing was important except for my work. I didn't care if I lived or died, but would not go so far as if to take my own life. Many times during the day I prayed for guidance and endurance to help me through. My tinctures and herbal supplements took the edge off but didn't last. A week later the package arrived. Instead of the earrings I ordered, a blue quartz pendant arrived. At first I wanted to call and send it back. Something told me to try the etheric weaver on. It felt good and laid beautifully on my chest. Within moments I felt this fog I've been living with lift. It is a miracle! I haven't felt this calm and balanced in a year. I feel like my old self again! Instead of crying from depression, I cry with joy, peace and gratitude. The etheric weaver had literally saved my life! The love and spirit of The Buddha Maitreya was given to me. Thank you and Blessings Buddha Maitreya - Cheryl RN HN-BC LMT - on the web at: http://www.cherylchapman.com/
2012-12-05Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Solar FormHuntsville, OntarioIvonne BakerMy daughter is a testimony to the power of Buddha Maitreya's Solar Forms in transforming negativity. Shortly after purchasing my own solar form, my daughter experienced a very dark energy and was really having a tough time and not at all herself. I let her wear it and she was transformed overnight into her natural loving self. My own experience wearing the solar form is that I am in a more peaceful state and I can feel it helping me throughout the day. I just want to say thank you Buddha Maitreya for helping me and my daughter.
2012-11-24Maitreya Solar CrossToronto CanadaCathy MinesSince bringing a Large Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross into my home - My space feels more balanced and peaceful. I live in a beautiful area, so for me to feel a noticeable difference in my place was really a nice surprise.  I am a yoga instructor and work out of my home. My clients were saying how great it felt the first week too.  I really knew on a higher level that this was something very special that was going to help others around me and it has!  I really noticed an expansion of community in our apartment building.We are all friendlier to each other, everyone is happier and more kind. It's a mish mash of people and yet everyone seems to get along. It's like since the Maitreya Solar Cross came here people now feel safe to trust each other and open up as a community. In the past every time I saw the Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross I would say a silent thank you to the form, I now know to thank Buddha Maitreya for His blessings in my life through His profound healing tool. 
2012-10-18Etheric WeaverEncinitas, CABetse Bernstein, HHPI've been using Buddha Maitreya's etheric weaver in my holistic health practice for years. I've found it works effectively on nerve pain - sciatica, shoulder & especially neck pain. I hold it over the area and within a few minutes the client's pain has improved! More recently I had a client with a residual pain from rose thorn in her knuckle. She had been struggling with the pain for a week - I held the etheric weaver over it and the pain disappeared. She said a week later - the pain never came back! Another woman had alot of pain in the pad under her big toe which went away after just a couple minutes using the etheric weaver. I only have a few minutes during my Thai Massage treatment so am really impressed with how much it does in such a small amount of time. It works really well on animals too. A client had a really sick labrador who was throwing up from what we believe might be a bee sting - she used the etheric weaver on him the next day and all of his symptoms disappeared! I tell people this is not just a crystal - this crystal transmit's Buddha Maitreya's blessings and it doesn't matter if it's the biggest etheric weaver or the smallest it's the same thing! I even use the tiniest 7/8" and it's really powerful! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for a wonderful healing tool that is helping so many people.
2012-10-12Metatron MatAustraliaMercyI also want to tell you that after speaking to you last week I did as you told me I wrapped the mat around my foot. I did this for the whole of one afternoon and evening.the next day foot was fine and has remained so.my foot was so painful that I could only walk short distances and was limping badly.I even enjoyed the food shopping today as it was a pleasure to be walking again.
2012-09-02Shambhala Healing ToolsNew YorkWilliam HerbertMy son's Williams girlfriend did not believe in God . After coming to my home a few times she said to William I love the energy at your Dad's house . He told her there is a pyramid in my home and it radiates energy . We explained who His Holiness is and about the tools . Now she knows there is a God , she has a small weaver pendent and earrings and when she comes home from collage she comes over to spend time in the pyramid . Thank you Buddha for all the big and small things . My neighbors , friends and family are benefiting so much from the tools . William , Maria , and Bill Herbert
2012-08-23Buddha Maitreya Incarnation Invocation Blessings CDsNashville, TNReverend BarbBuddha Maitreya’s music CD’s send healing and peace to the soul – Stay the course. I am a heavy user of all the wonderful products of Shambhala Healing Tools. I have a Vajra mat system, a 7 inch Etheric Weaver set, a marvelous pendant; I carry a small weaver on me always. Whenever you order a crystal product from Shambhalahealingtools.com, you get a companion CD with it of the Buddha Maitreya praying healing prayers, chanting, blessing and intoning. When I began to use each of the other products I was immediately drawn to them, uplifted, energized and healed by them. I could feel the blessings pour forth from them. But when I listened to the music, well, I just couldn’t tolerate them. They irritated me and I felt uncomfortable playing them. As the years went on, I would order new crystals or other products, and invariably receive another music CD. I’d give it a try, but time after time I just couldn’t listen to the music and intoned prayers. About 6 months ago I received for my 55th birthday, an amazing Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross – what a blessing of radiating love! About 10 days after I received the Solar Cross, I got the urge to play (from my now very large) stack of Buddha Maitreya CD’s . Oh my! The music and chants filled me completely, they quenched the thirst in my soul, and now I am listening to them throughout the day. I love them! I don’t know precisely what shifted or released from me or the planet to allow me to listen to the music, but am I ever glad that I did shift. So if the music CD’s don’t work for you presently, my advice would be to keep them on hand, and try them every few months until you too receive the blessings of healing from the music. In my case it actually took several years for the shift to happen, and I am a highly spiritual person. I am a spiritual healer, and use prayer, meditation and of course most of the healing tools offered by Shambhala Healing Tools. So stay the course and keep the blessed music CD’s on hand for your shift.
2012-08-19Etheric Weaver to wear and CDOrton Ontario CanadaNina FlorukMy husband passed away last year after 39 years of being together and I didn't know how I would get over the grief. I felt like I was suffocating all the time from the loss of not having him with me anymore. When I heard that Harmony Market was going to have a workshop on the Shambhala Healing tools it was like I was drawn like a magnet to it. As soon as I heard the first meditation with Buddha Maitreya's voice and held one of Buddha Maitreya's etheric weavers, I felt a huge weight lift off of me. I knew I was going to be ok. That was 8 months ago and since then I always wear my etheric weaver and I listen to Buddha Maitreya's meditation cds for an hour each day. It's the most important part of my day as it carries me to a place where I am enjoying life and am cheerful again. I don't ever feel like I am alone and am sharing how much I have been helped by Buddha Maitreya to anyone who will listen. If I could stand on top of a mountain with a loud speaker I would tell people the reason I am a different person is because of Buddha Maitreya. He is a gift to humanity. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for guiding me and making me feel loved and protected.
2012-06-23Soul Therapy PyramidSalt Lake City UTLauraA new woman was recently hired at my workplace. She was struggling and facing challenges in her duties and with her co-workers. She came to me one day asking for help and support. After a brief chat, I got her full name and simply told her I would put her in my prayers. placed her name inside my Buddha Maitreya pyramid at home, with the Soul Therapy music playing 24/7, and weaved her name two or three times over the following several days. Today we crossed paths and she thanked me for the prayers and said (with a big smile) she feels better and things are very good. She gave me a warm hug. I am so grateful for these tools. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your blessings upon this sweet soul
2012-06-23Soul Therapy PyramidJacksonville, FLJane geraldHi, just wanted to comment that I have received so much spiritual insight from meditating under the pyramid. I live in Jacksonville, FL and go once a week to Mariellen's healing room. Yes, I feel so fortunate and just wanted to send the message to Buddha Maitreya that I am eternally grateful for the personal experiences that could only have happened through the pyramid. I told Mariellen about some of them and I cannot tell her enough the immense value of this pyramid for myself and others. I have a few of his cd's. Can't express all that has transpired within me but believe me it is huge! When I first learned of his tools I did not see the real value but when I got under the pyramid things began to change. One experience showed me that he is who he says he is and more. I have learned so much and hope to learn a lot more. Thank you so much.
2012-04-15Distance Healing Etheric WeaverNew MexicoLorievideo
2012-04-14Etheric Weaver Shambhala Star radiator Metatron MatSedona, AZPhyllis MBefore checking out of hotel - I was putting my small suitcase in the trunk and I pulled my back out in the sacrum area. The shock to my system was so painful that I could not stand without "10" level of pain and once I could stand I found I could not reach for anything - bend at all nor sit down without screeching pain. Now what. I needed to drive for 2 hours to airport plus handle luggage again. I called the Monastery and asked for Long-Distance Soul Therapy and one of the nuns suggested I place my new 18K gold Shambhala Star Radiator Form on my lower back and I put my new 3 1/2" Etheric Weaver on my lower abdomen. When I got in the car I sat on my Metatron Mat and felt inspired for healing. Along the way it was a peaceful easy drive. Without asking I was assisted with my luggage at the rental car place & at the security check-in (security said "let me get those bags for you Sweet Pea!) I was amazed at how speedy my recovery was taking place feeling more relaxed. I arrived at destination and did another Soul Therapy session. In the morning I woke up with remnants of discomfort and did an Etheric Weaving on myself. I felt so much better that I went to the grocery store at noon carried 3 bags of food and by the time I got home I realized I felt so peaceful calm and quiet inside that it seemed like I was under anesthetic. I ate took a 3-hour nap and started my life over! No pain all gain. I Thank Buddha Maitreya for ALL the Shambhala Healing Tools that bridge me to his healing energy and reconnect me with my Soul. I am Happy. Blessed. And I feel Loved.
2012-04-09DharshanSan Francisco, CAClaudia RVegan no more...Dear Buddha, Thank you for a wonderful Dharshan. I was deeply moved by the diet teachings and broke my 22 year fast of meat on Sunday at Dharshan with the yak chili and meatloaf. It was delicious and I didn't even think about it - just did it - it was time. There is 'cleaner' better meats available now that weren't when I rejected all the contaminated and factory farmed meat in 1990. And your points about it's benefits to the body really resonated with me. I completely got that change for the better is incredible and a good habit to have. I have had no ill physical reactions and feel great - I'm adding it in gradually...but I was previously fearfull of beginning to eat meat again. I am grateful for you inspiring this change and all the many other changes that I have benefited from with your teachings and blessings! with joy in my heart (and body).
2012-04-01Etheric Weaver Pendant Vajra Healing MatNew MexicoDaniel video
2012-03-19Dharshan Shambhala Healing ToolsNorth WalesDee EI hadn't noticed how much I have changed since finding His Holiness and these miraculous tools. I no longer fitted in my life - like not fitting your clothes any more - I was getting sick until I realised it was time to move on and was fine again. Big changes and don't know where it's all going but that feels right for the moment. We live in North Wales near a village in a deeply peaceful place of outstanding beauty - and I get plenty of time at home. Meditating. Growing vegetables. Cleaning. Clearing out. Reminding myself how to cook - the Solar Panels are finally up - working on the electric car - a bit less glamour and a bit more soul! I am so very blessed and THANKFUL to His Holiness not only for the gift he has given me but for his being here - embodied - life after life healing the planet and humanity.
2012-03-09Ascension Pyramid System Soul TherapyLondon England UKGeorgie DI have two lovely russian friends - george and maria that work cleaning cars at our local sainsburys. November 2011 maria looked very sad and was hurting alot. she said she had been suffering so badly with her back and kidneys that she was having to spend most of the week at home in bed - leaving her husband on his own to clean cars. So i invited maria to have some time in our pyramid. The day she came it was so cold and she looked grey/blue. I said to her when you go into the pyramid please just say thank you God and have no expectation - just keep saying thank you. After 3 hours in the pyramid she came out looking pink and radiant. I saw her today march 2012 and she is still feeling fabulous. she is cleaning cars with her husband and life is great. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your awesome generosity.
2011-03-02Etheric WeaverLos Angeles CATerry audio
2010-06-23Etheric Weaver Solar Form Pendant Solar CrossClovis CARose audio
2009-04-10PyramidCassadega FLLewis audio
2008-11-25DharshanCornville AZNicole Vanderploeg audio
2008-11-04Etheric WeaverLincoln NEAlex audio
2008-11-02DharshanBerskshire UKPearl WhyteAttending my first Dharshan was the beginning of an awakening process that has continued and strengthened with each Dharshan. The Teachings given by His Holiness are the tools by which I have been able to enrich my day to day living and to help me evolve into a better person. During a Dharshan the Love and Compassion given by His Holiness has strengthened me to make the changes needed to lead a more soulfully inspired life. The healing tools have been invaluable in this process as their continual use keeps that connection to the Love of God. Thank you to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for his blessings in the world and the coming manifestation of Shambhala.
2008-10-15Etheric WeaverLadysmith WIThomas Rosseau audio
2008-09-02Pyramid Sacred Geometric FormDoncaster UKPatricia GibsonI have had the privilege of accumulating many of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya's healing tools including a room sized Shambhala Crystal Solar Cross Ascension Meditation Pyramid. All of my family our home our neighborhood and friends have benefited from its presence and particularly one of our daughters who was diagnosed with Bi-polar Affective Disorder about four years ago. The last eighteen months has been a turbulent time for her with stress after stress being heaped upon her as well as being in the middle of studying for a Ph.D. I firmly believe that all of that would normally have tipped her over the edge and put her into hospital. The miracle of her coping with all of this stress comes from her having distant treatments (she lives 240 miles away) in the Pyramid Etheric Weaver treatments and also having her photograph placed in Buddha Maitreya's Head Pyramid. While attending the July 2008 Dharshan in California my husband and I purchased a Christ Consciousness Grid for each of our daughters so that they could sit and hold them look at them and experience the frequency of them physically in their homes. The one with Bi-polar said that she had had a wonderful night's sleep with it by her bed. That is most unusual for her. I feel so blessed to have these exceptional healing tools and The Living Christ who works through them in my life. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for answering my prayers.
2008-08-25Soul TherapyDoncaster England UKPatricia GibsonA good friend came to experience Soul Therapy in the Shambhala Crystal Solar Cross Ascension Meditation Pyramid. She complained of an awful feeling in her stomach (stress) and a pain in her side which she could not account for. After she made her offering to His Holiness she lay down in the Pyramid. She held two Aqua Ascension Vajras which had been held by Their Holinesses at the August Dharshan and an Ascension Vajra with Christ Consciousness Grid lying over her solar plexus. The latter had been held by His Holiness at the same event Two days later my friend emailed me to say thank you. The awful feeling had gone the day after Soul Therapy and the pain after two days. My friend was delighted as was I. Thank you so much.
2008-08-25Soul TherapyDoncaster UKPatricia GibsonToday a gentleman came for his first Soul Therapy in the Pyramid. I explained that he would be alone in the room and that whatever he experienced would be normal for him. After the session he said that it was amazing; that he had felt such surges of energy that he felt that he may have to get out of the pyramid. He resisted doing so and relaxed into the meditation and found it to be a wonderful experience. Clients who come to me for other therapies are used to me being in the room with them and they find it strange that they have such experiences when alone in the Pyramid. I simply tell them that His Holiness is blessing them telepathically through the tools and the sounds on the CD. I too am so blessed to have such wonderful tools in my home and healing centre.
2008-08-24PyramidLondon England UKNick Greenwood - Part 1I have been working with the healing tools made available by His Holiness Buddha Maitreya since the early 1990s. At that time I was suffering ill health anxiety stress and a number of other symptoms. In the early days I used the vajra etheric weaver as well as participating in soul therapy. I have had a Shambhala Pyramid System in my home for many years. The Puja's laid down by his His Holiness have also been ever present in my house for many many years. The tools have changed my life in such a profound way it is difficult to find words to express my gratitude to His Holiness. My health both physical and emotional has improved so markedly that I now have a much happier and healthier life. I experience less fear and anxiety and now live with a much greater feeling of inner calm and joy. Without doubt I have become a nicer person; less judgmental and more compassionate. I have heard His Holiness talk about the tools at Dharshan on many occasions. His only desire is to make us more like him; the tools increase our Buddha nature. It is sometimes easy to forget why the tools achieve such miraculous results. It is because we all live at such an auspicious time when His Holiness Buddha Maiterya is physically incarnated walking the earth energizing the lay lines as he does so. It is His Holiness Buddha Maitreya that supports all the Tulkus who have nobody else to turn to. Irrespective of the circumstances or the level of need he never says no. It is only because His Holiness is here that the temples and monasteries are not only supported but regenerated. Large numbers have now been able to experience the blessings and healing of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya through his tools. It is only when His Holiness is incarnated that this can happen. It is important to understand that it is solely the energy of the Christ that drives the entire process of planetary and personal healing. He is the only true doctor the only true healer.
2008-08-24PyramidLondon England UKNick Greenwood - Part 2It is for this reason that we should always pray for the long life of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Jesus the Christ. It is only he who can heal the nations and manifest the divine plan of peace on earth.
2008-08-24Soul TherapyFremont NEVicki BenneI have had heart palpitations for years. In February of 2008 while I was coming into my house I tripped and fell - it jarred my whole body. From that day on I was sick off and on constantly. I would get well for a few days then sick again. In May 2008 I started getting really sick I couldn't walk from the living room to the kitchen without being out of breath. I just kept getting worse and on June 13 my urination stopped completely. My sister came and took me to the emergency room and I was hospitalized for a week. They took 26 pounds of fluid from me through a catheter. The doctor said if I had waited one more day I would be gone. He also said that my heart was racing and beating out of rhythm and was failing due to a blocked artery. They sent me home a week later with medication. About a month later they had me do a stress test and I was then scheduled to have a stent put in to clear the artery blockage. The day before I was to have this surgery I just had a pull to do Soul Therapy in my friend's Soul Therapy pyramid. While in Soul Therapy I had felt this distinct shift and just knew that something was different. I just knew that everything was ok and had a profound peace. I went to the hospital the next day to have my surgery and when they checked my heart in pre-op they couldn't find any blockage to their amazement. My arteries were all clear and they sent me home! I just said to myself ñthank you Buddha Maitreya! I knew that it was his blessings in soul therapy that saved me. I am now 34 pounds lighter healthier and have a much better life!
2008-08-23Metatron MatLake Mary FLPhyliss BrockI had torn my meniscus in my right knee in December 2007 and had surgery on it in February 2008 and it continued to be painful and give me problems swelling etc. I went to physical therapy and it helped but it didn't eliminate the pain. I had also dislocated my left knee 3-4 times as I was favoring it because of my right knee problems so had considerable pain in it as well. I started to sleep on Buddha Maitreya's Metatron Mat and within a week all the pain in my knees is gone! My back doesn't hurt either. I am a 61 year old nurse and am really grateful for the healing!
2008-08-19Etheric WeaverCassadega FLLewis audio
2008-08-19Etheric WeaverCassadega FLLewis audio
2008-07-02PyramidBerkeley CAD.B.D. B. from Berkeley had bought many of Buddha Maitreya's healing and meditation tools including a gold plated room size pyramid with 20 siberian blue 7" crystals atached . When asked what attracted him to this work he said "good meditation is hard to find ". He said that he has tried for a long time to meditate and had found it difficult and now his meditations were good. He also shared that before using the Shambhala healing tools he had been experiencing dark and extra terrestrial presences and nightmare dreams . Once he started using Buddha Maitreyas tools all of this ended and his dreams became holy and when he awoke from them he would feel a special quality.
2008-07-01Etheric WeaverDenver COMelissaMelissa who bought a blue Etheric Weaver this past Saturday in Denver brought it home and was taking it out of the bag and her 4 year old son Leif grabbed it and held it against his heart. He then looked at it and said "God is in this". Melissa couldn't believe what he was saying and asked him to repeat himself. He said very clearly "God is in this". Melissa has a few other tools from Buddha Maitreya and commented - My God he can feel the Living Buddha in this tool!
2008-06-28Etheric Weaver Solar CrossFLanonymousA Woman from Florida delivered her baby c-section - said she healed within 3 weeks using her Etheric Weaver and holding a Maitreya Solar Cross over her stomach. She said her doctors were amazed at how fast she recovered. Her scar is also very tiny - just a pencil line at 3 months after her surgery. She said the last time she had a c-section it took her 3-4 months to recover and she still had pain intermittently. She will email her testimony.
2008-05-22Solar FormAB CanadaJudy CooperJudy from Canada bought a seven ray Silver Shambhala Star Radiator. She works in an elderly care facility. An 84 year old woman at the facility was dying and had not eaten for almost 2 weeks - her family could not figure out why she would not pass on. They asked Judy to go talk to her to help her. When Judy walked in she said the woman was in and out of consciousness with her eyes barely open. Judy said all of a sudden the woman looked up reached for her silver Shambhala Star Radiator and said "You got it!" It's beautiful!" and wouldn't let go of it. Judy said she was shocked that she could even move because she hadn't eaten for so long. Judy was also surprised she remembered that she was getting a form and just "knew" it was the same healing tool as the Etheric Weaver that she shared with her previously. Judy said the woman just lay back with a smile on her face. She passed away the next morning. Judy said it was an incredible experience.
2008-05-12Soul TherapySalt Lake City UTKerriI would like to give thanks to Buddha Maitreya for his healing tools. When I found Carol my doctor in Salt Lake my life had hit rock bottom. Since the age of 14 I was placed on medications and institutionalized at least 11 times. I have had many different doctors psychiatrists and all kinds of therapy to help me heal from my "mental illnesses" I have had many diagnoses. When I found Carol she introduced me to the healing tools that Buddha Maitreya has. My sickness had been so harmful to my family and I had had a self-mutilation problem my whole life. When Carol offered the tools of healing I was so relieved and a peace of mind came to my heart and my soul knowing that I could be healed and I could get better. Even my son has been diagnosed with ADHD and was placed on medication. He no longer takes medication he loves to meditate he loves his weavers. I wear a radiator every day. My husband and I are going to attend the dharshan in July. And a great blessing has come upon our home we play the CD's 24 hours a day seven days a week.If there is anyone out there wondering and kind of lost this is the true answer. I will never have to be hospitalized again. I know that from the deepest recesses of my soul I know that I'm being healed every day.No words can express my gratitude of thanks to Buddha Maitreya. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me you all are in my prayers.
2008-05-10Solar Form Pendant Etheric Weaver CDTuella UTKerry audio
2008-01-01Soul Therapy Etheric Weaver Solar Form Pendant Dharshan CD Crystal Lake ILPeggy audio
2007-12-26Solar Form PendantDanville CAJudy audio
2007-12-24Etheric Weaver PendantCornville AZVeronica audio
2007-12-23Solar Form PendantCottonwood AZMelanie audio
2007-12-13Etheric WeaverOmaha NEAnne FennerTwice in the last 2 weeks I have witnessed the amazing healing qualities of the Tools. First: I was carrying a chair down our basement stairs and I missed a step. I folded down with pain and sat there on the basement floor weak with the accident. I know to watch as I walk down steps. Too many people I have known have been seriously injured by falling down stairs or missing steps. And this was the 3rd time I had turned this precious left ankle. I grabbed for the Shambhala Radiator I was wearing and began to weave my ankle. I sat and breathed and wove. When I was ready to get up the pain had subsided and though my ankle did swell and bruise it never gave me any problems. I stood a lot the next day cooking for a dinner party I went back to the gym 4 days later I continued life as usual. Second last Friday I was chopping away and cut my thumb severely. It bled and bled and I watched the blood flow until I remembered to put my hand above my heart. I cleaned the wound and bandaged it and wove it with one of a number of weavers I have sitting in different places around my house. The cut has never hurt! It is less than a week later and I have been wearing no bandage for the past 2 days and there is barely a scab. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for transmitting your healing loving blessings through Your Tools. I wish that everyone could have a weaver right at hand in case they have an immediate first aid need.
2007-10-25Soul Therapy DharshanPleasanton CAN.S.Soul Therapy was nice today - thank you. I know that Buddha Maitreya's healing presence came through because I experienced the same cleansing as I have in his physical presence at Dharshan. I am relieved of qualities of energy that keep me pent up and disconnected after Soul Therapy. There was more natural flow in my body more ease and a natural soulful symptom of friendliness.
2007-09-17DharshanMedinah ILElwira Stzalkowski - Part 1I met H.H. Buddha Maitreya seven years ago. Since that time I attended several dharshans in America and traveled to three international dharshans. Let me share with you some of my experiences. My first international dharshan was in Nepal in year 2000. When I came to Nepal I was more a tourist than a spiritual being seeking enlightenment. As a practicing Catholic I did not meditate and certainly did not understand Tibetan culture and Buddhism. Nevertheless I was very curious and open to learn. I did not know much about "transmission" that students or adepts may receive from Masters of Loving Wisdom. All I know that during that dharshan in Kathmandu I somehow must have received such transmission from His Holiness Buddha Maitreya. Right after that morning's dharshan I sat down to tried to meditate. In a few minutes I was profoundly surprised when I found myself in a deep meditation and started feeling energy caressing my hands. I started playing with this energy and it moved my hands gently creating infinity signs. My hands were in a prayerful position moving up and down. Then I started doing spontaneous Kriya Yoga and some tantric movements. At that time I did not know the name for those things. It felt amazing doing it. I felt that I was connected with a great source of peaceful energy. That same evening during the dharshan I described to His Holiness what was happening to me and he said I was "recapitulating my previous merit". From that day on I could tap into this energy only to discover that I could remember tai chi a few mudras and some kung fu from my previous lifetimes. And this is not all that happened in Kathmandu. Going to holy places in the eastern part of the world can have a really profound effect on process of recapitulation. H.H. Buddha Maitreya instructed us to visit the most holy places there. We were supposed to sit and meditate in each place for ten minutes or so.
2007-09-17DharshanMedinah ILElwira Stzalkowski - Part 2When I went to Padmasambhava's Temple (I do not know exact name of this temple) I went in there to make some pictures and basically to look around. When I sat down and closed my eyes my eyes suddenly started tearing and to my surprise I started weeping. Was I really weeping? It felt like it was my soul weeping because I had no reason to weep in this unknown to me place and in front of people looking curiously at me. The emotion was so strong that I could not stop crying I did not even want to stop because I was too curious what was happening to me. All I heard in my head was "I am finally back I am finally here I found you." and I would repeatedly say in my mind Padmasambhava's name. I doubt that I knew at that time that Buddha Maitreya was Padmasambhava. I did not want to leave this temple but our guide was leaving and so was everyone else so I followed. We also visited Padmasambhava's cave. "Very creepy and dirty cave" I thought at first. My opinion has changed the moment I closed my eyes to meditate. Again this strange energy of "longing" came over me. My eyes started tearing and I noticed that I was not the only one crying in there. We stayed there very shortly and I wanted to stay there for a long time to understand why I was feeling what I was feeling. I realized that I was in Nepal in my previous life or even lives and loved my teacher Padmasambhava. The fact that I can tap into my previous life and recapture knowledge of doing Kriya Yoga Mudras some Tai Chi mixed with Kung Fu as well as remembering to previously be in Nepal proves to me that reincarnation is a real thing. Now I have my own proof and no one can take it away from me. Kathmandu is such a different place from what I am used to. You can no longer take clean water food education or even peace for granted. When I saw a two year old child drinking water from a sewer I wanted to scream "no".
2007-09-17DharshanMedinah ILElwira Stzalkowski - Part 3Even though I wanted to help I could not because the child's mother was nowhere to be found and it was not possible to take this child with me. After spending a few days in Kathmandu we all saw how much help His Holiness was providing for monasteries Tulkus and common people. Everything that He does makes sense and is just perfect in its expression. Not a penny is put in the wrong direction. It is different to actually witness all the amazing work that H.H. Buddha Maitreya is doing than only to hear about it. We all witnessed many people traveling from far away for weeks to have an audience with His Holiness Buddha Maitreya. Good thing is that we all were given opportunity to support financially those in need. The trip to India and to Tibet was life changing as well. I had many more remarkable experiences and adventures there like going through rivers in a land rover cooking with His Holiness and eating the best steak on earth made by Him. Most trips included lots of laughter dancing with the locals joking and dining with important Rinpoches and abbots. I enjoyed every moment of each trip and consider it a great blessing to be able to travel to these most holy places on earth. I cannot wait to go to international dharshan again because every trip is different and unforgettable.
2007-09-13Soul TherapyMedinah ILMarysia KoscielniakMy experience under pyramid was wonderful. From the beginning I felt an amazing relax and I was able to loosen up my body. After a few minutes I felt an electrical current coming from the right side of my brain to the left. Later I had different thoughts that came and went away. As my relaxation deepened I started seeing a violet light for a long time. Then I saw a shining full of light figure that was lying down on his side. This figure looked like Jesus. (My feeling was that it was Jesus). I don't know how much time passed but I started feeling like I was drifting somewhere else and my relax was deepening ever more. At that time my cell phone rang but it did not disturb my relaxation in contrary it made me happy that I am still here under the pyramid and I wanted to stay under the pyramid for a long time. Later I felt peace and relax and I almost drifted again. At that time my husband came into the room and told me that it's been an hour and the therapy has ended. In a few places on my body I felt slight pain. I am very happy that I met Elwira and her pyramid.
2007-08-26Solar CrossWarrenville ILDorothy DrueckThis is a copy of the email I sent my sister who made a gift of the solar cross to me a couple years ago. I thought you might want to use it in your testimonials - it has been successful in many other requests. This is the latest success story. When I was in Laurens Iowa there was a drought. The contractors were pushing and moving lots and lots of dirt for the nitrogen reclamation project (CREP) at the north farm. You couldn't even see the creek that was to feed this dam. I came home and put Laurens on the prayer list for church but more importantly put the words ëLaurens rain' in my solar cross. The crops had received less than 1 inch since the beginning of May. A week later Virgil said you should have put Laurens Iowa on the note perhaps it was raining in Laurens France. It rained in Laurens that day and has been raining a lot since. The dam was completed and plugged it has rained 11 inches in about a week. There are two lakes in the form of a figure 8 the dam is flowing with water. They take up a large area. There about a dozen cranes and a flock of Canadian geese that inhabit it already. Jim said it will be a haven for wildlife. I told him God must have wanted to fill it in a hurry - he said all the crops are fine. I have taken the note out of the solar cross. Thanks to Buddha Maitreya for blessings received.
2007-08-12Soul TherapyDanville CAJudy Boehm - Part 1I have spent years searching for physical and emotional healing. I created many ties to negative energy webs from healers guru's shamens. I began doing Energy Alignments Dowsing in time and took journeys to Sedona and Native American holy places. As a result I was quite frankly "possessed". When I met His Holiness Buddha Maitreya I had all this wounding from Gurus and the misuse of energy and graftings from clients I worked on plus the Karma of going into realms that created fizzures and fractiles in our planetary web of sacred energy. Hence I have been in an intense personal healing crisis for over five years. I consider it my duty to clear up the mess I have made. Soul Therapy is the only way for me and I consider it a tremendous gift to righten my relationship to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and all souls. What a blessing. I cannot count the Soul Therapies I have done. For my birthday I did twelve Soul Therapies during the week. I keep a steady pace of Soul Therapies and it is grueling for me. I am in continual healing crisis' and I thank god for that gift. Thank god that I am allowed to heal myself and in the process let all the wounding I have created and taken on from old clients through stupidity be made right for planetary collective healing. Each time I go into Soul Therapy I bow and say to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya "Lord I need a healing. I don't know what it is but I ask that the healing go out and help others that need help. I don't know anything except that it is unequivocally a personal and planetary honor to receive the blessings of Christ the true healer and have it available in this lifetime for the benefit of all beings. Thank you Lord Maitreya. I am amazed at your continuing compassion for all humanity. I am truly humbled by your continual support of me in beneficent ways. On one of my latest Soul Therapies I experienced a breakthrough in personal anger that I have held for years.
2007-08-12Soul TherapyDanville CAJudy Boehm - Part 2I woke up to the realization that a good portion of the anger is merely a cover for the intense anger I have had toward myself. I was able to go deeper into that and have compassion for myself which is a breakthrough. Very enlightening for me to see that and get a piece of it. Love and gratitude
2007-07-31Solar CrossGuadeloupeLilliane LuceAfter a spell sent to me; my home was full of bad energies noises of footsteps black shades moving around noises of voices noise of furniture dragged on the floor noises of doors slamming invisibles presences My business was affected by this and therefore was very calm and slow. Since I hung the Solar Cross my business regained activity; All unusual noises and presences stopped.
2007-06-15Solar Form PendantGuadeloupeAmboise A.I feel good my job is doing well my relationship with my neighbours have changed everything has changed positively in my life The Shambhala Solar Form is very efficient. Regarding my health my pains have disappeared.
2007-05-24Solar FormSalt Lake City UTCarol LittlefieldI recently purchased a Shambhala Star Radiator Solar Form. I decided I needed a radiator because of a sense of vulnerability in a very emotional personal process. My emotions were very unstable and I was given to falling into negative emotions that would render me preoccupied and dysfunctional. I was also experiencing significant pain. Since I have worn the radiator day and night I have experienced a remarkable steady peace in my heart. Worry has greatly diminished and further I am free from a sense of self-doubt and fear of wrongness. I am sleeping peacefully and having reliable vitality during the day. Pain is infrequent and very diminished. Radiator Solar Forms are exceptional gifts of healing. I am so grateful for the blessings!
2007-05-04Solar Form PendantSalt Lake City UTCarol audio
2007-01-01Solar Form PendantGuadeloupeLilliane LuceThe Shambhala Solar Form is very efficient on my health. I had heavy legs a heavy body and used to do treatments with a medicine called Trimetazine; these symptoms have disappeared my complexion got clearer. The Shambhala Solar Form also brought also harmony in my relationship with people increased my self confidence insurance dynamism.
2007-01-01Solar Form PendantGuadeloupeMme LillianeThe Shambhala Solar Form is very efficient on my health. I had heavy legs a heavy body and used to do treatments with a medicine called Trimetazine; these symptoms have disappeared my complexion got clearer. The Shambhala Solar Form also brought also harmony in my relationship with people increased my self confidence insurance dynamism.
2006-03-11Soul TherapyBuddha Maitreya Clinic in Kathmandu NepalDr. Rajesh PradhanangRecently one patient mentioned that she got new life after having treatment here at the Buddha Maitreya Clinic in Nepal. She was suffering from chronic diarrhea 30 times a day and due to that she was like a skeleton in appearance. She had only 3 time stool in a day after medication. She is a 59 year old lady from the Gorkha district of Nepal. This lady was neglected by her children and had no medication. She mentioned thanks to H.H. Budhha Maitreya (We have Photo On wall) and to all of us. This is the great achievement that I felt due to blessing of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya. Now she can do shopping and do her work and has stregth for her daily work and to survive. She got medication through us and I mentioned that all supports she is having is the blessing and kindness of His Holiness. We did not have camera to click her photo but I will try to find her and take photo. She came only 2 times and she is still on process of complete cure but she will come again and I will ask her to use tools and see even better results. Please convey this message to His holiness and Her holiness and also thanks for the kindness and support and helping our poor in Nepal.
2006-01-23Etheric Weaver PendantAshfork AZJoDee ValeI would be delighted to share what has happened for me and my family since our encounter. On December 21 2005 my father decided to purchase a van advertised in the paper. He had not seen the van but knew he would purchase it. We made the 100 mile trip to Cottonwood to see the van and we then went to the monastery where we concluded our business. During our discussion I inquired about the monastic work and the Ani showed me the healing tools as they were being made. I was incredibly moved and wanted to know more the energy was amazing. I then left my father to take the van home by himself and I went to the Soul Therapy Center in Sedona. There I was invited to meditate on the Metatron Mat and Vajra system. I experienced that for about half an hour when the Vajras became too hot to hold. I was disembodied for about an hour after. So I stayed at the center and experienced the music and tools until I felt able to drive. I purchased a pendant for my husband Mark. Several days later after listening to the CD several times and working with the etheric weaver pendant I experienced a rather incredible healing crisis. I cried for 14 hours Christmas Day and had a "head cold" for several days. Once this passed I was overcome with a complete sense of serenity and peace. This feeling has yet to leave. My fractured relationship with my Father is healing at an amazing rate. This is a blessing that I have prayed for for many years. You can not imagine what this means to my entire family. I am now working with several weavers and listen to the CD's as often as I can. Others in my life are experiencing healing or at least peacefulness in my presence (as I wear a weaver constantly). The weavers and CD's are becoming mainstays in my practice (massage and bodywork). My clients are noticing changes in their health and serenity. I can hardly wait until my budget allows more tools. But until then I will keep using them meditating and growing.
2005-10-01Etheric WeaverPhoenix AZNancy JeffersA 60+ year old woman had an open lung biopsy October 2005. The 7"seven rays etheric weaver was used in the hospital room post-op for several minutes. On her routine follow-up xray the tech and radiologist commented to her that they had never seen such rapid healing. On follow-up with her surgeon he also commented that he had never seen such rapid healing.
2005-07-09Etheric Weaver CDLondon England UKLee NewmanI have been using the Soul Therapy Music in healing sessions and with the Etheric Weaver it has made such a difference to myself and others and has been truly wonderful and uplifts the atmosphere and goes into the fabric of any building and person on many levels. It helps to restore peace balance and wellbeing in a very positive way and has helped with my health and direction and that I will always treasure in my heart.
2005-07-09Soul TherapyLondon England UKLee NewmanI am writing this after an amazing healing session in the Soul Therapy Pyramid. It is a powerful and beautiful healing tool which works on many levels. I feel calm and relaxed with a feeling of inner peace and tranquility and refreshed and full of life. It has touched my heart and will continue to do so on a very deep and wonderful level words cannot express my gratitude. Love and light and wisdom.
2005-07-04Metatron MatBrynmawr Wales UKDarrenWhen I meditate on the Metatrons Mat it puts me into a very deep state of relaxation. In that relaxed state I often feel a lot of heaviness lifting from my etheric body I can feel energy move through accompanied by twitching and flicking sensations as I feel this energy leave. I also sleep on the Mat at night and find it vital for maintaining energy levels when I sleep so I wake up feeling much better and much more fresh than if I sleep without it. It really helps with psychic attack at night too. The Metatrons Mat and the other heeling tools I use that are designed by H.H Buddha Maitreya are the strongest and most clearing healing tools I have come across
2005-07-04Metatron MatSedona AZRenee YergThe energy I felt was a shift into higher consciousness. However as I lay there I noticed that my left shoulder tightened due to a reflex action that pockets in the left side of my neck. Six times this has happened before - the neck muscles spasm. I can't swallow; and it is very painful. I need a chiropractor or healer fast. We hooked the Maitreya Solar Cross in Green Siberian Quartz to the Metatrons Mat and immediately the neck relaxed my shoulders relaxed and dropped downward my left knee shifted in place and my left ankle stopped twitching. All was healed within 3 minutes. PS Osteoporosis bends me forward. However now I have the Ability to stand up straight. Thank you God.
2005-07-01Etheric WeaverunknownKathyI had been suffering chronic lower back pain for approximately six months and had tried a number of different treatments including chiropractic without alleviation. Today it was especially bad as I had strained it during exercise and every way I moved caused pain. A friend offered to give me an etheric weaver treatment with the Shambhala Ascension Vajra Weaver. The treatment lasted about an hour. I lay down on my front and listened to The Great Invocation while my friend moved the Vajra Weaver over my back area. Immediately he held it over me I felt a band of heat flow across my lower back. The sensation of heat continued and extended over my whole back until by the end of the treatment it was like someone had laid a warmed blanket over me it was very comforting. As he moved the vajra weaver from place to place I could feel an intensification of sharp pain in the "trouble spots" and then a strong energetic release followed by a relaxation of the muscles. Gradually as the weaver kept working there were less and less trouble spots where the vajra weaver was moving until finally it was all done. I was intensely relaxed after the treatment and could not move for a while when I did I found that my back had completely loosened up and there were no focuses of pain whatsoever left in the body. Compared to before the treatment when I could hardly move without groaning.
2005-06-10Soul TherapyPhoenix AZGina FerranteWhat an amazing experience I have just had with my first Soul Therapy. I was able to see images that appeared to be scenes from my soul's existence. Many of these scenes were death and re-birth. I was a baby looking into my mothers's eyes. I felt safe and had the experience of complete trust and vulnerability. I was a shao-lin warrior monk practicing Chi Gong with my brothers deep in China's mountains. I felt peaceful and powerful. I could feel my chakras become energized and I was keenly aware of my soul's existence in my physical body. My heart felt nourished and caressed. I was able to feel confident that as long as I'm connected to my soul and my heart and my body I will always be on the right path. Also I was able to let go of shame and guilt and let in love and light and acceptance. Thank You!
2005-04-09DharshanDurango COCharlie KieneI wish you happiness love and freedom from suffering. I just wanted to communicate to you the positive changes in my life since the Sedona Dharshan in December of 2004. I have been daily receiving blessings through listening to the sacred music that Buddha Maitreya has shared with the world in this lifetime. I have daily meditated while receiving these blessings at my home and at work. I now sincerely ask to receive the ultimate teachings of enlightenment that Buddha Maitreya gives to the world in this lifetime. I have been led through Buddha Maitreya's teaching to lead a virtuous life instead of a life devoted to idle amusements. Instead of going skiing this winter I felt a need to stay home and study sacred texts to listen to the soul therapy music and to meditate. I have felt a need to financially support those who are in need instead of spending all of my income on my own well-being and fleeting entertainment. I feel that the gifts that I give others give me a longer lasting and more deeply felt sense of happiness than purchasing something for myself which only leads to wanting more for myself. I have been reading all of the sacred texts I can find at my local library and meditating on their deeper meanings. It is amazing that the more time I spend meditating on caring for others the more I remember these feelings of compassion as being my true nature. I feel like I am awakening a part of myself that my culture did not teach me but is a true reflection of my inner most desire; the desire to live a life of love for all living beings to treat them with respect and to eliminate their suffering as much as I can. I am eager to ask Buddha Maitreya deeper spiritual questions if I am blessed to see him again. May H.H. Buddha Maitreya have a long life and be free from any harm so that all sentient beings may benefit from his holy teachings. May you always experience happiness.
2005-03-01Soul TherapyUKSarahWhen I found your site I was overcome with emotions. I don't know why but I could not stop crying - not because I was sad but because I felt overwhelmingly happy.
2005-02-22Soul TherapySedona AZChristine BurksFebruary 22 2005 (Holy Day of the Anniversary of Jetsun Milarepa) I would like to share this testimonial with all because of the impact it had upon me. I was speaking with a nun one day of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Center of Sedona Arizona and she had informed me that it was known that Sai Baba was a pedophile. I had pictures and books that were in my home and this was disturbing for me to hear. The nun had suggested to burn all channeled material that I owned or used as this was always suggested by H.H. Buddha Maitreya the Teacher and Director of the Center. This advice was given to help close all doors to evil and its root. So that night I decided to gather all the photos of Sai Baba and books and burn them to see how it felt. I wanted to know if what the nun said was truth or not. What could it hurt I could always buy more if it wasn't. I got the fire ready in my wood stove and proceeded to burn his identity as I thought it to be. As the fire burned many things were revealed to me about this truth and untruth and his subtle ways of integrating his energy though people and their homes and lives with misguidance trickery untruths magic and proclaiming to be of Christ essence. The next day just before dawn he came to me and was furious beyond belief I told him "I'm not buying into you and your evil ways." And he was gone. Incense that is marketed by this man (Sai Baba) is also another avenue he uses. Many many people have no clue that this subtle approach has a thread to your soul and those who smell its scent. I've known many reiki and new age people who use it regularly without a clue. This man defies the truth of humanity.
2005-01-17Etheric Weaver CDLondon England UKJean - Part 1Dear All I was at a crossroad in my life I had pain and lonely separate feelings which ran deep. I had been having acupuncture for about 4 years which is "strong medicine for healing" but I was a bit stuck as we all get sometimes. I find it's a constant conscious job so we can recognize where we are. I have a busy time because people are sent to me for all sorts of help. We all need guidance and help and support at times. It was important for me to get some help and spiritual guidance so I meditated and asked for this to happen for the good of all. The Mind Body Spirit exhibition in London jumped out at me and kept coming to my attention so I made a deal with myself to go....The exhibition was big and beautiful.... I wandered round still searching for answers. I suddenly came to the strongest vibrations from one of the stalls it was full of the most lovely crystals and beautiful energies from the people. I felt I had come to the right place such strong vibrations from the crystal configurations wound in copper formations. I felt the people on this stall were very genuine people very helpful and lovely. I soon got led to an Etheric Weaver healing tool amethyst wound in copper and a CD went with the crystal called "The Seven Rays of God". The next day at home I put the CD on with Track 1 I found myself gently transported into a deep meditation space with little effort. The CD balanced my chakras helped me to be grounded it awoke parts of me that were asleep. It took me to a safe place where I felt a beautiful warm space within myself. It benefits the universe treating us all as one and it brings us back to connect us to Mother Earth and her needs and to our true selves in a balanced way. The CD helped me to feel there's so much more hope. It stimulated me I felt more alive and much happier. Having this CD is an honor and a blessing and to help me to do the work that I do in a positive way. I give thanks with all of me for this CD.
2005-01-17Etheric Weaver CDLondon England UKJean - Part 2The Etheric Weaver I tested out on my hip as I had some pain and problems with my hip. The crystal soon went very hot which shows it's working. I held it on the offending spot and let the crystal do its thing. I felt a tingling and the next day I could walk no pain. A few days later I was asked to help a lady with cancer I let the lady hold the Etheric Weaver on her side where the cancer was the crystal went very hot within seconds I let her hold the crystal for about half an hour she was reluctant to hand it back I said little by little because I was going to see the lady again. At home ... I noticed a piece of the Etheric Weaver was missing it had not been dropped or damaged in any way. I felt this was significant. The lady is stronger and is now fighting the cancer and is having chemo she didn't have the fight or strength before the crystal treatment. She is getting better and stronger by the day. I know this would not have happened without the Etheric Weaver helping her. This is a true story not a sales gimmick. May love restore the balance. Love and Light.
2004-11-06Soul TherapySedona AZCharlieI wanted to tell you about the blessings I have received in the past week. So much has changed since I did the Soul Therapy sessions at the Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Center in Sedona just last week. It is wonderful. First of all the anger I had toward my boss is gone. I wear the Shambhala Solar Form and carry an Etheric Weaver with me every day. Whenever I get a few minutes I hold the Etheric Weaver in front of my heart and let it rotate freely. Now that I use these tools at work I have realized that other people are projecting emotions that I do not have to allow to affect me. Now I can notice the situation make better judgments and be less emotionally involved. The anger I was feeling was an emotion resonating in me as a reaction to my boss' anger. With the help of the tools I am aware of the negative emotions directed toward me and I do not allow them to begin to resonate in my emotions. When we spoke last weekend the only negative thing in my life was my boss. I have worked for him for three years. Today Nov. 4 2004 my boss was put on administrative leave pending an investigation into the hostile work environment he has created. While he is on leave I have been put in charge of our department. The manager (my boss' boss) felt that I could start the healing of our department. The Soul Therapy sessions Vajra Shambhala Solar Form Etheric Weaver and music have been tools of dramatic healing in my life. Thanks.
2004-11-01Soul TherapyUSAndreClear transformation from outside to inside this space. Tangible energy created by the sacred objects. Stimulating calming harmonizing all senses. Physical sensation of chi/prana/electricity moving smoothly.
2004-01-02Soul TherapySan Francisco CAJudy BoehmI have a record of so many healings that it is hard to isolate one. In 2004 I experienced a healing during an annual Mammagram appt. I had several good sized cysts on one side and their shape was suspicious. On the other side there was a tbs. or more of blood leakeage. The department head came in and ordered several magnified scans. They tagged my file said to come in after long weekend. I called up the Soul Therapy Center and ordered nine Soul Therapies to be done consecutively before the next Mammogram visit the following week. My body was tense and I was scared because my sister had a Double Mastectomy and told me at the time that she had a feeling we would all go through this. I kept trying to erase that thought process and concentrate on being open at each Soul Therapy Session. I finished the Soul Therapies and went to my second appointment. I had magnified tests and a Sonogram. They came in and said I was free to go. The situation had reversed itself and there was just a slight small cyst left. They said it was not dangerous. What a blessing!
2004-01-01Etheric WeaverGlastonbury UKanonymousA lady came into the center in Glastonbury in 2004; she could walk but only very short distances with the aid of a wall or some support because of the pain the rest of the time she was in a wheel chair. She sat on a chair for 30 - 60 minutes whilst a solar cross was placed under her chair; she held two vajras and a monk gave her a Etheric weaver session. After experiences allot of heat she stood from her chair her posture had entirely changed. Her husband put her wheelchair in the car after reassurance that she felt well enough to walk - she hadn't done that for years. They both walked out the center and around town. As one can imagine the lady herself and a few of those who witnessed it became emotional especially as she explained her physical condition had only been getting worse over time.
2004-01-01Soul TherapySan Francisco CAJudy Boehm - Part 1In 2003-2004 my mother had swollen lymph nodes in her neck. She had a CatScan MRI and biopsy done on the area. I took her to the hospital for surgery with her Doctor. I went to the cafeteria to wait. They said it would be about an hour. I was paged in five minutes. The doctor looked everywhere and couldn''t find the glands that were swollen the day before. Just before the surgery my mother had purchased a Metatron Mat and I got her an Etheric Weaver and the Soul Therapy CD's. She played them continuouly days before the surgery and had a Soul Therapy Session. She was quite relieved. She went home and was okay until they reappeared again after she gave me her mat and didn''t weave anymore. I believe she was told it was a sham and bought into it. It might have negated the healing and brought it right back. After that she was in a continous round of Chemotherapy and hydration treatments couldn''t talk from Radiation and couldn''t eat much. She had Soul Therapies and I did Weaver Treatments on her. Her Cancer doctor released her to die and recommended Hospice. He said she would be lucky to make it a month. This was in May. I got her a garden apartment with some privacy and went to her each morning and evening and bathed and dressed her and fixed her hair each day. I had an Etheric Weaver hanging by her bedside and it was always moving. She was only supposed to have this apartment a month. From May to the first week of December she lived there. We put her in a Hospice Room four days before she died. My mom and I talked about death three nights before she died. I said to her "Mom you have been trained all your life for this moment. You know what to do. Offer your suffering up for all those who suffer like you." Jane died with a gentle sigh and in extreme serenity. I saw her the night before and she told me how grateful she was and how much she loved me. She loved her daughters a lot and bonded with each of us and the grandkids.
2004-01-01Soul TherapySan Francisco CAJudy Boehm - Part 2She asked me to book Soul Therapies for the night of her death and nine days after for the process of the soul. We did this months in advance. The Soul Therapies took place and at her Catholic Funeral we had banners saying "Happy Graduation Jane". We made it festive because my mother liked laughter and fun. I am extremely reverent and grateful to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for this healing and support of my mother's soul...(being held by Christ in the moment of her death) and all the healings my mother experienced and good fortune for her next life. I have had numerous healings but I think these say it all.
2003-01-01Etheric WeaverGlastonbury UKVincentTwo people came in who had prayed in the morning to God for help with their Heroin Addiction when they came into the store they said their prayers were Answered they did Soul Therapy and experienced a treatment with the Etheric Weaver later they bought an Etheric Weaver. One of them was wearing Talismans such as 7 pointed Star and an Inverted Pentagram. After he did Soul therapy he said he felt he wanted to burn them. The lady wrote: " walking into this spiritual centre I walked into my spiritual centre the healing was a healing of mind body and spirit it reminded me of who I truly am the kindness I have received will always be remembered thank you" Faun. The man wrote "I came in a kind of dark confusion lost on my way to share some healing I felt I've been kindly shown the right road to follow I knew in my heart it was the right way to go so thank you all with pure love and peace for your love and Kindness Vincent
2003-01-01Etheric WeaverUKanonymous therapistOne client a 28 year old school teacher had been suffering from an eye rash intermittently for years. She was in an especially prolonged and acute attack. She came to me in desperation. During the session she felt while holding the vajras energy flowing through her hands actually encountering blockages working through them and releasing them and then flowing on to the next blockage. She saw intense white laser-like light when the Etheric weaver was held over each of her eyes. Intuitively I was directed to hold it over her throat. Later I found out she had been unable to swallow without difficulty for the past week. As well she experienced a calm and serenity and love that she said was hard to describe.
2001-01-01Etheric WeaverLondon UKEliah JacobEliah Jacob is a chiropractor who has two Etheric weavers. In the first couple of weeks he used it on several of his clients. He knew it was doing something because of where it moved relating to the area of complaint and diagnosis. One woman who has had chronic jaw pains; the pain was greatly reduced after only one session with the weaver. When the doctor had been working on her the weaver actually twitched and jumped around her jaw and her whole body would spasm which she did not seem to notice.
2001-01-01VajraSomerset UKCrescent House Drug Rehab UnitA report in 2001 from The Crescent House Drug Rehabilitation Unit from the residents who have been using a vajra in their program: Julie: When I first held the vajra I could feel a peaceful energy. I felt a little lightheaded. I felt more pure. I just wanted that feeling to stay all the time. Thanks for the opportunity. Paul: I really look forward to the opportunity I have to use the vajra a couple of times a week. The Vajra helps me get in touch with my spiritual side as I can get myself in a relaxing state of mind while holding it feeling vibes that pass through my body. Nick: I've used the Vajra for meditation and I've felt my energies surging through. After using the pyramid it isn't as intense but the energy has enabled me to change a headache away. Vicky: Meditating with the vajra energizes and calms me. It quiets my mind and helps centre me which is much needed. Andre: I have found the Vajra very useful in many ways - for example using while meditating. I have felt its positive and energizing effect just holding it has a very soothing effect on me and I enjoy knowing that it is amongst the community - for the use of us all. I think we have all benefited from its use in many ways. " The Crescent House Drug Rehabilitation Unit
2000-01-01Etheric WeaverBristol UKAnna JeoffryAnna Jeoffry a reflexologist who has been using the Etheric weavers said that a man came to see her because of terrible migraines. She was holding the Etheric weaver around his eyes and she experienced a bolt of energy leave his body and travel up the Etheric weaver. She said that this man's migraines stopped and that his girlfriend reported that his bad tempers had disappeared and that he was like a different man.
2000-01-01Metatron Mat Etheric WeaverUKanonymous therapistI began incorporating the use of the Metatron's Mat system with Sky Vajras and Etheric weavers into my Reiki healing practice early last year. Since then I have received feedback from my clients continually of the positive often very dramatic changes they have experienced both during the sessions and in their lives. Overall the sessions addressed client's emotional mental and physical issues quickly and without trauma. The healing tools did work such as the clearing of blockages repairing rents in the aura (the physical-Etheric body actually) and psychic surgery without my needing to call in the use of the symbols. The sessions using these amazing tools were so phenomenal that my practice grew by three times.
1999-01-01Etheric WeaverDevon UKUrsulaUrsula in Devon thinks the weaver is wonderful and very useful in healing. One man she was treating with the etheric weaver was experiencing severe congestion in his head which was completely relieved.
1999-01-01Etheric WeaverGlastonbury UKKeithKeith had a bad headache for days and this went down the side of his face and his shoulder. He said that he felt immobilized by this. After an Etheric weaver session the headache was gone and he said that he felt more whole in himself.
1999-01-01PyramidMt Shasta CAanonymousA lady came in to the center in Mount Shasta in 1999 and sat in the Metatron's pyramid she left expressing gratitude. She returned 2 days later saying the constant pain she had because of sciatic nerves had now almost entirely gone. She described how she had been to a number of medical experts who couldn't help until now.
CDAZJoDeeAfter listening to the CD several times and working with the pendant I experienced a rather incredible healing crisis. I cried for 14 hours Christmas Day and had a "head cold" for several days. Once this passed I was overcome with a complete sense of serenity and peace. This feeling has yet to leave. My fractured relationship with my father is healing at an amazing rate. This is a blessing that I have prayed for for many years. You can not imagine what this means to my entire family. I am now working with several weavers and listen to the CD's as often as I can. Others in my life are experiencing healing or at least peacefulness in my presence (as I wear a weaver constantly). The weavers and CD's are becoming mainstays in my practice (massage and bodywork). My clients are noticing changes in their health and serenity. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for developing these blessed tools. Blessings
CDCanadaLyndaI have the complete set of Cd's produced by HH Gyalwa Jampa and I just have to tell you that I absolutely love them. I listen to them almost every day. Initially I thought I would listen to them once or twice and then that would be it. The truth is I can't get enough of them. I feel inspired uplifted and content after each listening. I also find the more I listen to the Cd's the more I hear. They are amazing. I will be travelling across the country next week and it is my intention to keep these Cd's playing in the car all the time!
CDCanadaLynda BancroftI have the complete set of Cd's produced by HH Buddha Maitreya and I just have to tell you that I absolutely love them. I listen to them almost every day. Initially I thought I would listen to them once or twice and then that would be it. The truth is I can't get enough of them. I feel inspired uplifted and content after each listening. I also find the more I listen to the Cd's the more I hear. They are amazing. I will be travelling across the country next week and it is my intention to keep these Cd's playing in the car all the time!
CDIndiaJyotiThank you very much for the CD the Great Invocation. It is a big help for me. Thank you very very much. Love and peace
CDLivermoore CAJ.T.J.T. from Livermoore had been getting into a lot of psychic practice including channeling. He said that his meditations were being blocked at the head center by an opposing force of energy and then began to experience entities attaching themselves to him . He realizes now that he was moving more onto the astral plane because of his practice of channeling and it got so bad to the point were he could see entities in the street and he was constantly having to cleanse himself of dark realities . He came across Buddha Maitreyas store in Mount Shasta and he saw that none of these entities would go through the door. He saw people walking in and the entities that were attached to them not getting through the door. He bought Buddha Maitreyas Soul therapy music and played in around the clock and saw his reality shift to were he wasn't plagued by disincarnated realities his meditations became clear and life became a lot more enjoyable .
CDUSSandy GuboI don't believe I have ever experienced so many levels of consciousness consciously. I let myself scream cry and feel all the emotions I have been suppressing.
CDVictoria BC CanadaGilligan JoyAt first I didn't like this recording (it was very strange to my ears at first) but now I love it. It is very calming. Unlike the other CDs The Archangels of Heaven CD does not contain vocals that are distracting from my work except for the last track (which I can omit from my playlist). For this reason it is one of the most useful CDs: I can play it all day at work and receive the blessings of His Holiness. I have experienced deep relaxation and I have felt strong healing energy when using this recording along with wearing my silver Shambhala Star. I really feel the blessings of His Holiness in my life and He is changing me in a big way. I have only been using these sacred tools for a few weeks and there has been a profound shift in my consciousness. I am very mentally ill (I have severe obsessions) but I have hope that with the blessings of His Holiness I will eventually be mentally healthy. From despair to happiness I go with the help of one of God's boatmen.
CD Etheric WeaverBuffalo NYMary LobalsamoI was recently in a car accident and had alot of head trauma. I was in alot of pain mostly in my eye but also in my head. I layed down to listen to one of Buddha Maitreya's meditation cds and laid the etheric weaver on my stomach. When the tape stopped after about 20 minutes the pain was gone! I got up and felt fine! I really believe it was the music that healed me! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your help!
CD Etheric WeaverOmaha NEPattyMy 12 year old nephew had told me that his bedroom had a ghost in it and that he told his mom but she didn't believe him. I asked him what was happening. He said the ghost turns his light on and off in the night and then will hit him to wake him up. He was very scared and described it like it was hopeless. I asked him if he wanted me to help. He said "Yes!" I put on Buddha Maitreya's Great Invocation CD and just let the Etheric Weaver spin in the room. I could feel nervousness in the room and then it was gone. I had no idea if the ghost was gone or not. A few weeks later my nephew told me "When you blessed my room it got rid of the ghost!" He hasn't had any problems since.
DharshanAZNancy JeffersI had a mammogram March 2006 which showed a calcification in the right breast. I have been using His Holiness' tools since October 4 2005. A follow-up mammogram today November 22 2006 showed that the calcification is gone. I also had a small wart on my right hand that started to itch during the Dharshan November 12 2006 and came off. Thank you!
DharshanCAJim RyderI went to Darshan a few years ago to see His Holiness and It was a very very very awesome experience. Peace.
DharshanChandler AZBev LawrenceAfter attending Darshan with His Holiness Buddha Maitreya in Jan 2007 I can share that negative thoughtforms and patterns of behaviour were lifted from me. It was a very noticeable difference. I was was cleansed and in an experience of the sweetness of our true nature. Everything felt very holy and my meditation experience was much deeper. These Darshan Blessings are very good medicine and I would recomend them as a priority to anyone who is interested in experiencing the true divinity of Life. OM Shanti...
DharshanChandler AZBev LawrenceAttending a dharshan with Buddha Maitreya is a life changing event. Just being in the presence of His Holiness is worth the time and cost. The teachings occur at multiple levels which include telepathic communications (before during and after the darshan). It is a major spiritual even for anyone who wishes to truely be on their path.
DharshanDanville CAJudy Boehm - Part 1I share with you a healing that is taking place for me and is still in motion. I started going to meditation and using the Shambhala Healing tools and the pyramid about 5 years ago. I started going because I had been Dousing and doing New Age modalities for twenty years. At an event I was psychically attack by dark lodge forces and could not sleep because the attack was relentless. A friend had a mat and vajras and I had an immediate experience of peace. She gave me the puja (soul therapy music) set on tape. I listened to them every night and just literally held on. Each night more peace came to me. Since then I have been in a continuous process of cleansing. Glamours and vices that I had or picked up from Guru's and healers came up. I had energy from a whole group of Dark Lodge "Guru-teachers" attached to me and imprinted in my third eye and other chakras. The lessons have been direct immediate and sometimes not comfortable and each time I said "Thank you" to His Holiness for His grace and receive a healing without having to reincarnate deformed or demented from the Dark Lodge forces I had attachments to. I had spent twenty years "opening up to who knows what?" Humility sets in when you see the Lord living a humble and simple life. As a student I have learned that energy is not clean because it is termed "holy or healing" when you are dealing with people who have not cleared their astral field etc. I learned that they pass on their vices without their awareness. Respect for the monastic process is a key to planetary healing.
DharshanDanville CAJudy Boehm - Part 2I have learned that the collective force of love is wholesome and individually non assuming importance but powerful as a cohesive unity working for humanity. I have learned that giving to this cause increases love and humility. Each time I purchase something or just give without a request for a form in return my heart opens. I have learned that His Holiness through his radiance of love wisdom and compassion is bringing us into an age of collective pure consciousness. Each day I stretch to open my coffers more because I know that is the most fundamental way to support humanity as a whole. In return I feel lighter happier healthier and humble knowing that His Holiness has held this vision for all of us his loving example propels me forward each day. Much love and humble gratitude to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and The Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha
DharshanSalt Lake City UTCarol Littlefield - Part 1Dearest Your Holiness Buddha Maitreya I write today a testimonial of a most extraordinary journey of healing. I have accompanied Your Holiness' on many foreign pilgrimages to exotic far away sacred places. Our travels are always monumental experiences. But this one was especially profound and powerful. I would like to share because of the magnitude of personal change I have been gifted. There were really three occasions of healing. The first was after the blessing at the London dharshan. I developed a 5 inch red-hot circle over my heart. That night I started to cough and become ill. I'm still coughing and experiencing exaggerated tension in my throat (ongoing healing). Next as I boarded the plane in Dehli and walked past you I immediately became overwhelmed with what I can only describe as an exorcism. Something green was crawling through every cell of my body sideways. I could only breathe and hope I wouldn't vomit. I staggered off the plane. Elwira helped me down I couldn't walk. Once in Kathmandu I was magically placed in an extremely uncomfortable circumstance; one that triggered a process that I recognized as central to my life-long repeating dilemma. I knew I had no idea what was going on and that I could not draw any conclusions. I sat in determined focused meditation and received your light in my head centers for a full 24 hours. If I wavered I would spiral into agonizing anxiety the same anxiety that has occupied a full 1/3 of my life for the past few years. I prayed for a healing on this precise thing that I had now seen. It was a place of self-abandonment. As I asked something physical happened. I was rendered somewhat unconscious or unable to focus as some kind of magnetic resonance came into my head in my eyes. And when the "treatment" was complete my solar plexus was completely re-organized. I watched over the next few days as my habit of anxiety was completely calmed.
DharshanSalt Lake City UTCarol Littlefield - Part 2Then I was placed in the perfect environment to relax and heal. It was a remarkably glorious and intense dharshan. Complete with "let pain bring due reward of light and love." I cannot know what was accomplished in the larger spheres but if my personal healing is any indication I trust you made cosmic impact. I have never been given to hold such intense light in my head centers nor experience such clear empty meditations! Thank you Your Holiness!
DharshanUSSarah OlsenHello to all of my dharma friends I found His Holiness Buddha Maitreya's healing tools in February of 2003--exactly three years ago. I have been blessed immeasurably and my life has been healed in many ways since I began using these amazing healing tools listening to the pujas performed by His Holiness and attending the enlightening dharshans presented by His Holiness the Buddha Maitreya. These healing tools have transformed me. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and love that I feel toward His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and the entire Church of Shambhala Sangha. I have personally experienced many miracles and numerous instances of healing in the past three years. My entire family (and everyone around me) has also been blessed by the loving power of these magnificent healing tools
Etheric WeaverAbiline TXJames Neathery JRHello this is Jim N. I no longer have numbness in my hands. Or my feet since using " The Aqua Weaver". Many Thanks
Etheric WeaverAnn Arbor MichEd B.Wow! The first time i used it was on a boston terrier puppy .. he could not stand walk and just cried with pain. I thought his leg was broken.. After about 5 minutes he got up and jumped off the bed and went back about his playing.. I use it most days on myself..I have severe nerve damage after back surgeries ..It relieves the pain ..No meds had been able to do that.. I like it so much I Got my daughter one. Thanks.
Etheric WeaverAZMary LoPiccaloFor five years I've suffered with chronic knee problems. Without seeing a physician for diagnosis and treatment I performed self healing techniques and sought out other practitioners in forms of bodywork energy work and spiritual work for my knee issues. Over the past 3 months the pain was becoming more intense and acute onsets were more frequent. Someone from work used their Etheric Weaver on my knee Christmas Eve and I haven't had any pain since. I was going to try and get a loan for orthopedic surgery since I have no insurance but with this wonderful vibrational energy work it allows me to postpone or eliminate surgery altogether. Thank you Buddha the monks and nuns for your gift! I bought my Etheric Weaver on Christmas day because of the results from the testimony written above. The next day at the spa where I worked the client wanted energy work. I pulled out my crystal and cleared the chakras on the posterior side first and then asked this person to turn over. While turning over the client commented that your hands are so HOT going up and down my spine. I smiled and showed her what I was doing explaining that I wasn't even touching her body and she couldn't believe her eyes! She went immediately to the Church of Shambhala and purchased an Etheric Weaver too!
Etheric WeaverBacliff TXDr. June Collier-EchoffThe use of the weavers helped to relieve the pain in my right elbow that had been hurting for several months. A friend was working with me. As she held the crystal over my elbow I could feel the muscles fluttering and slight movement of them. Also there was some work to be done on the right shoulder. When I got up off the table my elbow felt so much better. I would have to say it was at least 85% better maybe a bit more. As the days have passed I believe it is getting better. Praise be!!
Etheric WeaverBuffalo NYJudy Walsh - Part 1People call me the weaver lady. I have a passion for them. I have all the colors. I use all of them in healings. They are so easy to use. I don't understand why more people don't give themselves this gift just to heal yourself and family is a small price to pay. Now I would like to tell you some of the experiences i have had with them: I had a cut on the palm of my hand and I let it get infected because I always have to prove to myself first what the Etheric Weavers can do. So I started weaving my palm and as I'm weaving I see the cut getting smaller. Now I''m excited. The stitch looks like basket weaving. In one hour the cut was closed. The redness was gone and it felt fine. People say how can you sit and weave so long? I get energy from doing it i don't think of time I can be watching TV and still do it. The weavers are doing all the work. I met a lady who had a tumor in her breast she was going to hospital the next day to have it removed she had cancer many years ago and now was in fear that it was back. So I weaved her. The next day she called and said the doctors couldn't find the tumor it was gone she is now my best friend. My brother in law had a heart attack they found him and he wasn't breathing he was purple when his son started giving him cps then the paramedics came and started working on him cps again. His son called me by mistake as he wanted my husband. I started working on his heart. Meanwhile his heart was still not beating. The ambulance came and on the way to hospital they put the paddles on him and after five tries his heart started beating again by this time it had been almost an hour he had a lot of brain damage and could open his eyes but couldn't breath on his own. i was told to work on him from his higher self. I worked on him for two weeks long distance he died but i now know i was working not to heal his physical body but to heal his soul so he could go to the light. What a blessing.
Etheric WeaverBuffalo NYJudy Walsh - Part 2My daughter came to my house with a baby bunny that they found and it was just about dead but I worked on it with weavers and all of sudden it got up and ran away. I just love it when these things happens what a joy it is. My little grandson was sick and came home with me and i said to him why didn't you want to stay home you are so sick and he said to me in the car i knew you could heal me grammie and I did with my powerful tools from God. So these are only a few stories that I wanted to share with you. Any tools that the Buddha Maitreya's has blessed are so powerful that you also receive healing energy even if you are working on someone else. In love & light the weaver lady.
Etheric WeaverCAJohn and JennyI have a kind of more light-hearted testimonial to share. Because of the price of propane and where we live we have an abundance of downed wood to burn my husband and I have been trying to use our wood fireplace more. I built a fire and it went good for a while and then started to go out. We have a short little poker stick that somewhat helps move around the pieces of wood so I tried to move the piece of wood so it would burn better. The more I tried to reposition the wood and get a good flame the less the wood would move and there was more smoke than flame. So I gave up out of frustration and walked away. After a little bit I thought it would be a good idea to weave in front of the fireplace and transmute my negative feelings. I weaved until the weaver stopped and then left the room for a few minutes. When I returned there was a strong flame going and I smiled. Relax enjoy it's okay!
Etheric WeaverCATammy GriffinI am still so blown away that I have no cravings in between meals. This is truly miraculous for me. I work in an office and I always have something on hand. My food cravings have always been : Cheetos Cheese Puffs Pretzels Cheese Crackers Crackers of all kinds and salty bad for you kinds of foods. I have been keeping instead on hand these last 5 months or so: Apples Apricots Peaches Pluots(Plum/ Apricot hybrid)Almonds Sunflower Seeds(w/o shell) these types of things. But since wearing my Weaver I need nothing between meals now. I don't even need those good snacks although I still keep them on hand. And I don't know if I can explain but when I did see something visually: someone eating Potato Chips orI thought of crackers my mouth would water and I had no will power to stave off any cravings. Now I still have a brief moment where my mouth waters but I have no mental reaction that overpowers my will power. I'm then past the craving period and I get back to work and I no longer have any pictures of food in my head. I'm loving my Weaver so much. I am a visual person and things pop into my head so types of food would pop into my head when I craved it. Now I don't have a problem at all. I can eat less at lunch. I no longer snack between meals. I need no food at break time when seeing everyone else eating. I'm so happy to have this wonderful tool and gift from God. I am not a slave to my mind and my stomach. Thank you.
Etheric WeaverCalgaryDaveA very shy greyhound was spooked and ran off while his owners walked him in a park on leash. He was lost in a 20 square mile park near the city for over 2 cold and rainy days. Lots of people had searched but no luck. I held my rainbow weaver over his name and over a map of the park. I asked my higher self where in the park the dog was. The weaver indicated a certain spot. I drove to the park and walked along a deserted path and stopped at a certain point was was inspired to use my binoculars in a certain direction. I thought I saw a stump but after a few minutes I knew that I had found the lost dog lying in the tall grass by some trees. This was the spot my weaver indicated on the map. I used my cellphone to call his owners and they got their dog back. I credit the weaver for helping find the dog.
Etheric WeaverCape Coral FLDeborah Noonan - Part A1I have been experiencing severe foot pain since May of this year. I think I injured both feet when I lifted something very heavy. I have tried everything to relieve the pain but nothing was working. Walking was getting harder and I was feeling that my next step was going to see a doctor. Something that I rarely do. As you know I have the entire set of Etheric Weavers and have been doing treatments for about 9 months. Did I think to try to treat myself? Nope! It never occurred to me until two days ago (August 27th 2008). I got my set out and started working with them. Within about 5 minutes I started feeling a pulsating feeling in both feet. It sort of felt like the circulation was returning. I continued to work with them and within 1 1/2 hours all pain was gone out of both feet. I couldn't believe how I didn't think of the Weavers until then but I was so busy with treating other people I somehow forgot about myself. I am constantly amazed at how wonderfully these healing tools work. Not that I doubt them in any way because I don't but because I keep seeing their incredible healing power at work. The Blessing from Buddha Maitreya that each one of the healing tools receives is in my opinion the most important aspect to their healing abilities. As I was writing to you just now I just remembered something else that happened two nights ago. My son fell and hit his knee quite hard on the floor. The way he was screaming made my husband and I think a trip to the hospital was inevitable. I had a weaver in my pocket and immediately took it out and starting working on my son. He calmed down shortly after that. He slept through the night and the next day he said he had almost no pain at all in his knee. Since we didn't get x-rays it would be hard to prove whether the knee was broken or not but considering how bad he was screaming I know in my heart that a healing took place.
Etheric WeaverCape Coral FLDeborah Noonan - Part A2There have been so many blessings in my life and with the folks I have worked on just in the short time that I have been working with the Weavers. I am so thankful that I have them in my life.
Etheric WeaverCape Coral FLDeborah Noonan - Part B1Recently I purchased one of the Etheric Weavers and I would like to share the healing that took place when I meditated with it. I had been diagnosed with a fibroid tumor in my uterus and I had an appointment to go in for an endometrial biopsy. This was to determine the size of the fibroid whether or not it was cancerous and then how to treat it. The doctor also said that my uterus was twice the size of what it should be. Since I prefer to do things naturally I wasn't too interested in having them do this procedure but I knew that something had to be done. I was having extremely heavy periods and was depleted each month. I got my Etheric Weaver as an anniversary gift one week before my doctor appointment. I decided to meditate with it and I asked for the fibroid to be removed and for my uterus to be healed. Instead of a conscious meditation I went very deep for about 30 minutes. After I came out of the meditation I felt different. Calm and peaceful would best describe how I felt. I had a feeling that I had received a healing but wasn't sure exactly what I was feeling. The doctor appointment came and I was to have an ultrasound first and then the biopsy except when the doctor was doing the ultrasound he kept looking at all different angles of my uterus. He didn't say anything for a few minutes and then he said "I don't know what to make of this but there is no fibroid here at all. I thought for sure there was one but we won't need the biopsy after all." My uterus was perfectly normal in every way. I looked at my husband and cried a tear of relief and then I knew. The Etheric Weaver had facilitated my healing. The way I describe this crystal to my friends is that I don't know how it works I just know that it does. I know that it is blessed by a very high soul. I'm sure there are explanations for how this crystal works but for once I am not so interested in 'how' something works just 'that' it does.
Etheric WeaverCape Coral FLDeborah Noonan - Part B2I am so glad that this healing tool is available for us all to use and I am even more glad that H.H. Buddha Maitreya is blessing them. I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have this Etheric Weaver and I am also going to help others heal with them.
Etheric WeaverCarrollton OHPat OreillyI am 82 years old and a retired cardiac nurse. I fractured my fibula and tibula and had to have a rod put into my leg. After the surgery my entire leg was swollen and I had alot of pain especially where the screws were in my ankle. I had a friend who came over and gave me a weaver treatment and in 30 minutes I had no pain! I felt like a new human being! I also burned my hand as I was taking a pan out of the oven I used the etheric weaver over my hand and the pain was immediately gone! The etheric weaver is just part of my life! Thank you Buddha Maitreya I have been helped in many ways over the last few years.
Etheric WeaverChicago ILElizabeth GarciaIn the past 8 months I have had profound revelations -gaining a much deeper understanding of who Buddha Maitreya is and am recognizing more about the blessings Buddha Maitreya's tools have brought to me and my family. Last week I had an incredible healing experience with my mother-in-law who was visiting. My mother-in-law asked me if I could please do reiki on her. Not feeling comfortable practicing reiki because she was in such a bad state chose to get the etheric weaver instead. It was late - around 3am - but I could tell it was important. I started weaving her and after some time - the weaver gravitated over her ovaries and toward her stomach where the etheric weaver went nuts. I was a bit startled because it was going so fast and wasn't sure what to do. I just held on and kept weaving for a few hours. My mother-in-law described it felt like her stomach and insides were literally turning - and felt a cold chill inside. Close to 3 hours into this - I moved the etheric weaver up her spine. My mother in law literally felt chills rushing up her spine when she finally opened her mouth with a huge exhilation of relief as if something had literally been pulled out of her body. At this point she just relaxed into her body and went into a deep sleep. I kept checking in on her noticed she was in a cold sweat and covered her up. My husband and I took her to bed at 6am when she woke up in the afternoon she said she has not felt so relaxed and at peace in years. She hugged my husband- her son in tears for she couldn't believe it. Her pain in her stomach which she has suffered with for 30 years - was complete gone! Not only is her pain gone but she says she feels "perfect"!
Etheric WeaverCOJoanna NeffThank you so much for your thoughtful follow up. I am getting even better results from the new tool I purchased at the Metaphysical Fair in Denver last weekend. I had seen a clairvoyant vision of the deep yellow crystal version and when I came to your booth there it was--only one! Because the air quality has been so bad here for almost two weeks and because my upper-respiratory system is weak I had been experiencing chronic sinusitis. The symptoms have much abated since using this beautiful harmonizer. Thank you again and all blessings.
Etheric WeaverColorado Springs COSusan WolfeI took my adopted dog to his first time going to the vet and was told he had a hip problem that could be fixed by surgery since he was so young. I made an appointment with the hip specialist in two weeks. During those two weeks I used the Etheric Weaver on him. When we went to thespecialist she was indignant in that nothing was remotely wrong with the dog and she could not see why he was referred to her.
Etheric WeaverColorado Springs COSusan WolfeMany people have had powerful healing experiences using the Etheric Weavers. A child used the Etheric Weaver on her father and his sinus condition of weeks was healed. A woman suffering from constant back pain was free of pain after using the Etheric Weaver one time. A woman used the Etheric Weaver on her brother who lives in another state. She talked to him on the Internet the next day not telling him what she had done. He told her that last night was the first time he had no pain in his hands in months. She told him what she had done and he told her to do it as they communicated on the Internet. As she began holding the Etheric Weaver over the picture of his hand he responded that he could feel it and knew she was working on his left hand. One time I was at the store looking out the window and saw a man parked across the street who slammed his finger in the door of the car. I used the Etheric Weaver on him "distance healing" and watched him calm down and start talking to the people he was with instead of pacing up and down etc. In two specific conditions where cancer was involved and the people had been using the Etheric Weaver the cancer was contained in a ball and not spread throughout the person's system.
Etheric WeaverColorado Springs COSusan WolfeWhile using the Etheric Weaver daily on my horse Jalapeno because he had arthritis the Etheric Weaver would point directly up to Jalapeno's scrotum and then snap down repeatedly. When the vet came out to see the other horse Stormy for Founder I told him what the Etheric Weaver was doing and asked him to look at that area. He was amazed to find what he called a "bean" (a calcified mass) the size of a walnut. He said he had never seen one that big in a horse and that Jalapeno should be immobilized and laying on the ground. I think the Etheric Weaver made Jalapeno comfortable in this condition as he showed no discomfort and the only reason we looked for something was because the Etheric Weaver was pointing at it repeatedly although it did need to be removed. In working with the horses with the Etheric Weavers they came to look forward to sessions. I attached the chain to a 6" wooden handle because it was easier for me to hold onto when it was spinning. One day when I was working on Jalapeno holding the wooden handle Stormy came up and tried to hold the Etheric Weaver by putting his teeth on the part of the handle sticking out. Mr. Bojangles was ailing and older and we thought he was ready to be put down as he could no longer move around. We called the vet to come and put him down and in the couple hours before he arrived I used the Vajra and Etheric Weavers on him. When the vet arrived and walked up to him Mr. Bojangles took off strutting and carrying on. He lived another year or so. When I was trying to help Stormy with Founder I had tied an Etheric Weaver to a bright red fly mask that attaches with velcro although I cut out the mask part. When I came home Stormy had gotten the whole thing off and it was missing. We are surrounded by National Forest but I looked for this bright red halter for days off and on and never found it. A couple years after all the horses were gone I walked out the side door of the house and found (the Etheric Weaver).
Etheric WeaverFLDiane Jackman Seidman - Part 1I practice and teach yoga and qi gong daily along with many healing therapies i have studied for decades. I got the etheric weavers to help heal my friend/ex-employer a disabled vet and a quadriplegic the results were amazing. He had a surgery to replace a pump in his side "routine operation" the battery was going to run out in his baclofen pump. after 2 weeks of healing fine after the surgery it "turned bad". we went in to the Veterans Hospital and all they could suggest was to continue on the antibiotics and i feared they were not effective. he has been a quad for over 20 years and has been on more antibiotics than anyone could imagine fighting a recurring staph infection. they wanted to remove the new pump and put him in the hospital and when i asked them for one more week of "alternative complementary healing" they granted me one week with explicit instructions to watch him VERY closely. the pump was attached to his spinal column and if the infection were to spread from there it could quickly go directly to his brain and we would be fighting meningitis in no time. we went home and i started him on garlic oregano oil and liquid silver and knew the following day we would be hosting an all-natural health fair and not only would my acupuncturist be there and available for a treatment? but lynn deen would have her etheric weavers. we went to the show and lynn worked on mike (the patient) with the weavers for at least an hour and that evening when i put him to bed i did another treatment on him following her instructions and? going with my feelings as well.? mike's fever spiked that night his whole body was like a faucet of sweat and his side opened up and he started oozing out through the hole. lynn needed her weavers back so we ordered a set and continued with treatments several times each day. the following week we went into the Veterans Hospital and they were shocked at his condition mike was virtually healed.
Etheric WeaverFLDiane Jackman Seidman - Part 2Since then i have done a few treatments on friends family and at a health fair a couple of weekends ago. I guess i should keep a journal as they have all been very healing. i love your product and i thank you for being:) peacefully yours diane
Etheric WeaverGlendale CA KarenBest results thank you.
Etheric WeaverHayward UKB.W.B.W. from Hayward UK told a story about her dog. He had a cist on his ear and was in pain and distressed. She held the 7 ray Etheric Weaver next to his ear and he instantly quietened down . When she got up he cried and she felt he wanted more of the etheric weaver . She held it for a long time and let him sleep with it. In the morning the cist was 50% better and in the next day 90% better.
Etheric WeaverKenmore WACynthiaI did an etheric weaver treatment on a friend who was suffering from the results of a divorce after 20 years of marriage. As I began the treatment I kept hearing the words; her heart. So I focused on the heart area and weaved for a long while. All of a sudden it felt like a bolt of lightening shot up through the weaver up through my arm and then bolted straight out the top of my head. After this occurred I had to sit down because my whole body was tingling with a vibrancy of light and love. Whatever had left my friends body was transmuted into light and shot out. Her experience was one of complete peace and tranquility. She no longer experiences the pain and suffering of loss and judgement. It was way cool.
Etheric WeaverLondon England UKLee NewmanUsing the Etheric Weavers has worked on myself and others at very deep levels it is a beautiful and sacred tool which instills peace balance and well being on physical emotional and mental levels it helps with love and light and at a very deep Soul level. It has helped me and others on our paths and continues to do so and that will always be special and treasured.
Etheric WeaverLondon UKAnna and Phil - Part 1Anna and Phil are reflexologists; they also teach reflexology run seminars and workshops together. Phil is also a craniosacral therapist who works with Bach Flower remedies color therapy kiniesiology spinal touch electro crystal therapy earth crystals and aromatic oils. They live and have full time practices in London. As both Phil and Anna are reflexologists they are very aware of the centers and meridian points of the feet. They have been giving clients Etheric weaver sessions through the feet and have found this to be very effective. Phil also said that the Etheric weaver balancing helps himself and his clients attune more sensitively to Bach Flower remedies. Phil works as a craniosacral therapist and one way he often uses the Etheric weaver is to give the client a balancing with it before doing the cranial adjustments. This way the client is quickly and deeply relaxed and ready for the cranial work. Previously to this he would be spending most of the session inviting the client's body to relax enough to receive the cranial work. They both spoke of using the weaver for spinal alignments. The client lies on their front and Phil and Anna move up or down the spine with a finger on one vertebra at a time asking that the vertebrae be aligned and balanced. Anna also tends to hold the weaver in one place near the client's body and then tunes in to the center and asks that the weaver work on that center or particular area of the body. They have both noticed that when the clients return the following week they have managed to maintain the benefits from the previous session.
Etheric WeaverLondon UKAnna and Phil - Part 2Case History from Phil: Cliff is a reflexology client that has been coming to Anna for regular sessions for many years. Anna referred him to Phil as Cliff seemed to be struggling with a block. His symptoms were Sinus problems and an irritable difficult nature. Phil was giving him a healing with the weaver and went up to the sinus area. The weaver began to make a very different pattern as it was over the left eye area so Phil kept his arm still to let the weaver do what was needed. Suddenly there was a big jolt as if something had shot out of Cliff's head and into the weaver and out. After this session Cliff reported that the years old sinus problem had disappeared and his girlfriend reported that he was very much easier to be around. Cliff had had a blow to the area of the head that the weaver worked with thirty years previously.
Etheric WeaverLondon UKanonymous nurseMy experience of the Etheric weaver is that it makes healing very easy. The weaver knows what needs to be done and does it. It seems to weave an energy template into the body which considerably speeds up the healing process. It is very effective on healing surface wounds speedily and works well on bedsores and it quickly stops bleeding in acute situations.
Etheric WeaverMaltaAnn MarieI was on holiday in California and hanging out with a native american chief friend of mine... and we attended a holistic fair in san diego feb 2005there was a Buddha Maitreya stall there I was so attracted to it I bought a green Etheric crystal straight away then tried out the metatron mats. 24 hours later in my hotel room I started to use the etheric weaver I just bought yesterday. I felt dizzy at first so I layed down and from then onwards began the most Divine experience I have EVER had I saw colours visions sacred geometry. It was just Divinely ecstatic. I became magnetised and the love and joy I experienced will stay with me forever. It took a while to fully integrate this divine energy. I just can''t wait to get to a centre and try out the pyramid. I would recommend this to everybody we all need healing and these tools are profound. Thank You. Heart to Buddha Maitreya all of you brothers and sisters. With much Gratitude love and light.
Etheric WeaverMuskegon MIDenise MuchnaI am writing to you regarding my use of the etheric weaver. I am a medical professional certified in Healing Touch. My client base is primarily cancer patients. I have been using the Etheric Weaver in conjunction with my energy work and have had some amazing results. I have several clients that have had extreme difficulty in maintaining their platelet count while receiving chemotherapy. Energy therapy has always been helpful in maintaining these critical blood levels. In using the weaver the levels were not only able to stay in the normal range but were well within normal limits of people not on chemical treatment. Shifts in their platelet count of over 150000 were noted in a 24 hour period. This is normally not possible. The other benefits noted were relief of metastatic bone pain. A client that had wide spread metastatic disease to the bones found great relief with weaver use. She had documented bone regeneration at previously repaired pathological fracture sites. I was so impressed with the results that I shared my experiences with a fellow Healing Touch practitioner. She purchased a weaver as well and is experiencing the same wonderful results. We have been able to work in tandem on clients utilizing the weavers. The clients who are 'veteran' energy work recipients always comment on the level of relaxation and relief from complaint that they experience with the weavers. Finally I must tell you of one of many personal experiences with the weaver. I accidentally picked up a hot (425 degree) pan -- bare handed. I immediately used the weaver over the area. It was a severe burn and very painful. I anticipated blistering and longterm discomfort. Within an hour or so the hand was free from pain and the skin was unblistered pink and healthy. Thank you so much Buddha Maitreya for these wonderful tools. - Denise Muchna RT(R)CHTP West Michigan Healers
Etheric WeaverNERita CorrellI also just got the 2 1/2 inch weavers that I ordered a little bit ago and they are sooooo beautiful. Thank you all for all the wonderful tools you are putting out. It has been a very long day and I held the 7 ray wrapped in titanium over my hand to feel its energy and I thought the magnets in the weaver were pulling to the other weavers on the table but it was impossible because they were too far away. It didn''t even weave it just went at an angle and stayed pulling something in my hand I didn't even realized I'd picked up after giving 6 hours of massages today. I am so truly truly grateful and relieved to have His Holiness''s blessings in these tools for balance and deeply appreciative to all of you and the service you are giving maintaining the line in production and keeping the flow of tools going out to heal us and the world.
Etheric WeaverNESarah OlsenHere are some things we heard at the event Saturday. I was talking about the pain relief I have experienced from the tools and one woman spoke up. She said she was a nurse and that one of her patients had these tools all around him in the bed and never had to ask for pain medicine. All the staff wondered why this was so since with his condition everyone asked for lots of pain meds. She said now she knows why. Another girl came up afterwards and said she had been a sceptic. But after the Etheric Weaver treatment she received her ankle that had been injured now has a lot more movement in it and that it definitely worked. The owner of the massage school spoke at the very beginning and told them she had received an etheric weaver treatment and that it was amazing not just physical but seemed very healing spiritually. When she and I did the treatment I noticed 3 energies leaving her chest (I actually saw these somehow). Afterwards she mentioned that 3 times she had felt something leave her chest. This was about 6 years ago. She reports that since then she no longer has the fibromyalgia she had suffered from. I told them the story about one body worker who was working with a man who is dying. She's been working with him for 7 years trying to get his chakras open etc.
Etheric WeaverNESarah OlsenHere are some things we heard at the event Saturday. I was talking about the pain relief I have experienced from the tools and one woman spoke up. She said she was a nurse and that one of her patients had these tools all around him in the bed and never had to ask for pain medicine. All the staff wondered why this was so since with his condition everyone asked for lots of pain meds. She said now she knows why...Another girl came up afterwards and said she had been a sceptic. But after the Etheric Weaver treatment she received her ankle that had been injured now has a lot more movement in it and that it definitely worked. The owner of the massage school spoke at the very beginning and told them she had received a treatment from me and that it was amazing not just physical but seemed very healing spiritually. When she and I did the treatment I noticed 3 energies leaving her chest (I actually saw these somehow). Afterwards she mentioned that 3 times she had felt something leave her chest. This was about 6 years ago. She reports that since then she no longer has the fibromyalgia she had suffered from. I told them the story about one body worker who was working with a man who is dying. She's been working with him for 7 years trying to get his chakras open etc.
Etheric WeaverNJSue D.I was first introduced to the etheric weaver by my massage therapist and was amazed at the healing powers of it. Using the etheric weaver replaces a lot of "hands on" work. A friend of mine initially would balance my cats using their picture and also would balance me. I eventually bought my own weaver and use it to balance my own cats. I often see that they are quite relaxed after being balanced. I also have a friend who lives halfway across the country and i frequently balance her and all of her kitties. She is aware of physical healing after being balanced and chuckles at the cats as they tend to fall asleep following the balancing. The weaver does both physical and emotional healing both on other people and on the cats. As a believer in animal communication the etheric weaver allows us to heal and balance our pets through the intention to heal. It amazes me that i can use a picture and balance a person or a pet long distance. Using the etheric weaver opens another whole plane with our pets and it is wonderful to be able to balance them. I find that it is helpful to telepath the animal being balanced and tell them what you are about to do. The weaver is indeed a wonderful tool.
Etheric WeaverNorth LondonanonymousA man had a painful shoulder from a repetitive stress injury. He came to the stand at a healing show and recieved a weaver healing. He reported that the pain had virtually gone and he was able to relax his shoulder. Later he returned with some aurascope photos he`d had before and after the weaver healing. Before there was a large dark shadow over his shoulder where the pain was. The picture taken after showed a significant shrinking of the shadow. Like wise the before pictures showed the colurs around his aura to be sludgy oranges and browns. In the pictures taken after the weaver the colurs were bright violets and blues and there was less congestion around the body.
Etheric WeaverNorth London UKKateKate received an etheric weaver healing during a demonstration day at The Haelan Centre in North London in December 1998. After the healing was finished she began to experience a lot of pain around her shoulder area and under her armpit the weaver was used again around this area and moved a lot. She said she could feel the pain which had been quite intense shifting and clearing until it had almost gone she said she felt as if something had been pulled out of her or taken away. It was her impression it was something negative that she was better off without it.
Etheric WeaverOHMary Grace Uher - Part 1At this time I'd like to share my experience as well as the experience of another person who has purchased your Etheric Weaver. Within weeks of each we both purchased Etheric Weavers. My friend Jean P. of Painesville OH purchased the Aquamarine Weaver and I purchased the Blue Siberian Weaver. What is so totally fascinating are the different healing experiences we are both having while working with them Jean P's. Etheric Weaver will actually turn colors as she sends absent healings to various people. Her Etheric Weaver will do one of the following as she sends absent healings: Totally lose all color and it becomes a clear quartz crystal turn a dark Emerald Green or will have varying shades of Aquamarine with Emerald Green lights shooting from within the crystal. She describes the shooting lights as if they were camera light bulbs going off. At the end of the healing sessions it will return to its normal Aquamarine color. In addition to changing colors her Etheric Weaver will strongly vibrate or jump by its own strong energy field My experience with the Blue Siberian Etheric Weaver is also extremely interesting. When using it directly on Jean P. of Painesville OH it has also changed colors. The first time one of the sides turned a deep Emerald Green while the other three sides remained that deep beautiful Sapphire blue. This past Sunday while using it on her again the entire crystal turned a rich deep Amethyst color with just a sliver of deep blue showing on the one edge. Up to now she seems to be the only person that causes the crystal to change colors. Recently while using it on Andre` L. of Erie PA he told me his entire field of vision (with eyes closed) was totally black but then all of a sudden a white line appeared and started to form an outline of the face of Buddha. At the time he had no idea I had purchased the Etheric Weaver from a Buddhist Ashram.
Etheric WeaverOHMary Grace Uher - Part 2He also felt an intense heat while his entire head and neck turned a beat red color and then finally returned to his normal skin color. I lent him my Weaver to use on his wife Anna as she is quite ill. He told me he measured her energy field before using the Weaver (using Dowsing Rods) and measured her Etheric field after using the Weaver and there was a noticeable increase in her Etheric field. That entire week she felt more energized and retained that same energy field even when he returned my Weaver. Gail K of Mayfield Hts. OH experienced a blanket of warm heat while receiving a healing with the Etheric Weaver. As for myself I will feel waves of energy surging throughout my entire body and feeling positive and energized all the time. At the conclusion of absent healing sessions my Etheric Weaver will also vibrate strongly and/or slightly jump but not every time.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEAnn FennerColleen came in for a Weaver treatment. She knew me from massage school and said that she''d heard that i was doing "something different" but she wasn''t sure what it was only that she knew it was what she needed. So she had an hour long weaver session. Afterwards she told me that she had been seeing a doctor over the past year who had found a pea-sized lump in her breast. The next day they were to do a biopsy. But she said she felt now that there was nothing to worry about. She said that during the treatment she felt a piercing and then a pulling in the exact spot that almost felt like a surgery. She said it hurt and that she really was about to jump off the table but then it subsided. I told her that no matter how much they argued to make the doctors check that the tumor was still there before they did the biopsy because a woman with cancer in the lymph nodes had come for a treatment a few months earlier & was completely cancer-free at her next doctor's visit. So Colleen made them do another x-ray even though they said she was in denial and there was nothing ~ not even a shadow ~ where the lump had shown up on the x-rays (the most recent being 6 days prior). They searched for it manually to the point of bruising and then sent her home. At her 6-month check-up it was still gone. The doctor said this was impossible for what he had diagnosed her as having and went back and changed his original diagnoses.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEAnn FennerMy friend asked me to pray for her grandfather who was in the hospital. He was a man who drank everyday and cussed alot never ever spoke of God or going to church or anything like that. I used the Etheric Weaver over his name for about 5 or 10 minutes. The next day my friend called me she had just visited him in the hospital. She told me that the minute she walked in his room he said "Don't tell ME God doesn't exist!" Then he said that he had had a dream of the Lord's Prayer like while he was sleeping it had been said to him over and over. He spontaneously quit drinking for a whole year after this.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEAnn FennerOn January 2 2006 I closed my right index finger in the back door of my car. Completely. I calmly opened the door and holding my damaged hand tightly inside my burgundy glove i ran up and down the sidewalk for several minutes as our family watched from the 2 cars we were using to caravan to the airport. I returned to the car. My son helped me into the house washed the wound (which was swelling before our very eyes and bleeding profusely) and put antibacterial cream gauze and tape around it. He then drove the car to the airport. I was wearing my solar cross and weaver earrings carrying my maitreya solar cross in my purse. I took out my weaver and began to weave. After dropping my family off at the airport i drove to the emergency room. As i waited for the doctor i wove. When the doctor examined my finger he was amazed i was feeling no pain. He found a puncture wound blood blister and no broken bones. I have had no pain the whole time. The finger has healed rapidly causing me very little inconvenience. Thank you God.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEAnne FennerThere are new stories every day of people who have had the most profound experiences as an effect of using His Holiness' Etheric Weavers. Occurrences such as Headaches relieved in a very short time that used to be very hard to deal with even those who have been even taking pain killers do not need to anymore. People who have stopping drinking alcohol /smoking/doing drugs any kind of addiction without withdrawal after being unable to stop for over 20 years. People have had cancer one day use the Etheric Weaver and the next day have no cancer. ñ Even Brain tumors. There has been people who were in need of surgery then used the Etheric weaver and they did not need surgery anymore. People who are unable to eat are able to eat and want to people who are unable to sleep experience the best night's sleep ever after an etheric weaver experience. People who do not want to wake up in the morning now find that they have many reasons to wake up and joyfully start the day. People who are depressed and in a state of hopelessness are now experiencing peace joy and bliss. Families are experiencing their loved ones changing where they used to be angry and irritable now they are easy going and a joy to be with. Many people who have had chronic pain have experienced after an etheric weaver session not experiencing the pain any more such as back pain sinus arthritis joints & old injuries.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEIla Dean HornI am writing to tell you how happy that I am with the healing that has occurred on my fingernail that was infected with fungus. When I came to see you on November 25 the nail was a blackish green color and was sore all around the cuticule. I had been treating it with a liquid medication from a compounding pharmacy for over two months with no real progress. Before that I had treated it for nearly three years with various medications...all with no results. Prior to coming to see you I had purchased a pair of earrings and a small rainbow weaver which I had just begun to wear and use. You asked to treat my fingernail and as you used your weaver on it the nail began to change color from the blackish green to a healthy pinkish white. It was amazing that this could happen and so quickly! I noticed also that the soreness and redness around the nail was disappearing! I have peeled away fungus and exposed a healthy nailbed which is looking better every day! For the first time in about three years I am looking forward to having a healthy fingernail on the ring finger of my left hand. I am so happy to have found the tools to make this happen. I heartily thank you and endorse all the tools and products you helped me with.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEJettyJetty called today and said her mom (Lil) had knee surgery and was admitted to a care facility until she gets better. Lil had a khata and an etheric weaver in a ziploc bag on the chair and a nurse came in and picked the bag up and handed it to Lil. The nurse said "You need to use this." Lil ask the nurse "have you met Buddha Maitreya?" The nurse said no but she had been to the Sedona center and the California center. Lil said "I just cried and cried when I met Him." The nurse said that is because of his loving energy!
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEMike audio
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEPatty RotertI was out at the lake and ran into a blade cover on a lawn mower. It caused approx a 2" scrape on my lower leg and was forming a bruise. I immediately pulled out my 7-ray weaver and began weaving over it. The pain subsided and I saw the scrape literally disappear before my eyes. The whole process took about an hour but I was very grateful to be able to witness the miracle. Thanks for the healing!
Etheric WeaverOmaha NESarah audio
Etheric WeaverOmaha NESarahThe Walkers do treatments on people that pulls out toxins through the feet. Now they are using the Weavers on their clients too. Today one of their clients called me. They had used the Weaver on his hurting arm. He had tennis elbow and a painful shoulder he said it may have been bursitus. He tells me the pain was instantly healed in has elbow and shoulder and is still completely gone. He kept making big circles with his arm as he told me the story as if to see if the pain was really still gone and claimed that he is a skeptic. But each time he checked the pain was not there. Thank You
Etheric WeaverOMaha NESarah OlsonSpeaking with my friend on the phone i noticed that she was very negative and i felt sick to my stomach after our conversation. So i gave her a series of Etheric Weaver treatments though she did not know that i was doing it. The next week she mentioned to me twice that she had had an epiphany and she was a whole new person now. She spontaneously changed her eating habits and she is expressing a lot of love humility and gratitude now. Her epiphany took place on the exact day that she received the long-distance treatments. After i told her that i had been weaving her that day she agreed that her abrupt change has to be thanks to the long-distance treatment.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NESarah OlsonI do not remember this but i am told that i gave an old friend "DM" a long-distance weaver treatment in 2001. Just last week i heard through another friend that she has been saying that it healed her life. She did not know what i was doing for her other than it was some kind of "Buddhist prayer". I've asked her for a testimonial and she says she is waiting for the right words... but here is what she is saying in the meantime: "My life has been very different ever since as I have been much more awake and in my body available to do the work I have needed to do for years. I have returned to school and now I am a therapist. In truth there is no way I can explain everything that has happened. The ways that God works in my life... here I am a survivor of sexual abuse working with a population of offenders. And I love them with all my heart. That would not COULD not have happened without the weaver treatment. I was going to kill myself and whatever you did changed me into a person who just loves - me others people with different values people who hate what and who I am people who intentionally or unintentionally harmed me or those I love. I just open my heart and I am given an understanding. The key of course is practicing the part about opening my heart. (Which is why I am losing the weight FINALLY - ha - I thought it was protecting me but it was a barrier to my complete vulnerability). Oh my... how do I explain all of this? I have been given such an amazing gift... I am able to sit in any given moment with that peace that passes all understanding."
Etheric WeaverOmaha NESarah OlsonRecently i had some encounters with a person in an online community. It was mean aggressive and dehumanizing communication over a one month period and had a pretty negative effect on me. Finally i wrote down the person's 'user ID' as i did not know his real name and weaved over it. The next time i logged in 12 hours later there was a very kind apology waiting for me from him saying he was sorry for being so rough on me etc. These were the first kind words i have ever seen from him for anyone.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEShelagh Keleyhers - Part 1My daughter had surgery in 2003 at age 17 to correct an ovarian cyst. Endometriosis was diagnosed. The pictures of her internal organs showed a lot of damage and were shocking. The prognosis was not good for childbearing and future health. To complicate things she had become a "teenager" who had been seduced by her peer group and alcoholism. Her behaviors and conduct were very destructive and unsettling. We have had the advantage having many Sangha friends who have watched my daughter grow up. They have been weaving for her throughout this period and to present. And she has been part of my weaving pile of names and pictures of course. There has been improvement in all areas of her life. She let go of destructive friends attracted a partner and people who supported the best in her. There has been improvement in her physical health and communications. Last year she had surgery to remove some tissue following a "bad pap." And in that surgery she was also checked for endometriosis. When the doctor went over her findings she showed me the pictures of her internal organs. After two years not only was there no progression of endometriosis there simply was no endometriosis. The tissues that had been covered with scars and damage were pink and healthy. I knew there had been a miracle. While we had been concerned about the bad pap I had palpable evidence of remarkable healing. This turned out to be a healing crisis that was a clear turning point. After six months she has had a good pap. And she is kinder now in her communications and she is not drinking. I had prepared myself several years back that she might not make it because her of the severity of her actions and behaviors. Without the spiritual intervention of the Sangha and the tools I am not sure if she would be alive at this time. Now she has a better chance in this body. It was an interesting dance to see the undoing of various destructive tendencies. It was not a linear undoing.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEShelagh Keleyhers - Part 2The weaving seemed to undo according to divine wisdom as various physical and emotional pieces improved. My weaving for my daughter continues as does the support of my Sangha friends. I have the certainty that the grace His Holiness through the tools and the efforts of the Sangha have taken the worst of circumstances transformed them and given my daughter a chance in this life and body.
Etheric WeaverOmaha NEStanleyI would like to tell you about a healing experience that has never happened to me before. Last summer 2006 I was walking around outside my house and I tripped on some rocks and turned my ankle on my left leg. At first it hurt only a little however by evening I could not put any weight on my left leg. It was very painful and I thought that I would have to see a doctor because my wife and I were going on vacation the following week and I was afraid that I would have to cancel. I withstood the pain through the weekend but had to remain seated in my chair most of the time. My stepdaughter said she would like to try a method of alternative healing. She used her magnetic and crystal healing tool by letting it swing in an arch over my ankle. She gave me a twenty minute treatment while I rested. To my amazement the pain eased dramatically and I was able to walk without any pain the next day. I had never used any alternative healing before but feel it definitely made the difference. Sincerely
Etheric WeaverOmaha NETom RousseauTom a 62 year old dairy farmer from Wisconsin has had a hole in his foot the size of a half dollar and deep to the bone. He is diabetic and had an injury to his foot. He said he used the etheric weaver 3.5" blue over it and it healed completely in 3 months. He has had this hole in his foot off and on over the last 20 years. He said his doctor is having a hard time believing it is healed. He was very happy to hear it was Jesus that had made the healing tool - he is still getting used to the idea that Jesus reincarnates -as he grew up Catholic and wasn't allowed to believe in it. He was very grateful and very humbled.
Etheric WeaverPADebra Ph.D. - Part 1I have a severely disabled son and it was through him that I met one of the Buddhist nun's who introduced me to the etheric weaver and offered to use it on him. I was impressed with how much it allowed Darron to relax which is a real challenge for him as one who suffers from spastic quadriplegia so after some thought I decided to purchase an etheric weaver. As a biology professor I am accustomed to approaching truth from the logical/scientific perspective. However as Darron's mother I am willing to employ whatever technique has the potential to give him some relief even it if appears to be illogical or unscientific. With that in mind I began experimenting with the etheric weaver on him and others. I have been astounded at the results. Basically the etheric weaver has been extremely useful in detecting problems and eliminating pain in various locations and in many different people. The most incredible example occurred a few weeks ago and is worth sharing the details. A friend of mine who suffers from many chronic medical problems was facing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. I showed her the etheric weaver crystal and asked if she wanted me to try it. She consented and stretched out on her couch. Shortly after I began she fell asleep. The weaver moved vigorously over her right wrist and when she woke up I asked her if it were her right wrist that was going to have the surgery. She said no; it was the left. I explained why I thought it was the right and she said "Wait a minute. Try it again." She lifted her wrist above her head and instructed me to place the crystal where it had been before when her wrist was up against her body and the couch. The crystal moved as vigorously as before. After it stopped she told me that she had had a pain in her right side since she was in a car accident in the 1960s and it had bothered her ever since. Doctors could not determine the cause so she had learned to live with it.
Etheric WeaverPADebra Ph.D. - Part 2When I later called to check up on her she said that the pain had disappeared that night. I checked three weeks later and it was still gone. A few minutes of work by the etheric weaver took away a pain of over 40 years!?! It hardly seems possible even by invoking the placebo effect. Yet it occurred. I have seen enough in the past two years of using the weaver to feel that there is indeed something to it. I suspect that we will someday understand quantum physics well enough to explain the mechanisms. In the meantime I will continue to experiment with my etheric weaver and will be forever grateful!
Etheric WeaverParma OHMary Grace UherI lent a friend my Weaver to use on his wife Anna as she is quite ill. He told me he measured her energy field before using the Weaver (using Dowsing Rods) and measured her Etheric field after using the Weaver and there was a noticeable increase in her Etheric field. That entire week she felt more energized and retained that same energy field even when he returned my Weaver. As for myself I will feel waves of energy surging throughout my entire body and feeling positive and energized all the time. At the conclusion of absent healing sessions my Etheric Weaver will also vibrate strongly and/or slightly jump but not every time.
Etheric WeaverPhoenix AZNancy JeffersMy sister fractured her heel a decade ago and has been unable to walk distances without severe pain the next day. Usually on trips I have done "laying on of hands" daily to alleviate this. Last week I held the weaver over the heel for a few minutes once and she was pain-free the entire week of extensive walking no need for repeated treatments. She now has her own weaver. A friend stubbed his big toe last week it was swollen purple and bleeding. Using the weaver for a few minutes eliminated all pain. My 20 year old neice was suicidal over Christmas after a series of medication failures over a few years period for depression. Holding the
Etheric WeaverSan Antonio TX Steven RogersI am currently trying to recognize the etheric fields that surround everything. It takes much concentration without distractions. I bought two Etheric Weavers from a natural shop in Manitou Springs Colorado while on vacation two years ago. Several weeks after I had purchased I was laying down for the night and had one in my hand which was resting on my heart. I felt a kind of a rippling sensation in the area over my heart and an absence of pain that I had been feeling. I fell asleep and have never felt that pain again until... This year we went back to Manitou Springs and I accidently dropped my weaver on the floor and broke the crystal. I am ordering another one of the same. In the year that I had it I had never felt healthier and more at peace with myself and people around me. I don't know for sure if the weaver had anything to do with my experiences but it is strongly suggestive of such. God Bless all of you and please pray for me in my Etheric Ventures.
Etheric WeaverSan Francisco CAMarie audio
Etheric WeaverSan Francisco CAN.M.N.M. from the south bay shared that her sister had been very ill and was having difficulty getting out of bed . After she treated her over the phone with the etheric weaver her sister was able to get up in the mornings with no problem and reports that she has much more energy. She said that she too is feeling better lighter and more energised and she is starting to clear out her house. Her husband has also picked up and they are beginning to get things organised together.
Etheric WeaverSan Franscisco CAPiaLast week I was really sick. I was medicating and medicating and nothing was working for me. The Buddha Maitreya Healing Tools and music really helped to speed up the healing process when nothing else seemed to work! Another day I was so run down and when I used my 7-ray etheric weaver and felt immediately restored! Thank You Buddha Maitreya.
Etheric WeaverSedona AZanonymousA lady came in the Sedona Center looking for an AA meeting and ended up getting a short weaver treatment. She has been sober ever since!!!
Etheric WeaverSedona AZanonymousA lady came into the center in Sedona one day looking in a big hurry and said she wanted to buy one of the crystals on a chain she was not sure what it was called. So we showed her the etheric weavers and she picked one out quickly not asking the price. Just as she was heading out the door we asked her how she knew about the weavers she said that her friend a massage therapist had used one for four straight hours on her son who was being rushed to hospital after a car accident with a badly injured leg and after the treatment the leg was completely healed. The lady said that as soon as she heard this story she drove 3 hours to Sedona to buy an etheric weaver right away. She did not want to leave any contact details and we have not heard from her since.
Etheric WeaverSedona AZanonymousA lady came into the Center to buy an etheric weaver and explained that her friend a massage therapist had a son who recently had been rushed to hospital after a car accident. One leg had been badly wounded with peeling skin. The mother had used the weaver for four straight hours on her son and the leg had completely healed.
Etheric WeaverSedona AZanonymousAn acupressure therapist explained how he had been witness to a number of healings happen after etheric weaver sessions. He gave the example of a friend's dog who was about to die. It had a glandular problem where the cell walls of the glands were leaking. The veterinarian said it wouldn't live much longer. After an etheric weaver treatment the dog completely recovered.
Etheric WeaverSedona AZLama IanIn 2002 I had been suffering from a large wart on a fingertip for over a year. It was getting worse. Then I heard about a lady who had healed a bad tooth using an etheric weaver over a period of 2 months and that made me realize I should be using the etheric weaver in the same way just doing a daily treatment without any expectations. For 3 weeks I held the weaver over the wart for about 15 minutes. Tthere was no physical change during this time just sensations of warmth and tingling sometimes the weaver moved and sometimes it didn't and I had a couple of days that seemed very much like a "healing crisis" had been triggered. During what was to be the final treatment which I will never forget as I was in a fully conscious state the wart disappeared in under five minutes without any sensations or feeling at all - leaving no trace that it had ever been there in the first place. Even now over 6 years later I still sit back sometimes and think about what happened and what it means.
Etheric WeaverSomersetPennyPenny in Somerset has Spina Bifida and has been in pain for most of her life. She received a distant healing from using the etheric weaver and for that time and 1/2 an hour after she reported that she was completely pain free for the first time since she was a child. On another occasion she had a migraine a regular occurrence and something that debilitates her for two days. She used the weaver at the onset of the symptoms and experienced much relief when normally not even strong painkillers will dull the pain. Whenever she uses the weaver on others she experiences a surge of energy and feels revitalized.
Etheric WeaverStanton IAChris IvesI'm amazed! I bought one of these last week (Oct. 26 2008) and the next day twisted my ankle in p.e. class. Although i have horrible ankles and twisted it really bad one treatment with the aqua etheric weaver relieved and healed it almost immediately. I now meditate happily every day and even more willingly than ever due to the nature in which the weavers bring to meditation. Great Appreciation and thanks to all who have participated in recieving the most amazing tool i have ever experienced. thus changing my life and perspective for the better.
Etheric WeaverSwedenBirgittaBirgitta from Sweden tells us about a little 11 year old girl named Maria. Maria is the daughter of one of Birgittas friends and has been suffering from Leukemia for several years she has had many tough treatments with Chemotherapy. Birgitta's daughter also knows Maria and she called Birgitta one day crying on the phone saying "Please Mum do some healing on Maria she is so ill". Maria was in the Hospital she had been coughing and coughing for several weeks. There is a severe Lung-illness that children can get after having Leukemia so it was decided to do a biopsy from the lungs and preparations were made also to do a spinal sample on Maria. Birgitta asked her husband to pray to God for help and she then started healing on Maria with her Etheric Weaver. Birgitta had a drawing of a human body in front of her and was imagining seeing Maria. Birgitta healed over the drawing with her Weaver for more than half an hour. Maria's Dad who was at the Hospital with her and was sleeping in the same room later reported that she had been coughing only once that night. Normally she would be coughing almost constantly and sometimes so violently that she would fall out of her bed. Next morning when the nurses came in ready to take the Lung Biopsy they could tell something had happened. Just the fact that Maria was not coughing any more made the Nurses look at each other and say: "A Miracle has happened". And it was decided they did not need to take any sample from Marias Lungs. Birgitta says: "Something happened and we are all happy for Maria". Maria is now doing fine Birgitta is still doing Healing with the Etheric Weaver on Maria's bone marrow sometimes. Birgitta tells us: "But then the Weaver is not going round and round it moves up and down! Fantastic!
Etheric WeaverUKanonymousOne woman who has had chronic jaw pains related that the pain was greatly reduced after only one session with the weaver. When the doctor had been working on her the weaver actually twitched and jumped around her jaw and her body started to gently shake which she seemed not to notice.
Etheric WeaverUKCarol BarnesCarol Barnes is the chiropractor at the yoga ashram. She called today . She shared about a lady who had shattered her elbow and had had the radio head removed. Carol could not do a chiropractic thrust there because there was no bone. The lady had been lifting and a lot of pain had developed in her arm and hand. She had a full body etheric weaver treatment and felt energy flow throughout her body and a strong burst of energy down her arm and hand . The next day she woke up and the pain was completely gone and she has full use of her arm and hand .
Etheric WeaverUKJennifer BentonJennifer Benton Massage Therapist experienced a healing of migraine headache during a weaver treatment. The pain in her head moved down into her shoulders and then twice she burst into laughter and the pain decreased.
Etheric WeaverUKKerri BensonAfter using the Etheric Weavers and carrying them with me for a few months I think that I have an understanding of what they do and what is possible. Today I feel new dimensions depths completeness that is beyond anything I could have imagined. - Kerri Benson Massage Therapist
Etheric WeaverUKPatricia GibsonWhilst attending the August 2007 Darshan at Hidden Valley I purchased a 7" Clear Quartz White Gold wrap Etheric Weaver. It mesmerised me from the moment I saw it and is producing some wonderful results for pain relief and healing trauma. It came to me that I could simply point the end of the crystal at the site of pain as well as using it in the usual way. My 83 year old mother had two nasty falls in three weeks and so I travelled to see her. She is a real sceptic and when I used the weaver like a lazer over her torn flesh and bruises around her face she wasn''t expecting any result. The hospital Doctor said that it should be ten to fourteen days before she could eat solid foods or she would be in pain. Well he didn''t know what Etheric Weavers and Arnica can do. I pointed the weaver like a lazer at her badly swollen bruised face and neck and at the broken skin at the corner of her mouth and neck for about 20 minutes or so and literally saw the swelling reduce. The following morning the pain was initially worse and I continued the treatment with the Etheric Weaver and it subsided. When Mum washed her face the scab fell off the corner of her mouth and the skin was healed though a little pink. Two days after the first visit to the Hospital we returned as directed and Mum was told that she could go about her life completely normally. She was able to eat easily and didn''t have to face two weeks on a diet of soup. The swelling which had shocked me at first was virtually gone. The sceptic in my mother was reformed and she began showing her friends how to use the weaver. I use the same tool to relieve pain in my shoulder which takes approx 5-10 minutes. I won''t be leaving home without it! Thank you Your Holiness for introducing these wonderful tools to the Planet and to the monks and nuns who give Service in their creation.
Etheric WeaverUKPhilCliff had sinus problems and an irritable difficult nature. Thirty years previously he had suffered a blow to the head. During a reflexology treatment Phil was giving him a healing with the weaver and went up to the sinus area. Suddenly there was a big jolt as if something had shot out of Cliff's head and into the weaver and out. After this session Cliff reported that the year's old sinus problem had disappeared and his girlfriend reported that he was very much easier to be around.
Etheric WeaverunknownanonymousA lady who was in a road accident and she had to have skin grafts on her leg. She used her etheric weaver and the skin healed very quickly and the doctors and nurses comented on this.
Etheric WeaverunknownanonymousMy friend George had a heart attack at a bowling alley a few days ago. They got him to the hospital fairly fast however his brain apparently suffered damage from lack of oxygen resulting in at first no brain activity a Coma. He was visited with an Etheric Weaver. The weaver was held over him when it reached the heart area it seemed to really take off spinning and what looked like a pencil drawing. It then began again when it reached his head area. Up to this point he had been entirely unresponsive. We then proceeded to ask him for responses such as blinking his eyes etc. When he did this we excitedly called the doctors who pronounced that there was now 'some' brain activity but the blinking was just nerves and a mere coincidence. Due to brain damage theoretically he will never regain consciousness. I visited him again the following day and using the weaver it was a lot less active. However afterwards he opened his eyes and seemed to look at various people. and a couple hours later when his son Jaren entered the room he turned his head and looked at him then his eyes widened when his wife Sara came in. His eyes seem to focus on people and then drift away again but everyone in his family is convinced that he wants to come back. The Doctors however are insistent upon the fact that this is all imagined today he is being taken off of the respirator We will see how he does then.
Etheric Weaverunknownanonymous healing touch practitionerA healing touch practitioner used his Etheric Weaver over his client today who had a broken ankle - in one hour session she was able to walk on it again with no pain. He said he always feels like the etheric weaver just gets the person back to normal like before the accident or issue ever happened.
Etheric WeaverunknownKGS - Part 1I wanted to relay to you my experience with the etheric weaver in treating a close friend critically ill his life being sustained in an Intensive Care Unit with the assistance of a breathing machine and the most powerful heart medicine available. I was called by the hospital when he entered the intensive care unit. I promptly traveled some 800 miles to oversee his care. I took with me the etheric weaver that I had acquired several months previously thinking that its use might also help his condition. I arrived at his bedside to find him much sicker than I could have imagined -- his heart lungs kidneys and liver were all failing. The situation was very grim and it seemed likely that he would not survive. He had already received the best treatments that medicine had to offer and yet he had not improved. Committed to give him all that I knew to offer in healing him I decided to use the etheric weaver to enhance the more subtle aspects of his health. Etheric weaver in hand I waved it over his body to strengthen the energy within his chakras. They were in fact so weak in the beginning that they were barely perceptible. After about an hour of concentrated work they were now stronger. I repeated this again on two successive nights. After the first treatment his condition perceptibly stabilized and then continued to improve within the next several days. So fast was this recovery that at the end of seven days he was off heart medications and off the breathing machine. There were many contributions which promoted the recovery of this individual. Clearly one of those contributions was the use of the etheric weaver. One might surmise that this is just fanciful thinking from someone without a full understanding of the treatments of such illnesses. This is not the case I am a physician who cares for just this type of patient in the Intensive Care Unit at a large university.
Etheric WeaverunknownKGS - Part 2The recovery of this man was in a word miraculous. His condition stabilized with treatment of his underlying energetic problems which clearly precipitated and supported his recovery. The weaver "guided" and facilitated the necessary changes. I am grateful for his recovery and privileged to have participated. I am also humbled by just how much I need to further learn.
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousA 20 year old woman was suicidal. A 3.5" seven ray etheric weaver was held over her photograph for several hours. The next day her mother reported that she was like a different person.
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousA few weeks ago I was at a wedding of a few friends of mine from my church. The groom got intoxicated from champagne and was semi-passed out on a couch in the hallway. The bride called me over to help them but nothing we could do would wake him up. After that I thought "let me try the Etheric Weaver". After about a minute of the crystal working it stopped and the groom woke up!
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousA relative has been having a really difficult time with his health lately. He has been losing sleep and weight and is being cross-medicated making things worse. On his birthday recently i observed him crying breathing very shallow and his lips tense in low-level panic attack the whole time. Then i suggested we do a weaver treatment with the Puja music. Within a few minutes he took a very deep breath and slowly released it then breathed deeply from his belly. About 20 minutes later i noticed his lips were fuller than i have ever seen them in the 20 years i've known him. Later at dinner he was laughing and acting like his old self! My mom came in the room during the treatment and did a double take when she saw his face she told him later "You looked like you were in bliss!" This is the best birthday present his family could have hoped for ~ It is wonderful to know that when all else fails the Weaver can come in and do Miracles! Thank You Buddha Maitreya!
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousAn old friend has suffered from pretty intense allergies all the 25 years I've known him. He always has really watery eyes and stuffed up sinuses. He was visiting and mentioned that his finger hurt so I took the opportunity to use the weaver and his pain disappeared immediately. I asked him to keep a watch on his allergies in case the weaver treatment may be healed them. He said that his girlfriend has a cat so he would definitely know! Well in the 2 months since his treatment he has been reporting that he has been completely symptom free!!!
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousAs a Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner I use the etheric weavers over the chakras or places of injury where my clients who are healing from past trauma . They often comment on feeling heat or tingling or pressure on the part of the body where i am holding the etheric weaver . I also use the etheric weavers when i work with a client (who is a medical intuitive) by phone and she can immediatly feel the shift in energy
Etheric WeaverUSanonymousHe also said a friend of his had overdosed on lithium and was choking and the weaver was used on her and kept her alive until the paremedics got there. She was choking but the weaver stopped that. Some time ago he had given the weaver to a friend who said it had healed her arthritis. Then a TM guy who has some weavers and vajra came in and said he had a healing using the rainbow weaver. He had been holding each color up to his eye and light was shining behind. He felt that he should let the yellow be in front of his eye for a longer time and he said within 12 hours a bad lung infection a virus actually had cleared up.
Etheric WeaverUSanonymous cranio-sacral therapistI have a client that I have been doing CranioSacral Release on . Half way into the session I started using the weaver for the rest of the session. When we were finished she started the it seemed like I was doing a full hour of CranioSacral Work. She had the same releases with going into the emotions and the drama that she was doing before using the Etheric Weaver.
Etheric WeaverUSCarolynOur 8 year old granddaughter called Charlotte came to visit us. She knew nothing about the tools so I asked her if she'd like a weaver treatment. I started with her feet and worked up to her throat. After I was done I asked if she felt anything. "No Grandma but I saw a blue light coming from tip of weaver into my body I saw the light when you were at my knees stomach and chest." I was using the green weaver. Another time I did another treatment and did the crown chakra this time she said she did not see the light but felt energy coming into her head. Whenever Charlotte was not feeling good she would ask me to do a treatment and she would always feel better and most of the times she saw light.
Etheric WeaverUSDr. S.I continue to find relief for the pain and for the unblocking of stuck energy. I also find that when I use it I do get tired - and sleep like you wouldn't believe afterwards. It has the same effect as cranial osteopathy - which was also good at pain relief for my tendonitis. In this case the crystal's impact is immediate. - Dr S is a Senior Fellow in Public Management Director MPA Programme
Etheric WeaverUSG.J.I received an incredible healing last night with the use of the tools. A whole lot of junk got cleared out of my solar plexus and I feel so much happier! I was filled with anger and violence and I was depressed. I expect there is more where that came from but there has been a big change in me. I could feel the anger coming out self-hatred. Really amazing. The 7" rainbow weaver I purchased is really powerful; it may be one of the least expensive products you have but it is very powerful. I started using it more consistently and for longer periods of time since I realized how powerful it was a few days ago and it has made a huge difference to my mental health. Thank you for your wonderful work! I don't know what I would do without Babaji in my life. He and Guru have saved me from the worst.
Etheric WeaverUSJenniferI have received the crystal thank you it's wonderful I've been using it on a knee injury and it has cleared out most of the congestion.
Etheric WeaverUSJill HanleyI purchased a Blue Etheric Weaver I use it nearly every day for over 2 years and have had the most profound experiences. Headaches relieved in very short time that used to be very hard to deal with. I stopped Drinking in less than 3 month's with no withdraws after being an alchoholic for over 20 years. Than I stopped smoking again with no withdraws after smoking for over 35 years. I suffered a stroke 2 years ago and now after using the weaver I regain full mobility and speech in less than 1 year. I just want to thank Buddha Maitreya for saving my life and bringing me closer to my family. I met a couple of Buddha Maitreya's Monks and Nuns and they never once tried to push their product or teaching not even ask for a donation. They truly are nothing like most Spiritual groups who I have come across who always try to recruit or brainwash. I visited Kathmandu last year and found many people who spoke of Buddha Maitreya who helps many Tibetan and Nepali people and at Swyambu Temple he is said to be there Teacher and Healer even the Highest Rinpoche from Tibet told me he met Buddha Maitreya and he found him to be truly a Living Buddha in everyway. I hope someday soon Buddha Maitreya will begin openly teaching and more people will become aware of this rare time of his presence in the world. Thank You again Buddha Maitreya.
Etheric WeaverUSM.C.I had an ovarian cyst which was very painful (genetic) everyone in my family mother grandmother etc had surgery. After using the Etheric Weaver for a week the pain went away and I have never had any pain since then. Thank you Buddha Maitreya without you I would not have healed.
Etheric WeaverUSSarah OlsenColleen came in for an Etheric Weaver treatment. She knew me from massage school and said that she'd heard that I was doing "something different" but she wasn't sure what it was only that she knew it was what she needed. So she had an hour long weaver session. Afterwards she told me that she had been seeing a doctor over the past year who had found a pea-sized lump in her breast. The next day they were to do a biopsy. But she said she felt now that there was nothing to worry about. She said that during the treatment she felt a piercing and then a pulling in the exact spot that almost felt like a surgery. She said it hurt and that she really was about to jump off the table but then it subsided. I told her that no matter how much they argued to make the doctors check that the tumor was still there before they did the biopsy because a woman with cancer in the lymph nodes had come for a treatment a few months earlier & was completely cancer-free at her next doctor's visit. So Colleen made them do another x-ray even though they said she was in denial and there was nothing not even a shadow where the lump had shown up on the x-rays (the most recent being 6 days prior). They searched for it manually to the point of bruising and then sent her home. At her 6-month check-up it was still gone. The doctor said this was impossible for what he had diagnosed her as having and went back and changed his original diagnoses.
Etheric WeaverUSSue DuBoisI'm delighted with my weaver. My massage therapist uses one when I see her. I've used one very successfully introducing a fourth kitten into my household. It works so well on our pets too.
Etheric WeaverUSTanya MemmeFor my birthday on June 15th my mom gave me an Etheric Weaver to wear around my neck on a chain as often as I can. I've worn it on two episodes of Sell This House so far and you'll see it on many more in the future! So far I've been wearing my Etheric Weaver for a few weeks! Everywhere I go I get so many compliments on it. I have also made a few personal changes in my life I never thought I would have the guts to do but in my heart I knew they were the changes I needed to make to create the life I ultimately want. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the Etheric Weaver but I do find it all very interesting. I had no idea there were so many styles and sizes! I decided to give them to all of my single girlfriends for their birthday this year!
Etheric WeaverVictoria BC CanadaGilligan JoyI had a personal issue of a spiritual nature that created an almost incapacitating stress level for several weeks; I was getting worn-out by it and I feared for my physical health. However I knew that the stress was most likely due to some irrational thoughts and so I was determined to push through the fear that was at the root of the stress. I was almost at my breaking point when I received my 7" Rainbow Etheric Weaver. I spent almost an entire day on the weekend holding the weaver over my head while listening to The Great Invocation CD. The CD apparently strongly invokes the blessings of His Holiness and I needed all of the help I could get! The weaver made large circles over my head say six inches in diameter and this continued almost all day into the late evening although I did take some breaks. Finally at the end of the day the stress was gone! What a huge blessing! Everyone should use these tools for personal and planetary healing!
Etheric WeaverW Sussex England UKDavid TurfittHere I received my Etheric Weaver yesterday and I have been using it in various ways to get the hang of it and things are really starting to happen with my 9 year long pains in my knees and lower back I can really feel the channels of prana opening up and starting to flow again - so thank you very much for that and I will keep you posted on further progress. I am looking into getting into a pendant to keep up the good work day and night. I am keen to climb Mt. Snowdon in September and thought it was out of the question with my health as it was but now I am feeling so alive and feel it may now be possible!!!! Many thanks for all your help - you're all wonderful! Cheers
Etheric WeaverWashingtonE.W.Using the etheric weaver daily helps me to stay centered and calm. I just finished two meditations and I feel so present.
Etheric WeaverWashingtonT.B.My shoulder was stiff and sore. I felt peace and relaxation and the weaver stopped and stood still my shoulder went stiff for a few seconds then relaxed and now I have no pain.
Etheric WeaverWest Lake Village CAHelenI just purchase my etheric weaver last week and offered to use it for distant healing over my friend while she and I talked on the phone. She had a lot of swelling in her eyes and had lumps appearing all over her scalp. It was the weekend and she couldn't get a hold of her doctor so when I asked if she wanted me to use this new tool she said sure! I used the etheric weaver over her name for about 10 minutes total and it just kept swaying back and forth over her name. My friend said she could literally feel the swelling go down. She also said she saw smoke or a fog come out of her body which she said it felt like an old trauma being healed. She went to the mirror after about ten minutes and exclaimed how much the swelling went down in her eyes and the lumps were so much smaller! Her husband even called me a little later and thanked me for working on her as it was such a dramatic difference! I am really excited to help more people with this amazing tool and am recommending them to others!
Etheric Weaver CDOHJRTI was very pleased upon arrival of the etheric weaver. I sensed quite a bit of energy and power surrounding it - too much at first for my sensitive nature. Instead of using it right away I attempted to listening to the CD. Again the initial response could best be termed "too much." One of the nuns called to follow up and we discussed the reservations that I had. She encouraged me to give things another try. I now simply slip the etheric weaver into my pocket. It is used when I sense that it is needed and has been an accurate tool in healing the horses that I work with. The CD is turned on very low volume which has helped tone things down. I have come to enjoy the calming influence.
Etheric Weaver CDPerth AustraliaDenise M.Wow i just received the Etheric Weavers along with the cds. I am immensely gratefulthey are so beautiful thank you so very much. I have been playing the cds all day and the vibration in the meditation room is so very high. Please thank H.H. Buddha Maitreya and all the Nuns and Lamas for me from the bottom of my heart.
Etheric Weaver Metatron MatCAMarnieThank you it is very enlightening to refresh my memory on these tools as they are in my life every day. I love the rainbow weaver and I have 2 vajra's that came with my mat. I can testify to the fact that they are very comforting in my meditation. Thank you and many blessings.
Etheric Weaver Metatron Mat Solar CrossMiami FloridaMaria HanonoSoon after Maria received her large Maitreya Solar Cross she attached it to the mat and started doing ew sessions on different people. Her sister-in-law who Maria describes as still young and active was diagnosed with a bone disorder. She spent 12 days in the hospital and when she left was in a wheel chair and was given a walker. The pain was so intense she fell into a deep depression and felt she wanted to die. Maria combined all her tools attaching the mat to the new large MSX and using her 3.5 ew 10 set treated her 4 times. Her sister-in-law stopped coming for treatments. She started walking without any pain cleaning houses and extremely happy with tons of energy and in great spirits. Maria hasn't treated her since because as she says "She's better than ever". Incredible!
Etheric Weaver PendantAshfork AZJoDee ValeI would be delighted to share what has happened for me and my family since our encounter. On December 21 2005 my father decided to purchase a van advertised in the paper. He had not seen the van but knew he would purchase it. We made the 100 mile trip to Cottonwood to see the van and we then went to the monastery where we concluded our business. During our discussion I inquired about the monastic work and the Ani showed me the healing tools as they were being made. I was incredibly moved and wanted to know more the energy was amazing. I then left my father to take the van home by himself and I went to the Soul Therapy Center in Sedona. There I was invited to meditate on the Metatron Mat and Vajra system. I experienced that for about half an hour when the Vajras became too hot to hold. I was disembodied for about an hour after. So I stayed at the center and experienced the music and tools until I felt able to drive. I purchased a pendant for my husband Mark. Several days later after listening to the CD several times and working with the pendant I experienced a rather incredible healing crisis. I cried for 14 hours Christmas Day and had a "head cold" for several days. Once this passed I was overcome with a complete sense of serenity and peace. This feeling has yet to leave. My fractured relationship with my Father is healing at an amazing rate. This is a blessing that I have prayed for for many years. You can not imagine what this means to my entire family. I am now working with several weavers and listen to the CD's as often as I can. Others in my life are experiencing healing or at least peacefulness in my presence (as I wear a weaver constantly). The weavers and CD's are becoming mainstays in my practice (massage and bodywork). My clients are noticing changes in their health and serenity. I can hardly wait until my budget allows more tools. But until then I will keep using them meditating and growing. Thank you Buddha Maitreya.
Etheric Weaver PendantCAMichaelMichael from Northern California came into the store and bought an etheric weaver pendant and a few months later he reported that he wore it all the time and that he could feel the benefits of wearing it . He had gone through a stressful time of losing everything in a house fire just before getting his pendant. He said that the crystal had changed color from dark to light blue and he also used it on his friends to assist them.
Etheric Weaver PendantIALindaLinda from Boone Iowa called in today to say her grandson was born with a blocked kidney so she was using her etheric weaver pendant over him for distant healing. The test results kept saying the kidney was blocked and the doctors were saying he needed surgery but being 2 months old they were leary to do it because he is so small. She weaved over her grandson's name and hung it over his photo and her husband noticed her and asked what she was doing. She said I'm using it for distant healing to help Anthony. Within 3 days her son called to tell them the tests came back and this time it said the baby's kidney was functioning and did not need any surgery. Linda's husband immediately said "that's a miracle!" Linda said she knows Buddha Maitreya's tools work and she feels so blessed to have found them. She said she is telling everyone who will listen to her!
Etheric Weaver PendantLondon EnglandKathy MehtaKathy M from London who experienced occasional migraines that were very debilitating decided to buy a set of Blue Siberian Etheric Weaver Earrings to see if would help due to the direct effect they have upon the head centers. Since purchasing the Earrings and occasionally wearing them she has not had another migraine.
Etheric Weaver PendantLondon England UKKamlishKamlish S in London bought an Etheric Weaver Pendant within a few days he explained the feelings that he used to experience at work had now left him. He said he constantly used to feel psychic negativity towards him from a fellow worker as he sat at his computer. That this was completely gone and he had a more positive outlook.
Etheric Weaver PendantNJAllie H.I was first exposed to the meditation healing tools in an expo in Valley Forge in PA. I must admit I entered not knowing anything but it has certainly changed my outlook on life. I was healed. Although I am young I have had experiences which sincerely haunted me. After I explored the meditation tools I broke down and cried. My nervous breakdown helped me revive and I honestly felt like a new person. With the support of two nuns who were running the display I felt a new sensation of who I am and discovered my true being. Since that day I lived by a new set of morals and I hold my etheric weaver dear to me and wear it around my neck.
Etheric Weaver PendantOmaha NE Shelagh KeleyhersI have been involved in a protracted legal matter with an old friend acting as attorney. It was difficult and somehow His Holiness grace came through to my friend who recognized change in me. He was receptive to the tools and I sent him a weaver pendant as a present. He stated upon receiving the pendant he immediately felt a change with positive energy return to him - like he was finding his best self. He was able to complete the problematic matters we were dealing with immediately which will free and disconnect me legally from much negativity. I am in gratitude for his healing and know he now has a chance for the healing and true service he wants. I am especially grateful for His Holiness' radiance reaching out to bless and assist the world.
Etheric Weaver PendantSan Francisco CAJ.T.J .T. from San Francisco had been wearing her siberian blue pendant for a couple of months . She shared she was feeling more positive and happy. She said that she went to an interview the first one in years and she noticed that throughout she was calm and centered and able to communicate well with the interview panel. She was very happy that she could respond this way to a situation that would previously have made her very nervous and put it down to the healing process brought about by wearing her pendant.
Etheric Weaver PendantW Sussex England UKMary TostiI am a nurse and work in a hospital. I used to be very sensitive to the radiation from the portable x-rays done on my floor. I would often get a cold in a few days after one was done. since I began wearing my Etheric Weaver to work I no longer get colds. when my chiropractor muscle tested me for excess radiation I had none. I feel very protected wearing my etheric weaver.
Etheric Weaver PendantWales UKJill ThomasJill T a Welsh lady who suffers from acute arthritis bought an indigo Etheric Weaver Pendant and soon after continuously wearing it a great deal of her life has changed: She experiences more energy in her being her relationships and regular static meetings at the pub are no longer attractive and she does not now go to the pub. And after 35 years of smoking cigarettes she has now stopped which has not been easy but she is finding a lot of strength from Buddha Maitreya's tools.
Etheric Weaver PyramidCrowthorne Berks UKPearl WhyteI had four dental implants recently and was told to expect pain swelling and bruising in my lower jaw. After the surgery I used the pyramid and etheric weavers as much as possible and only needed to take one pain killer. Today I have been back to have the stitches removed and everything has healed very quickly. No swelling no brusing and best of all no pain! My dentist was amazed. Thank you for the blessings of the Shambhala Healing Tools!
Etheric Weaver Solar CrossPABlanche LevittThank you for your email. I have noticed huge changes in my family since I started using the etheric weaver and when we hung the Matreiya cross in our home. My husband seems to be much more centered and connected with us even though his work keeps him away most of the week. Our younger son is a totally different kid. He just completed the 3rd grade and he is so happy all the time now. He's sings all the time and has such an air of self-confidence and peace about him. He was really struggling with anxiety and fear for the last 3 years. Our older 15-yr-old son seems to have calmed a bit as well and does not struggle as much with his deep moods of depression. I have sensed more calm in myself and my creativity in my art is starting to be expressed. Anyone that comes into our home can feel the positive energy and love here. They don't want to leave! Thank you so much for everything!
Head PyramidAZDeborah SquibbThe Shambhala head pyramids are great aids to help when one needs to focus for a period of time. My 15 year old son likes to wear one when he is doing his homework as he feels that he is able to concentrate better.
Large Shambhala Solar FormFresno CAAlison HoskinsDear Buddha Maitreya Thank you so much for the large shambhala star form that I just recently purchased. There seem to be miracles that happen every time that I use it. I put pictures in the middle of the large shambhala star under the small pyramid. The last time I used the etheric weaver weaving it over my picture I saw flashes of light being released. My body feels less painful and more calm. When I have weaved over other pictures that are in this large shambhala star I have seen clouds of dark "smoke" be released and blobs of white. I am so grateful for the form and the healing. Thank you. Blessings
Large Shambhala Solar FormYorkshire UKPatricia GibsonI have attempted to register on youtube in order to lodge a testimonial however I just keep getting blocked so I am sending it via you if that is ok. Margaret has given her permission for me to share this. Margaret was a member of our Soul Therapy Group Meditation for six months before leaving us for personal reasons. She recently returned and had been using the Head Pyramid and Adams Earth for three weeks. During those three weeks our Large Christ Cross arrived along with a Large Sky Seven Rays form and they hang on the walls. On the third week Margaret shared with me that her chronic bursitis of the hips which she had endured for years had cleared up. The pain had gone! I am as ever in awe of these wonderful powerful tools and grateful to witness the miracles of His Holiness the Buddha Maitreya working through them.
Metatron MatCalagary CanadaExpo VisitorI am from Calgary Alberta Canada & I recently attended a Body Soul & Spirit Expo. I had the pleasure of experiencing meditation for the first time on the Mat with Vajras as well as etheric weavers. I am still overwhelmed by this truly deeply touching experience. I was at the lowest point in my life the preceding week after having my fifth miscarriage & didn't feel like I could carry on with life anymore however my whole outlook on life changed after that experience. It touched a part of my soul that I thought was lost. I am looking forward to continuing this new journey in my life.
Metatron MatIowa City IACarl BoudreauI found that the Metatron Mat embraces the whole being and quickly but gently drives out disharmonies from every level of the energy bodies. It undoes all tensions even the strongest and deepest and gently releases toxins accumulated there. To the sensitive eye the Mat creates a field that completely embraces the body and softly permeates it with pure and exceedingly gentle energy. While there is emotional healing the Mat is especially effective in relieving deep bodily stresses. It prevents daily bodily stresses from building up and carrying over from day to day. The first time I used it it revealed and relieved worrisomely heavy burdens of stress that I did not even realize I was carrying. Like a gentle and invisible chiropractor the mat's force field opens up all the deep stressed places and smoothly releases the toxic stuff caught there. When I received my mat I was frankly stunned by its beauty and workmanship. I was also impressed by how rugged and sturdy it is. I am amazed at how much I received for my expenditure and at the high quality of everything that was included. Paradoxically although the Metatron Mat system is expensive it seems like I got too much for my money. But it isn't about money I eventually realized. It is about love and generosity. The people of the Church of Shamballa give generously of themselves out of love to make it possible for us to have these tools.
Metatron MatOakland CAAngela CalhounMost recently an old back injury flared up and caused persistent pain. For three months it kept getting worse until I finally got a metatronic mat. In prayer I had been told that one night on the mat would bring swift relief and amazingly all three of the deep centers of pain were gone the next morning!
Metatron MatOmaha NESarah OlsonThe Metatron's mat is a miracle. I have enormous pain in my neck and back at the end of the day. Last night I felt called to lie on the mat before retiring. It was instantaneous healing - I felt the mat suck the pain out of my neck completely. Then out of my upper back. Then from my sacrum ñ where I usually can't feel and didn't know I had pain! Then I laid there feeling a buzzing in my sacrum and energy rise up my spine complete relaxation accompanied the entire experience. Normally my paralysis feels like an icky electrical buzz. But the mat smooths out the buzzing allowing the energy to flow evenly and feel pleasant. This happens the second I lie on it. THANK YOU!!!
Metatron MatSpringfield ORMichelle MoteMy counselor in Eugene Oregon had recommended that I purchase a mat. At first I was hesitant because of the expense then I simply put that aside and manifested the purchase. I sleep on the mat every night and I can feel the energy and extreme warmth that the mat produces. I awake feeling enlightened and anew. The chronic pain I had been suffering with between my shoulders is no longer.
Metatron MatunknownanonymousMy part Lhasa Apso dog Shaggi had a heart attack and was in a hyperventilation syndrome for 5 days and nights. We were so close to putting her to sleep for she wouldn't eat or sleep or breathe normally. Finally I put her on the Metatron Mat and after 45 minutes she released her death - hyperventilation and relaxed slept and breathed normally from then on. Thank you deeply for helping save a beloved pet.
Metatron MatWAPamela WilletI had a very special chat with a woman today. Her name is Dorotha Gutkowska. She attended the expo last year and bought a mat system. She said that she had an immediate recognition of Christ's energy through the tools. She said she wishes that she could have all of them! She has been sharing these tools with everyone and has been offering healings when people ask. She sees a shift in people just after 30 minutes on the mat with the Vajras and CD's. I shared about Christ's presence directly emanating from the tools through transmission. She understands. She actually gave her mat to her Mother during her visit to Poland. She mentioned how people around her expressed an attraction to them. She will be coming to the Expo to purchase another mat. She and I talked about other tools as well. She wanted to know which tools I have. She is very interested in the Maitreya Solar Cross and the Head Pyramid. She said she doesn't have the slightest doubt these tools are healing through Christ's energy. I invited her to come to a Dharshan!
Metatron Mat CDDanville CAJudy B.Dear Buddha Maitreya I first visited someone who had the Shambhala Mat and two vajras. I laid on the mat. I felt the radiosonic pulse and felt something good for the first time in weeks. I took home the puja''s tapes and played them continuously day and night. Each day something got better. I have had so many healings of things that were painful both emotionally and physically. Today I walk lightly and before I limped or had such incredible pain. I have had breast cancer come up and I did nine soul therapy''s and it was gone. I have had wierd body pain and movement of extremeities from a fried energy field from guru''s. You were there. I have been on the brink of insanity and you were there as the junk I took in came out.
Metatron Mat CDMNJulie CarrMy sister and I sat on the metatron mats at a recent show and we listened to Buddha Maitreya's music on headphones. I got really hot and all of a sudden saw a black cloud like thing with a face elongate and leave out of the top of my sister's head. We were sitting there for less than 10 minutes and I was soaked in sweat from the experience. I later asked my sister what she experienced while meditating. She said she felt so much better and lighter. My sister has been going through a really rough divorce which has made her depressed and on the brink of giving up. After her experience with Buddha Maitreya's music and healing tools she has hope again. Thank you Buddha Maitreya!
Metatron Mat Etheric WeaverSedona AZRenee YergAfter buying my Metatron Mat with Vajras and my violet Maitreya Solar Cross and clear etheric weaver I gathered those in my meditation group to learn and experience my tools. All were very sensitive to the tools and averaged one hour on the mat with my holding the weaver over their chakras. Sometimes after clearing an active area with my weaver it would spin again and we wondered if they were reaching a deeper level in that area. One 79 year old was ill and very weak. We even helped her walk. Her complexion was white. She was treated in the morning and rose off the mat with rosy cheeks. She said she felt circulated and much better. My meditation group was so impressed that they are planning to drive to Sedona to experience Shambhala as I have.
Metatron Mat Solar Cross Solar Form PendantMOElizabeth DempseyDear Shambhala My heartfelt congratulations as you begin to lay the foundation for the new Shambhala Maitreya Monastery. This is an event that blesses all of us! I feel a heart connection with Shambhala because so many of the meditation tools have become a part of my life. In fact my home feels like a mini-monastery. I sleep on the Metatron Mat and meditate on the half-size mat while holding my beautiful vajras. The Maitreya Solar Cross is suspended overhead. I wear a Solar Form day and night and carry my beautiful rainbow Weaver in my pocket so the powerful influence of these tools is with me all the time. I have no doubt that this influence is felt by the person I''m sharing a home with as well as by all whom I come into contact with. I love knowing that when the Maitreya Monastery is completed it will serve as a powerful tool for our world and that all of us who have meditation tools will find that the healing influence of these tools will become correspondingly enhanced. My sincere thanks to Buddha Maitreya for making these sacred tools available to us. And my thanks to all of you who are serving this holy work. I have been so touched by the deep devotion generosity and love of those I''ve talked with when I've called. Every contact every communication has been a gift. You yourselves are Shambhala tools and your healing influence has blessed me enormously. I wish you all blessings as you continue by your devotion to raise up this holy edifice this Shambhala Maitreya Monastery. Sincerely and with gratitude
PyramidBedford Perth AustraliaDenise MarsdenI have been meditating in the ascention pyramid for over a month now and the effects are amazing.it feels like i'm in a very safe sanctuary the peace and stillness are not of this world. My daughter meditates with me and has said she feels completly safe and protected while inside the pyramid. I am immensely grateful for this blessing. Thank you.
PyramidFLDr. Louis GatesDr. Louis Gates from Florida calling in to give a testimonial. He had a client who had lung cancer which metastasized in her liver and kidneys... She had one etheric weaver treatment in Buddha Maitreya's pyramid and the cancer was gone. She went to the doctor a week later and had no signs of cancer. The doctors had no explanation. Lou said this woman is telling everyone to lay in Buddha Maitreya's pyramid. (Note: Dr. Gates has also given testimony about a woman on a psychic cruise who had a broken ankle and healed it a guy who needed heart surgery -after ew treatment didnt need it anymore. He stood up and told everyone you get your healing through your relationship with Buddha Maitreya.)
PyramidGlastonbury UKHarmeetOn Saturday night Harmeet and her 2 daughters were sleeping under the pyramid and around 4:00am she woke up and saw a ghost lady who was gazing directly at her. Harmeet felt very fearful. Then she saw something go into the Maitreya Solar Cross and back to the lady and the ghost disappeared. Harmeet said she no longer felt fearful and went back to sleep and slept peacefully.
PyramidOmaha NE anonymousOn the physical level the Pyramid seems to be a rejeuvenator. When I place flowers near the Pyramid and also in the other room the flowers near the Pyramid last 2 and a half times as long without brown spots or needing new water. The skin on my arms has been looking older and sun-damaged lately and my face looking gaunt. I have been trying creams to fix this but without any results... but this morning after sleeping in the Pyramid I noticed that the skin on my arms looked dewy and young and my face had rounded out. All day people commented that I looked radiant.
PyramidOmaha NEAnn FennerLast week I had been having hip pain that was getting so bad I was having trouble sleeping. When I would sleep on one side or the other my hips would throb. But I can't sleep on my back or stomach. So I was loosing sleep and that was making the pain worse. Plus sitting really hurt and that kept me from being able to work which requires sitting for long periods. Then I slept in the pyramid and made the intention as I laid down to let the pain be taken. Ever since then I have not had the throbbing in my hips when I lay on them I've been pain-free all day each day and have been able to work longer hours than I have in many months!
PyramidPhoenix AZanonymousI had been to a New Age workshop in Sedona and was wondering how I was going to drive home I was so "spaced out" even after 2 days. After sitting in the pyramid for 20 minutes I was completely grounded and drove home safely.
PyramidUKPearl W.Just to let you know I received my pyramid on Monday and it has been in constant use since!! Thank you to everyone involved in the process I feel extremely blessed to have something so wonderful in my home. Thank you once again.
Pyramid Solar CrossCanadaLynda BancroftI would like to share the wonderful blessing that I received I believe from using the Pyramids* Maitreya Solar Cross and other of the Shambhala Tools. I was in the midst of a personal family crisis when I stopped at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Sedona. At the time I felt the problem was unresolvable and no blessing would be found in any of the solutions I had thought of. I used the Healing Soul Therapy and Metatron Meditation Pyramids as well as the Solar Cross during three or four visits to the Center and continued on my way. When I sat down to discuss the situation with the family member involved I was stunned to hear the wisdom and good solution that came out of my mouth. I had planned several "speeches" and even rehearsed them well over and over in my mind prior to this meeting but the loving win win proposal that came out of me had never entered my mind. I feel without any doubt that using the Shambala tools and energy allowed me to access a higher level of my true being and allowed it's wisdom and love to shine through me when it was needed the most. How do you say thank you for such great blessings! Thank you just the same. *Lynda purchased the Shambhala Crystal Solar Ascension Meditation Pyramid in november 2006
Pyramid Solar Form PendantOmaha NESarah OlsenLast night I ran into a leaf with my eye open. In the mirror I could see that there was a tiny piece of the retinal lining missing like it little piece had been carved out. I weaved it a lot throughout the rest of the evening and when it started to hurt while I was weaving I put the crystal disk side of a solar form against my eyelid. I could feel it healing underneath (it hurt). I got the strong urge to sleep under the pyramid to further the healing. In the morning there was no longer any pain when I blinked and I could not feel the place where it had been hurt. In the mirror I could see that the little hole in the retina was no longer there!
PyramidSoul TherapySherborne Dorset UKQuentinIn January 2002 two men from Sherborne Quentin and Martin visited the Glastonbury Dharma Centre and bought 2 Maitreya Vajras a Deva Builder and a Metatron's Mat for the mental health centre they are setting up. Four days later they came back feeling very exuberant and said they had had great experiences with the Metatronic healing tools. Quentin received Soul Therapy. They both commented on how working with Buddha Maitreya's tools and receiving His healings is helping them to lessen their smoking addiction they said that the cigarettes are starting to taste really bad since they came into the center. When they tried on the Crystal Ascension Head Pyramid and Quentin said he could feel all his thought forms clear like with an electric shock and he could feel a tingling running all the way down his legs and his headache cleared right away. They said they felt that through hanging up Metatronic forms in their mental health center the whole area around Sherborne would awaken. They said His Holiness's centre seems to them to be the true spiritual centre of Glastonbury.
RetreatMAPam CarlsonThank you for facilitating the experience. I was so exhausted when I got there fron all the long hours expectations etc at work. The temple pyramids the deva builder... helped return the spirit awareness to my body to relax breath deeply and return to the body temple. I surely felt more at peace and aware after the 2 afternoons. Thank you.
RetreatRidgeway COJacqueline HagaI just returned from a retreat at the Buddha Maitreya Meditation Center in Sedona and wanted to say how much I enjoyed this experience. Everything was absolutely beautiful from each meditation with the tools as well as the pyramid to the very sweet care given me by Ani Erma and the food she served me! I am truly blessed by this experience and will do others. And of course dharshan one day too! Heartfelt thanks!
RetreatSalinas CADave StephensAnyone thinking about trying a Shambhala Retreat should do one in my opinion as you will certainly benefit from this exceptional experience overshadowed by H.H. Buddha Maitreya. Buddha Maitreya's blessings and felt presence lights the way. For an enjoyable deeply opening process towards personal integration and revelation. Also the nuns and lamas kind personal attention and intuitive care give just the right touch to this serene heartfelt service. Although I've attended a few group function dharshans this retreat experience differs as there are no distractions - its just you and Buddha! What a precious treat. Rhythmic daily series of Pyramid Soul Therapies and multiple Etheric Weaver treatments coupled with viewings of recorded Dharshan DVD teachings really go my higher head and heart centers going. I've never experienced quite this level of grounded intensity and clarity. My "at home" meditations and those with extended Sangha have been great but the private retreat process took me to a different level of understanding. On the lighter side a tasty balanced organic diet with well-timed snacks was served and kept my brain well fueled during my soul infused process. Overall this light-filled beautiful retreat has been a very grounding and healing experience that I am still processing weeks later your personal transformation will brighten more and definitely accelerate once you engage this wake up process. I think the best recommendation I could offer is to let you know that I'm doing a follow up retreat during the coming Christmass Litanies at years end. Thank you Buddha for your sacred ever renewing grace of boundless blessings and Light good is always possible with you here. Peace & goodwill
RetreatSan Jose CACarole KendallThe experience of the intensive was profound. I felt safe and guided while receiving a thoughtful program tailored to my needs and speed. The monks and nuns continue to support me answering all my questions and sharing Maitreya's teachings. To feel the energy use the tools and music in a concentrated two days fed my soul. I plan to attend an intensive every year knowing this will assist me " to the right activity in the plan".
RetreatScottsdale AZSue SadeckiFrom the moment I heard about the retreats being held in Sedona I knew that I wanted share in that experience. The day of my retreat I felt a sense of peace and calm that was truly profound. I had experienced a very stressful week and that day in retreat all I felt was an overwhelming sense of "be-ing" at peace. I am full of gratitude and appreciation for that experience as for me it was like being hugged by Buddha.
RetreatSedona AZKay Siegrist - Part 1I recently went to the Buddha Maitrea Soul Therapy Center for an all day retreat. What a glorious enlightening healing day. It consisted of learning how to align ourselves using the Deva Builder form doing weaver treatments on ourselves soul therapies meditations with weaver treatments watching Buddha Maitrea CDs during breaks snacks and lunch. The day beautifully combined treatments with learning ways to use the tools at home. It was powerful while gentle and so uplifting. By the end of the day my energy was so light filled I was grinning. By mid afternoon that day I had noticed a bumpy rash breaking out on my forehead. The next morning it was joined by a similar rash on my back. I had minimal flu like symptoms and spent the day resting still on a spiritual high. The 2nd day I woke up a new and different woman and did a 5 Ω hour hike through Boynton Canyon. If you knew how sick I had been for 24 years you would understand what a miracle this is. Since beginning regular use of my Buddha Maitrea mat vajras and weavers at home 2 years ago my health has consistently improved sometimes in great leaps sometimes small steps sometimes including healing crisis mostly not just always improving. Since the all day reatreat I have begun my days doing an alignment with my Deva Builder. I stand barefooted on a red rock in my yard facing the morning sun listening to the Buddha Maitrea "Seven Rays of God" and align the way I was taught on retreat day. The energy from Mother Earth Father Sun the trees birds the Deva Builder and Buddha Maitrea fill and surround me. I then sit on my deck with the Deva Builder in my lap and use a weaver wherever it wants to be. It all takes about 15 minutes and brings me present giving me a more mindful peaceful connected day. And it heals. Please understand I am not saying that I'm home free constantly living in the light. I'm learning growing healing and continuing my path.
RetreatSedona AZKay Siegrist - Part 2What I am saying is that the Buddha Maitrea tools and teachings are powerful gifts for which I am eternally grateful. Thank-you God.
Retreat DharshanAZAni Erma - Part 1I personally have used the tools for 8 years now I am 72 years old. I have not only healed mentally emotionally and physically but my body is literally regenerating like a child. I was quite ill before I came across this work and I had a pain level of 5 - 8 out of 10 every day for over 12 years. I was going to a chiropractor over 3 times a week Massage Therapists Reflexologists M.D's Energy Medicine Practitioners etc . I had arthritis a bout with melanoma cancer irregular heart beat hypoglycemia was allergic to most foods and had bad digestive problems I could hardly walk because my knees were so painful and swollen and I needed knee replacements. There were more problems also but I cannot remember them now. Quite frankly I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wanted to check out. When I found Buddha Maitreya's Meditation and Healing Tools I started listening to the Music and using the Etheric weaver 8 - 10 times a day and I also went to a Meditation Retreat for a week. When I finished the Meditation retreat a significant amount of the pain was gone. But the best part I found in using the tools was a blessing of natural healing that occurred a huge release of accumulated stress and a healing of my Soul. At the time I had no idea who Buddha Maitreya was I just knew that I was healing and I wanted to know more. I had been going to doctors for over 12 years and nothing was happening except I was getting sicker and sicker. So I followed the positive path presented and purchased more tools and starting going to Dharshan/Teachings. To make a long life story short I no longer have pain in my body I had knee replacement surgery and I walk like a young person! Almost all of my allergies are gone. I have not been to a Chiropractor since I started using the Meditation and healing tools arthritis is gone digestion is much much better I am not hypoglycemic my irregular heart beat is gone.
Retreat DharshanAZAni Erma - Part 1My body is regenerating and I look much younger than I did 8 years ago most people think I am about 60 years of age. I walk normally and I walk over an hour every day! I exercise at the Gym and swim and I work every day and enjoy my life more than I ever did in the prior 64 years. I continue to heal mentally emotionally and physically every day. I now sleep under a Pyramid sleep on a Metatron's mat and use the vajras wear a Shambhala Christ Cross healing form every day and continue to heal every day. I am probably healthier than I was at 50 years of age. With the combination of the tools and of exercise good healthy food and sharing this work every day I feel like a spring chicken! I am energetic and moving thru life and enjoying the journey. It is His Holiness Blessings and my willingness to heal that creates the Miracles every day.
Sacred Geometric FormCAR.K.The Christ Consciousness Orb greatly helped my focus and eliminated headaches. I have had problems with S.A.D. and the depression lifted. I have had these problems for some time and haven't found a cure until now.
Sacred Geometric FormColorado Springs COSusan WolfeThe Deva Builder has saved me from terrible stomach bouts several times. Placing the Deva Builder on the stomach I can feel the poison being pulled out of me. One time I fell off a ladder (up 5 foot) onto a concrete floor and landed on my elbow. I laid down on the couch with the Etheric Weaver laying on my elbow and was almost asleep when I felt an icy cold sensation on my elbow and then my arm snapped into alignment and I then went to sleep and felt fine when I woke up.
Sacred Geometric FormDes Moines IACathyThe Deva Builder Alignment Meditation is short powerful and refreshing. It has been a great way to start my day.
Sacred Geometric FormOmaha NEPattyI have been doing the Deva Builder alignment once a day and it has made such a difference in my demeanor. It not only grounds me and makes me calm but I feel like I can deal with the everyday hassles much better. I look forward to the ten minutes of meditation and recharging it gives me and I am much more peaceful because of it.
Solar CrossBerks UKPearlI have had some amazing feedback from friends who have asked me to put names of loved ones into the Maitreya Solar Cross for healing. First one lady was in hospital with a suspected brain tumour and waiting for surgery. I placed her name in the Maitreya Solar Cross and used an Etheric Weaver over the form - the music of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya was also playing in the room. A few days later I had a phone call to say that the doctors discovered it was not a tumour and her prognosis is now excellent and no surgery is needed. Second another woman needed emergency life-saving stomach surgery and again I was asked to put her name in the Maitreya Solar Cross. This was a few days ago and the surgeons are amazed at how quickly she has healed and is off all painkillers. Her outlook is also very good and she is sitting up talking to relatives. Truly miraculous considering how ill she has been. Third a man had attempted suicide after having lost all of his money in the current financial crisis. His family were distraught and asked if I would place his name in the Maitreya Solar Cross. After a few days the son called to say his father was in a better frame of mind than he had been in years. The family have now become become a stronger unit and are "richer" than ever. I truly believe that the use of the Healing Tools and the blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya the true Healer has altered the course of these illnesses and transformed seemingly desperate situations into that of hope and recovery. Thank you to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for working miracles in all of our lives.
Solar CrossBeverly Hills CARhobbin AlexisAs a clairvoyant I have been able see images of dark energies leaving people's bodies and disappearing up into the solar cross made by H.H. Buddha Maitreya's Western monks and nuns in Sedona Arizona. My husband is in the media. He brought home a device that measures the "invisible ones" activities for ghost hunting purposes. The meter said "dangerous energies present" underneath the cross. Up over the cross and all around the cross there wasn't any energy registered. We felt this confirmed my clairvoyant images.
Solar CrossCarlsbad CAMargo CarreraI am a transformational healer and often work with clearing the energy around old beliefs and traumas that people carry with them. As a Empath I often found that being in this energy all day affected my health and have been asking for an easier and safer way to do this work. My answer was the Solar Cross. Not only can it transmute the energy but my clients come to great clarity surrounding their old beliefs and heal from their traumas. I like it because they do not have to listen to me for the guidance they find their answers with in. This empowers them to be their own healers and not become dependant on another. Good Medicine. Thank you Buddha Matreya
Solar CrossCottonwood AZVeronica del RealI want to share a recent experience with my family. I recently got a call from my sister in deep distress. The Holidays have always been stressful for my family; but this year things were particularly challenging. I spent over an hour finding the right words to console my sister for she had to physically intervene in a frighteningly violent situation. I realized my family's names had been inside the MSX when my sister called; so I began weaving the MSX and meditating with it. My mother and I have had pretty short cold conversations since then; and all she shared was how nice Thanksgiving was; with no mention of the incident; though I could hear the pain in her voice. I've continued meditating with the MSX keeping their names inside. And just last week she sent a beautiful Christmas basket. When we spoke she opened up tremendously; curious about the etheric weaver pendants and how they work; about the MSX and how it can help heal the home. She was excited to learn who Buddha Maitreya is and recently bought a book to gain a better understanding of the reincarnation of saints and the benefits of meditation. She would like an MSX to help heal her home and family and in her own way shared how grateful she was without either of us ever mentioning the painful incident. We simply left the conversation with a deep sense of love and appreciation for each other. Thank you!
Solar CrossIowa City IACarl B.I purchased an Maitreya Solar Cross several years ago. I pretty much dedicated it to supporting my family situation the emotional and material complexities of dealing with a complex and sometimes challenging family history and the responsibilities of caring for two aging parents. I noticed an immediate uplift and harmonization of the whole family situation. During a recent move I withdrew the support of the Maitreya Solar Cross and delayed reestablishing it. I noticed a change for the worse. Reestablishing support of the Maitreya Solar Cross restored harmony. I discussed this with my mother and she confirmed my observations. I don't know what I would do without it.
Solar CrossKenmore WACynthia PriceAfter I purchased my small Maitreya Solar Cross I began immediately seeing a difference in my surroundings. Within 24 hours I saw 2 of my neighbors moving the same day. It was 10am on a Saturday morning and by days end they were gone. One was scheduled to move 10 days later and one was a surprise. Within 2 months three families moved out and new families moved in. I noticed once my neighborhood shifted that more friends and family members began visiting. I also noticed the neighborhood seems to be more of a community. Now there are young children moving in playing together parents visiting not just at the mailbox anymore but engaging with each other. I enjoy watching this all unfold. I am living in the midst of peace and calm.
Solar CrossMaltaAnn Marie CiantarGreetings!!! I just want to let you know that the solar cross that i just recently purchased from you has really helped out my sister who is terminally ill with cancer. As soon as i received the solar cross i hung it up and put my sister's name into hoping the best for her in two weeks all the cancer lumps around her breast have nearly all dissappeared and the condition of her blood has normalised the doctor's thought she had a blood tranfusion!! !! With all my heart i truly want to thank buddha maitreya for these magical tools!
Solar CrossNEanonymousI recently received my Maitreya Solar Cross. An hour after i hung it my parents came over and i noticed immediately how the Cross helped our conversation ~ it was filled with compassion and we all talked with the same pace and listened to each other. Normally two of us speak very fast and none of us really listen to each other. Then i noticed that it seemed there were 4 of us in the room and realised it was the presense of the Cross that i was sensing. It is like having a Buddha Buddha Maitreya sitting in the room with me. I also noticed that the feeling i used to have as a child upon awakening in the morning that feeling of joy to be alive returned! I never thought i would feel that again. No one should be without one of these no question. Thank you to everyone responsible for making this available from the bottom of my heart!!!
Solar CrossOmahaJetty RabelerI just love my Solar Crosses they clean the room and the whole surrounding area. One time a boy from Texas came to visit us he was addicted to a variety of drugs but wasn't ready to think about quitting. For the whole 2 or 3 days he was with us he just lay on the floor with the Solar Cross on his chest listening to Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Music. He said it was a high better than drugs. He stopped using drugs after that and stayed off for a long time afterwards. We thought it was really amazing.
Solar CrossOmahaSarah OlsonI have had my Maitreya Solar Cross for about 2 years now. I bought the large one with the thought of healing my apartment building the inhabitants and the reality company foremost in my mind. My next door neighbor was always loud with music and parties and was very cold to me whenever i asked her to turn down her music. The realty company had many many properties with very overworked unhappy office help. They would not respond to requests for help and just left things broken and dirty. Even my friends who visited were beginning to comment about the deterioration of the building. All of this was really having a negative effect on my efforts to create a sanctuary in my home. Literally within a month and a half of hanging my MSX my building was taken over by another reality company called "Guardian". My neighbor has become progressively more and more peaceful and quiet. And she is actually very soft and kind to me now when we bump into each other! I very rarely hear music coming from her apartment and it is never the blasting volume like before. Our new realty company is like a dream come true. The hallways get cleaned every week and the maintainance man is very kind humble and super hard working & very quick to respond when needed. The office help is unbelievably sweet diligent helpful and caring.
Solar CrossOmaha NESarah OlsonThe other day my mom stopped by and I handed her the small Maitreya Solar Cross as she sat down. She reached for it and said "Thank you i really need that today." she had pain in her wrist and nestled the Cross against it. I asked her if she would rate the pain in her wrist. Normally she will not give any positive remarks for His Holiness' Tools and gets an angry look on her face when she hears His Name. So I didn't hope for 'clean test results'. She said it was a four. After about 7 minutes during which time she passed out I asked her to rate her pain again. "One" she said. Thank you Your Holiness!
Solar CrossPATashaI work at a biotech pharmaceutical company and recently hung a maitreya solar cross (msx) in my office and have noticed such a change in my coworkers and environment. We have alot of pressure and tight deadlines and that isn't something that is going to change. But I have noticed since having the msx here we aren't bickering at each other as much and we are getting big projects done with less stress and less fighting. People have been coming into my office like a magnet just to hold the maitreya solar cross and they have expressed different feelings like a tingling a warmth or calmness that comes over them...There is such a sense of peace that flows from the msx that it's benefits are really immediate when one holds it. I recently took the msx home and my coworkers started asking where it was! I told them I missed having that peace in my home and noticed I slept better when it was at home... and I realized I needed another one to keep in both places. So I purchased another one to keep at home! I am much more focused less reactive and happier because of the Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross. I know it works that's for sure!
Solar CrossPhilippinesRafael CruzIts been a while since I last ordered Shambhala healing tools from you and this time I will share with you what the tools did for me. I decided to try out the Shambhala healing tools because I felt safer to purchase the tools than to look for the right shaman that would heal our troubled home. There were spirits in our home that would make strange noises (someone cutting lumber with a saw inside the ceiling) at night kept us awake. It does not only happen in our home but to others as well within the city. I knew the effect of the Solar Cross was immediate because it would twist and swing when I hung one in our bedroom. The strange noises were gone maybe six months after I brought the tools to our home. The comment of my cousin that our home feels so peaceful is confirmation that the tools really worked.
Solar CrossRedondo Beach CADr. Nira H.Just a few words to tell you how much fun and benefits our whole family received from the meditation tools. We gave our two daughters and our granddaughter the weavers as a Hanukkah/ Christmas gift at our Holiday party. Needless to say it stirred great interest by all (even those who reject any idea of energy healing) and everybody "tested" it on themselves and the many dogs our family have. Our engineer son-in-law said in amazement that he actually feels the energy when he let it swing over his palm. The same person had a problem closing a business deal for quite a while and reluctantly agreed to put his business card in our Maitreya Solar Cross (he thought that we must be nuts to believe that it can help in any way) and.... What do you know... he closed the deal a few days later and had our daughter call us with his instructions not to remove his card from the Solar Cross no matter what!!! We had a good healthy laugh out of it. I want to thank you again for being our connection to such high energy. Love and blessings
Solar CrossSalt Lake City UTMajna PleskoJust today I received a blue silver wrapped large Maitreya Solar Cross with silver Shambhala Stars. It's "zzzzzzinging". I am sitting in my pyramid on a Metatron mat with this Maitreya Solar Cross in one hand and a similar gold wrapped Maitreya Solar Cross in the other both connected to the mat with a large solar form hanging overhead (blue/silver Christ Consciousness star). I can't even begin to describe what it's doing other than it's such a relief. I could feel people being upset in my apartment building today and the pressure from that was gone instantly. Frequently I am aware of this uncomfortable background energy noise and that went down to almost nothing. Instead I have this pleasant clear slightly cool "zzzing" in my mind and body and when I lean with my head into the large solar form overhead my mind gets even more silent. I find myself grinning from ear to ear for no reason at all. I am using many of the Shambhala Healing tools on a daily basis and would not be without them. I have never regretted a purchase I made from Shambhala even though over the years there have been quite a few that seemed at first out of my price-range. I have since found that the benefits far outweigh any price and cannot help but be immensely grateful to His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and all the monks nuns and volunteers who make the tools.
Solar CrossSan Jose CAmaria vargasI am very happy with the Small Maitreya Solar Cross. I had so many problems before. On the first week I start seeing changes! Thank you for the help! God Bless You.
Solar CrossToronto CanadaLoretta BaileyThe Maitreya Solar Cross has really helped my family! We have been struggling with different family issues and have had alot of trouble communicating with each other. Everyone was emotional and defensive and weren't able to listen to each other. I normally have the Maitreya solar cross in the middle of our kitchen table and had an idea of the old Native tradition of passing around a sacred object and letting each person speak so I did this with the Maitreya solar cross and the change in our family meeting was amazing! Each one of my kids and my husband were able to express so much clearer without blaming and getting angry. We came up with solutions on how to care and love each other better and were really able to just listen as each person held the Maitreya solar cross. It was such a great experience to witness and be a part of! My children now asked to hold it whenever they are stressed ~ pretty neat! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for all the blessings and healing for my family!
Solar CrossUSCeciliaHi - Yesterday I had a visit from a friend - I ask her to stand under the Maitreya Solar Cross. "What do you feel?" I asked her. She replied "Something is crawling inside my body". Today she called me and told me "I have problems sleeping but last night when I came home from your place I slept so well I didn't wake up for 7 hrs". I think it is working.
Solar CrossVia E-MailNikkiI purchased a solar cross from one of your nuns in Roswell GA approximately 3 years ago. Until recently I have found it to be unparalleled in maintaining an outstanding energy balance within my life and my house. I keep it in my art studio to create a positive energy level conducive to my work.
Solar CrossWAJudy SinnerThe Maitreya Solar Cross has definitely moved my life and in new and interesting directions and I have done things that I had intended to do for years but put off. It hasn't all been smooth sailing but I have resolved long-standing issues. It is a transformational tool how things play out is interesting and sometimes humorous
Solar Cross CDCalgary CanadaAnnThank You. I am very happy with the Maitreya Solar Cross. I listen to the CD's also. Love and Blessings.
Solar Cross Etheric WeaverOmaha NESarah OlsonOn Mother's Day at my mothers I ran into one of my mom's friends. She was complaining of bunion pain in her toes and said that they would soon be operated on. Her toes were very disfigured and red. I said I had something that could help and she came and sat next to me. She held a small Maitreya Solar Cross in her lap while I held the Etheric Weaver over her foot. I asked her to tune in and rate the level of pain 1 being lowest and 10 highest. She said "7". We sat in silence for almost 2 minutes while the Weaver swung. Within no more than 2 minutes chaos came in and we could no longer continue. I asked her to tune in again and rate her level of pain. "4" she said. I told her that it keeps working after the treatment and that I have witnessed and heard of many miracles. She told me that during the treatment the pain had appeared in her other foot exactly as it usually feels in the foot she originally complained about which she felt was odd. Later in the evening she said that her pain level was now a "one". Just today 2 weeks after this treatment I received this email from the woman: "Please tell Sarah that my foot has gotten noticeably better since that night at your house! Tell her that I would call the pain a Level 2 now even with the same shoes on!! The bunion area looks a little straighter too and the hammer-toe a little less crooked! Please tell her because I do think that there was some help there!"
Solar Cross Etheric WeaverPinole CAMarsha JarvisWe have an excellent neighbor and friend who was finishing an addition on his home and pushing a skylight into place as the final touch. He fell through and landed on his shoulder and cracked his skull. He was air lifted to the hospital. The doctors said it was touch and go whether he would live. I put his name in my 7 Rays Maitreya Solar Cross and weaved him with a Yellow Etheric Weaver with silver wrap. I was watching TV and the weaver continued to spin powerfully for 2 hours. The doctors said it was a miracle. They drained the fluid off his head. A month later he is home. I saw him yesterday he still has a scar on his neck from where they were tube feeding him. He looks good and told me he is still working in physical therapy to fully regain use of his left side. He is young with a wife and two children and everything to live for. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for these wonderful tools.
Solar Cross Pyramid Soul TherapyCanadaLynda BancroftI would like to share the wonderful blessing that I received I believe from using the Pyramids* Maitreya Solar Cross and other of the Shambhala Tools. I was in the midst of a personal family crisis when I stopped at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Sedona. At the time I felt the problem was unresolvable and no blessing would be found in any of the solutions I had thought of. I used the Healing Soul Therapy and Metatron Meditation Pyramids as well as the Solar Cross during three or four visits to the Center and continued on my way. When I sat down to discuss the situation with the family member involved I was stunned to hear the wisdom and good solution that came out of my mouth. I had planned several "speeches" and even rehearsed them well over and over in my mind prior to this meeting but the loving win win proposal that came out of me had never entered my mind. I feel without any doubt that using the Shambala tools and energy allowed me to access a higher level of my true being and allowed it's wisdom and love to shine through me when it was needed the most. How do you say thank you for such great blessings! Thank you just the same. *Lynda purchased the Shambhala Crystal Solar Ascension Meditation Pyramid in november 2006
Solar Cross Pyramid Soul Therapy Metatron MatSalisbury UKLisa Koetser - Part 1I have built up a full system consisting of a Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross a healing mat with two Vajras and just recently a Pyramid. First of all I noticed a force of change in my home. I felt the urge to de-clutter my home more and more. People who had created problems for me actually moved away. Each time I put my hands on the Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross I would feel a rush going through my whole body it was like a soft shiver. I then got a mat to sleep on. The first few months I would wake up feeling very hot all over. The mat felt like an electric blanket ñ amazing. At the time I was suffering from bad arthritis and I was putting some medication on the tray and attaching it to the mat. When I went away for a weekend I took my mat with me but did not place my medication on the tray. I was fine for one day but after the second day I woke up feeling extremely stiff and in pain just as I before. So the pills on the tray were making a big difference. I carried on using the mat and the medication tray at home and even took it on holiday with me. It kept my arthritis under control. I then plugged the Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross into my mat in my bed and Wow the first time I laid down on it I felt like my heart and chest was buzzing so fast. After a few days I aligned to it. Phew! I visited the Shambhala Centre in Glastonbury and had a Soul Therapy Treatment. At the time I was feeling quite depressed and felt that nothing was worth while. After the treatment it was amazing it felt like some one had taken my mind out of my head washed it clean and put it back in again. I had three Soul Therapy Treatments and was feeling so much better; it turned my life around beating those blues. I decided to get my own Pyramid no matter how I paid for it. Funnily enough there were some delays getting the room finished and each time it was delayed the delivery of my Pyramid was delayed too.
Solar Cross Pyramid Soul Therapy Metatron MatSalisbury UKLisa Koetser - Part 2My husband and I were putting the Pyramid together as soon as we put all four poles up to place the capstone on I felt a massive change in energy. It felt like a powerful magnet had been suddenly switched on. My first few sleeps in the Pyramid were quite hard I think I went through a deep healing for about three weeks. My moods were very up and down but that soon passed and now I feel stronger physically mentally and emotionally. When I sat and meditated in the Pyramid I could feel things being moved around in my brain. It felt like very strong magnetic energy. Sometimes it was so strong it nearly hurt and another time I thought my head would explode. Luckily it didn't. Now I meditate in my Pyramid every day and lay down in it for a quick break when ever I feel the need. I find that the Pyramid often makes me want to lay down and rest in it when I am meditating. I have now made some major changes in my life have more energy than before. It is such a blessing. I feel so lucky. Thank you Buddha Maitreya
Solar Cross Solar Form PendantAZanonymous chiropractor - Part 1Since acquiring the Shambhala healing tools amazing things have been happening to myself my pets my plants and my friends in town. I use the Maitreya Solar Cross with star radiators Metatron Mat with Vajras and wear the Shambhala Star Radiator when I meditate. Each time I meditate I can feel negative emotions and issue leaving my body. The physical problem that I used to have is so much better. The chronic low back pain that I had for 2 yrs. is gone and now I can sleep without the pain waking me up. My pet sleeps under the Maitreya Solar Cross every single day and her disposition has changed from being a hyper demanding one to a completely relaxed docile one. So much so that she acts like she's on tranquilizers ! My friends have also been affected by the Solar Cross who live across town. Interestingly they all experienced the same responses. They all vomited had severe diarrhea dizziness and extreme fatigue accompanied by disorientation and confusion. Just as quickly as they began to have these detoxing sysmptoms it just stopped suddenly when their bodies had purged enough. One person even when to the hospital emergency room and after being tested with many lab methods the medical staff found absolutely nothing abnormal and so was discharged that evening. Another friend who was so fearful of relationships is now nearly married and very happy for the first time in their life. Strangers that I encounter in town look at me and smile and nod their heads as though I was their best friend. Even my plants are benefiting from the effects of the Solar Cross. A flowering plant that I've gotten over a month ago still is blooming without one flower petal dropping since I brought it home. People who drop by ask frequently if it's made out of plastic because it looks so healthy. It's as though it's frozen in time! Another flowering plant grew 3" over night !
Solar Cross Solar Form PendantAZanonymous chiropractor - Part 2My green plants which were light green overnight turned deep deep green and they too look like plastic plants! All and all everyone in town has been affected positively. We now have a very happy town.
Solar Form PendantAZ Darren HaynesThe Shambhala Christ Cross is so amazing I have been wearing it everyday since I got it for 3 years ago. It gives me a very protected feeling when I am wearing it that helps me deal with life in a much better way. Often also I can feel it heat up quite strongly over my heart chakra and start to release tension from that area and throughout my chest. It is really quite awesome!
Solar Form PendantFremont CAVickyThe first time I wore a Shambhala Form even after I took it off I could feel the energy of it radiating into my heart all night and all the next day like a ball of energy. I can put it on any place in my body and feel it healing and lifting things out. I have an occasional toothache in the root of one of my teeth - I just put the Shambhala Solar Form on my cheek and the pain completely goes away. This is just the most awesome healing tool.
Solar Form PendantGlastonbury UKAnne ArentzI bought a Shambhala Solar Form in Blue Siberian Quartz at Christmas 2002 after seeing one with my eyes closed after meditating with Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Music. I asked the Lama when to wear it and he said as often as possible even at night. And so I began wearing it at all times. The place I lived in Denmark was full of heavy energy and I could feel a big difference in my well being waking up in the morning after sleeping with the Solar Form on. I would be more optimistic and less tired waking up having been protected against astral energies that can bring on depression and bad dreams. I am still wearing it every day and night. Since May 2003 I have begun wearing one more Shambhala Solar Form this one with Siberian Green quartz crystals. At this point in my life I felt the need for something to strengthen me when I was interacting with many people on a daily basis. I have experienced a very balancing effect from the Shambhala Solar Form helping me be more direct and take authority without being aggressive. Also I find it helps me cope better with weird or chaotic situations helping me to have more trust that things will work out well.
Solar Form PendantInglewood CARafaelWhen I first wore my silver Shambhala Star Radiator the feeling of being healed and calmness was immediate.
Solar Form PendantMarin County CAJ.S.J.S. from Marin County said that wearing the shambhala star is helping her stay boyant and helping things in her life work out more easily with a lot of being in the right place at the right time experiences. She has a lot on right now with final assessments in her chiropractic training and care of her 2 year old daughter and she said that the shambhala star is saving her situation.
Solar Form PendantNew York NYJoanFor anyone interested in the healing tools from the Church of Shambala all I can say is that they REALLY work. I was experiencing a lot of negativity from others especially in the work place. I suppose I would be considered energy sensitive. If an angry resentful controlling or negative person was in my energy field they seemed to suck my energy like a vampire. At the end of the day I would be exhausted. I attended a New Life Expo in New York City 2 years ago and was drawn to a solar form with a light blue crystal center. The surrounding copper coils and crystals make for a beautiful piece of jewelry. But it is much more than that. I truly found it very powerful as an energy protector. I felt myself surrounded as if in a bubble of white light. People were exhibiting the same negative emotions but they seemed to bounce off of me when I wore my new solar form. Although my day may be trying at times I did not feel the energy drain of exhaustion. These forms have very high vibrational energy and protection.
Solar Form PendantOmahaDebbyDebby had her platinum Christ Cross radiator with all diamonds and platinum wire appraised at Borscheims in Omaha. She was getting this for insurance purposes. They took a couple weeks to do this so she called them and asked why it is taking so long - the head buyer said "What is this piece? There is so much energy coming from it -we just keep putting it to the back of the pile!" A couple other head buyers were in awe of it too. She said it is an energy healing tool. They then said do you know this is made of all platinum? and it has 2 and 1/2 carats of diamonds? (She obviously didn't tell them anything when she dropped it off)
Solar Form PendantSan Francisco CABernadette audio
Solar Form PendantSugarland TXAndreaI first started wearing my Shambhala Solar Form and I felt very grounded and clear. I've noticed an openness and calmness in the way I interact with people where before I was hyperactive. I feel very calm and relaxed in such a way as if it is transcendental. I was diagnosed with having ADD (Attention deficit disorder) as an adult. Most of my life I had some anxiety difficulty focusing and staying calm. I found using this tool has profoundly helped me heal my emotions and mind to experience a higher level of awareness. I am happy that I do not suffer from many of the ADD symptoms such as a racing mind that doesn't allow me to stay focused on one task and my memory has greatly improved.
Solar Form PendantTaiwanGrace LiangWow! it was amazing to felt my body like a gentle earthquake (felt like a mouse running inside your body) when I hold it as a pendulum and also sense that my palm gives off heat and The Shambhala Form began to move on its own in circular motions with CD's music- surprise me to discover that it can change the direction of motions- like go clockwise circular or counter clockwise circular even change moved "the Shambhala Form" back and forth include change speed- just use your mind? feel rare - I am wondering that how to make it happen???
Solar Form PendantUSJeanetteJust a quick note about my daughters Shambhala Cross she has brought she wanted me to write to you so I am. I have been suffering with severe leg and hip problems for many years now and cannot take pain relief tablets due to high blood pressure this last week I have been in agony sleeping has been very bad with me waking up due to the pain. So on Saturday Helen told me to lie on the bed and to relax and used the Shambhala cross on my ankles knees and hips by the time she had reached my knees I could feel the pain in my thighs and then it disappeared. For the first time in months I was able to walk without feeling pain which to me was absolutely amazing I even had a good night's sleep which is very unusual. Helen has done the same this morning and the pain has disappeared once more. I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you.
Solar Form Pendant CDVictoria BC CanadaGilligan JoyI have experienced deep relaxation and I have felt strong healing energy when using the Soul Therapy CD along with wearing my silver Shambhala Star. I really feel the blessings of His Holiness in my life and He is changing me in a big way. I have only been using these sacred tools for a few weeks and there has been a profound shift in my consciousness. I am very mentally ill (I have severe obsessions) but I have hope that with the blessings of His Holiness I will eventually be mentally healthy. From despair to happiness I go with the help of one of God's boatmen.
Solar Form Pendant Solar Cross Metatron MatAZAngieAfter speaking to some friends I drove to the store in Sedona and it was more amazing then I could imagine. Once I was inside the store I ended up purchasing the Solar form pendant the Solar Cross and Metatron Mat with Vajras. I began using them when I would come home from work. I would listen to the CD's and allow that music to permeate my surroundings. Even a low volume was enough to shift the energy. I hung the Solar Cross over my bed. In about 6 weeks my entire life began to shift. I ended up moving out of my home into another dwelling and then a career shift began to ensue. I am being guided to completely redo my life so that my soul can be in proper alignment. I say this in present tense now because I AM still in this shift. I know that the Shambhala healing tools are assisting me in this great endeavor.
Solar Form Pendant VajraPlymouth Devon UKKayAt a Show in Totnes I purchased a Shambhala Christ Consciousness Ascension Vajra The lady at the Show also kindly picked out a silver 6 Crystal Pendant for me (Shambhala Star). I have become very attached to both of these powerful Healing/Meditation Tools. As I have Stenosis and a crumbling Spine I have to take very strong Pain Relief Medication; I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (which includes a Chronic Fatigue element). Recently I had a slipped disc. In the past this would have meant bed rest for up to three weeks - I am convinced that the Vajra enabled me to continue (very slowly) meeting my everyday needs. I find that just sitting and holding the Vajra is very soothing and that it has an overall calming effect. When my six year old granddaughter held it in her hands I asked her if she could feel anything. She said "like what nanny?". When I suggested that she might be able to feel a tingling sensation she responded with "I can't feel anything - but it is tickling my hand"! I have worn the Shambhala Star ever since it arrived. Not only does the Pendant look good but when I am sitting quietly I feel a gentle vibration right through my body. As a practicing Reiki channel for healing - I am finding that both I and my clients feel stronger sensations (heat tingling etc) when I wear the Shambhala Star Pendant or have the Vajra nearby. The Pendant acts as a Powerful Weaver and when my client "Maggie fell asleep during a Reiki session I switched to using the Shambhala Star Pendant to balance the Chakras rather than risk Maggie waking suddenly if she felt my hands on her. When she finally opened her eyes she said that she felt even more de-stressed than usual.
Soul TherapyAZDeborah SquibbI have had asthma since I was a teenager at times it was very bad requiring hospitalization steroid injections oxygen and nebulizers. Added to this there would be other lung complaints such as bronchitis pneumonia which required medical attention. I would be very afraid when I got sick as I thought I would die literally through not being able to breathe. Since using His Holiness's Shambhala Healing Tools I can report that I have not been to hospital for lung problems . I have only had three bronchitis attacks in 13 years whereas in the past I would have 2 or 3 attacks per year. As the attacks lessened my fear subsided. Instead of my lungs degenerating and getting worse the older I get the better they get! Thank you Buddha Maitreya.
Soul TherapyAZLynnAnnThought you would like this. As you know my daughter has been going thru alot of teenage angst along with peer pressure. Her healing process has been very intense since seeing His Holiness! She has a group of friends that all commnicate on Myspace and the culture is very profane....all the kids have (bad) emails...and many more very bad words to awful to even put out there again...not for the innocent to repeat for sure! I have asked over and over again to stop the nonsense with no avail it was obvious to me that there brain swell is running wild...the group came home today from school went right to the computer and I had burst of enlightenment and Placed His Holiness Perfect Picture right next to the Computer... Said to my daughter you may not listen to me so I want you all to look who is watching you now and consider your own and your groups nasty words and see how you really feel! Well they tried for a few minutes to continue their behavior...then on there own shut down the computer and left the house quitely and respectfully! The Buddha makes the sweetest babysitter! The Nanny can't compare to his fine skills! Just wanted to Thank you for that extra creativity and powerful LOVE! Love and Goodness.
Soul TherapyCADavidThe feeling of well being was truly a unique experience. When the puja was over I stood up to leave the room and was taken over by what I can only describe as the largest most wholesome high I have ever experienced the depth of which left me literally speechless for about an hour and which stayed with me slowly fading for at least a week. I only wish I could feel that good at all times! My wife told me of her experience in Soul Therapy. It was not long before she was calm and relaxed and this lasted for about fifteen minutes. Then for no apparent reason she began to experience incredible feelings of bliss! After the puja was over she had a calmness of mind that I had never seen in her before and which lasted for weeks.
Soul TherapyCAKristine BrandA lady called Kristine Brand said she has had an extremely difficult life: blind diabetic deeply depressed multiple back surgery excruciating pain chronic fatigue syndrome alcoholism. Her husband of 15 years then died and then her blind dog developed cancer and died. For the last 20 months she has been severely depressed and closed in on herself with only her therapist and a close friend that she would see. She was very close to being institutionalized and put on drug therapy . She said she then heard Buddha Maitreya's voice on the radio and something clicked and she said yes I want to go to Soul Therapy. She got friends to drive her over. This was in July. By August the big dark cloud had lifted and now she feels happy and joyous and free. She has so much energy more than she has ever had and she has never felt so good. She feels that all the time now she is in the presence of the sacred and in so much thankfulness. The chronic pain used to cover 80% of her body from the neck down now it is just 10% of her body in her spine and neck. It is like a new life and one she didn't expect to experience in this lifetime. She listens to Buddha Maitreya's music many times a day and the radio shows and wants to share with people what she has experienced as a result of Buddha Maitreya's blessings.
Soul TherapyCASherylSheryl often donates Soul Therapies for her family members. Recently she had a Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy done for her daughter who lives in California. Daughter is pregnant with a very wanted baby but cancer cells became active in her uterus. There was much concern about whether the pregnancy could continue. Should it be terminated so treatment could begin? Any treatment itself would most likely terminate the pregnancy anyway yet non-treatment was not an option. It was a very worrisome situation. Sheryl donated a Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy for her Annika to be done from a distance. A couple days later daughter went in for additional "cone biopsies" the results of which would help in determining treatment. At that visit the doctor could amazingly find nothing to biopsy. The uterus and its cells looked good. There was only one very very tiny area that might be considered slightly suspicious. The doctor decided things looked quite normal and they would just watch this one tiny area. He encouraged Annika to go home and enjoy her pregnancy. Relief and gratitude were felt all around! Sheryl says she knows Buddha Maitreya's blessings in Soul Therapy created this healing. Annika asked her mother to keep doing whatever it was that had been done for her. Annika also started once again playing Buddha's CD's that Sheryl had given her earlier (husband Stephen had wondered if "the monks" had to be on all the time so she had turned them off for awhile.) With gratitude for the blessings and grace of His Holiness and In Joy Jetty
Soul TherapyCarmel CAanonymousI did a soul therapy on August 22 2007 at Judy's in Danville. Honestly it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. In the beginning of the session I felt very warm and then I felt nauseous I don't know if it was because I didn't eat very much before I came or because I was purging some bad karma out of me. I listened to Buddha Maitreya's pujas and it was very relaxing and comforting. After a little time passed I felt pretty cold but God only knows why. I feel like a healed parts of me that needed to be released. After the session was done I felt absolutely uplifted and serene. I can't explain it but it was the best feeling ever. I wanted to stay under the meditation pyramid forever or at least sleep under it every night. Definitely a soul opening experience. I would recommend it to everyone in the whole wide world. It was so peaceful and invigorating at the same time. I wore a shambhala star radiator in aqua with blue quartz crystals on the outside and held a double dorje in blue siberian crystals and a christ consciousness vajra in aqua during the meditation. I connected with souls of a very high consciousness at least I felt like I did. It elevated my soul opened my mind and lifted me up. Thank you Shambhala Buddha Maitreya all the monks and nuns and all the tulkas lamas and everyone involved with making the world an even better place for all the souls here. I cannot wait to purchase a Shambhala Star Radiator.
Soul TherapyColorado Springs COSusan WolfeThere is a Soul Therapy Pyramid Room in my store downstairs under the restaurant. Many people have experienced the room directly and many more by being in the space around the room. Being near or in the room has lifted people experiencing depression and/or suicidal feelings. The experiences of people using the room seems to personally relate to them and varies accordingly. One man came in one day to tell me he had used the Soul Therapy Room 3 years ago and it had changed his life. Another time a little boy maybe 6 or 7 years old had gone downstairs in the store where the room is located. His mother told me he had asked her if she could see all the angels down there and he wanted her to buy him a Soul Therapy CD which she did even though she didn't understand what he was experiencing. Another time a man came in the store and told us he had been estranged from his son for many years after an argument. He did not know where his son was but flew into Colorado and came to Manitou Springs because this was the last place he had known his son to be several years ago and he was hoping to somehow find him. When he left the store his son was standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.
Soul TherapyDoncaster UKPatriciaA lady came for Soul Therapy on two occasions when she was depressed and didn't know which of two avenues to take in her life. We also put the whole situation in the Pyramid and five days later on her return for meditation she said that another very clear avenue had opened up to her and that she was going to take it. This very happy( if a little bemused) lady left town on her newly chosen path within the week. This is yet another remarkable healing from Buddha Maitreya's Healing Tools. I keep witnessing the changes that occur in people and never cease to be astounded.
Soul TherapyDunsmuir UKDuncanWe had one soul therapy today a local lady from Dunsmuir. She used to do aura healing and perceive auras. She came in seeming depressed and said she had lost her gifts of aura perception a while ago. She had followed a couple of New Age teachers but said she had not connected strongly with them due to a pull she was feeling to do something else. She was then shown the soul therapy booth and she responded immediately almost jumping into the room. She came out of soul therapy very quiet and spoke of a problem she was having with her shoulder due to Bursitis. The pain intensified the first few minutes in soul therapy then was gone. This is the first time in a long time that she hadn't felt the pain. We have followup info for her."This is my second time that I have used this kind of Soul Therapy. It makes me feel less anxious and nervous to have a calmer mind. After some time has passed mixing with the every day life it would be good to come back a third time" Many Thanks
Soul TherapyFt. Lauderdale FLDennis MeaneyThe highlight of my resent trip to Sedona was the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Center recomended by friends in Ft. Lauderdale. My experience was incredable. After being greeted by Ani Margretwe had a discussion about the center after which I did a one hour private meditation. What I experienced is almost indiscribable. The peace calm and serenity I feltand continue to feelis nothing less than a true blessing.If you ever visit Sedona this should be at the top of your list of places to visit. Thank you again
Soul TherapyGlastonbury UKAndreaAndrea suffered from asthma. She reports an amazing healing with the Metatronic tools. As she lay on her back she said to herself that she would remain calm and not be afraid even if she died. What seemed like a long time passed and then came a huge release in her abdomen and her entire body adjusting to let go of things resulting in elimination of the asthma symptoms. She says that she is breathing deeply and standing straight for the first time in her life.
Soul TherapyGlastonbury UKBrian HanmoreBrian Hanmore works at the drug rehab centre. He said that when he first came to the centre he was still struggling as an ex abuser of drugs and that he still had to fight his cravings and that he always felt tense. After his Soul Therapy treatment he said that he felt totally relaxed for the first time since he had stopped taking drugs.
Soul TherapyGlastonbury UKHeatherHeather did Soul Therapy in 2005. Her first words as she came out of the session were "I feel Absolutely wonderful" her daughter also came in and they both experienced having an Etheric Weaver held over their hand the young girl said she could feel electricity from the Weaver she said she felt really calm afterwards and that her throat felt as if it was being healed. She wrote: "A wonderful sense of energy and Protection after the treatment during it I fell asleep the Physical healing effects were most Spectacular I felt totally healthy again after the two treatments. Thank you again."
Soul TherapyGlastonbury UKRosemaryRosemary wrote after her soul therapy session: "I felt the energy go through my body and I felt calm." When she returned for a second session she reported that her arm and wrist pain was totally gone.
Soul TherapyManitoba CanadaCheryl A.My Distance Soul Therapy was to start at 11 am and although I was not looking at the clock or aware of exactly what time it was I did know when the session began. I had a sudden and overwhelming urge to go lie down so that is what I did. I turned on a meditation CD of one of the Buddha Maitreya's and held an etheric weaver between my palms. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I felt very peaceful mellow and as my eyes remained closed I go the impression that in the very centre of my body a golden orb of light was there. I was emitting a slight warmth and feeling of contentedness. After a period of time that orb grew into a column of light that ran like a pillar of light form the base of my spine to the top of my head. The feeling of peace love and warmth was now stronger. Eventually this pillar of light expanded and began filling my entire being with like. It felt like the sun was shining from inside me and that if I opened my mouth light would come forth. When the distant healing ended I felt a slow dissipation of that light and warmth though the sense of peace and well-being stayed with me. As I resumed my regular activities I felt as though I was walking a couple of inches off the ground even though I knew I wasn't. This experience was due to more than the objects of the meditation CD and the weaver. I believe it was due to the blessings I was receiving directly from the Buddha Maitreya. Since the South Therapy overall I have had more peace a sense of deeper inner strength less fear less inner conflict and turmoil about what I should or shouldn't do. It is as if my soul is saying " Ahhhh..."
Soul TherapyOmaha NE Shelagh KeleyhersThis form is one the best things that has happened to me in this lifetime. I am feeling in my body & the lower part of my body feels especially light & relaxed. There is improvement in my mobility. Some caution needed to bend & move is not necessary. I also experienced a radiant light in my head for the 1st time. I've spent most of my life recoiling from being in this body & now I am beginning to happily be here. It feels like I am rejuvenating. I had some inertia about some tasks. I placed them under the form. By the next day I was in action. This form is bringing me in to my body with safety & joy in a new deeper fashion. I am filled with wonder by the healing process & feeling His Holiness healing me & knowing he is taking caring for the earth the world & all beings. I am living in a palpable on-going miracle of transformation for which I am grateful & in awe. Thank you for the earth weaver and all the good it is doing.
Soul TherapyOmaha NESarah Olson - Part 1I have done a lot of Soul Therapy sessions but last month i had one that changed my life for good. I believe it is exactly what shamans call a "soul retrieval". Eleven years ago i fell from a cliff and laid in the sand for 2 days before i was found. Last month i did a Soul Therapy that was the most intense one yet; i shook and squirmed the whole time clutching the Vajras so tighly with my muscles so tense that i had muscle fatigue afterwards. I was also crying the whole time. There was a part of me that was somehow witnessing this physical experience but not attached to it. This part of me became just Light and i was able to go wherever my mind thought about. I had been looking at pictures of the mountain where i fell a few days before the Soul Therapy and found myself thinking about it and then hovering above it and seeing the very cliff with my body laying there at the bottom. I have been so different ever since. My palms are moist again i have loads of energy and a zest for life feel optimistic about the future now instead of feeling like the best hours are the ones spent sleeping. Also i had been plagued by some things that just disappeared since the Soul Therapy: i am no longer lonely! i no longer suffer from panic attacks and from a fear of people and being outside (i was on medicine for this it was so intense i had to completely isolate myself ) and now i can let people look me in the eye without any feeling of discomfort. I had been for the past 3 years having a panic response to anyone looking me in the eye and the drugs i was prescribed for this had even worse side effects. Also there are characteristics that i had before the fall that are back in me like being an activist for change. I have not had any activist energy in 11 years! Also like many i was not fully loving myself or even being kind to myself . But since seeing that poor girl at the bottom of the cliff and knowing she is in me i have only gentle love for myself.
Soul TherapyOmaha NESarah Olson - Part 2WOW! Only Jesus could do something like this. Thank You Your Holiness Buddha Maitreya Jesus the Christ.
Soul TherapyOmaha NEShelagh KeleyhersI had a weaver treatment done for you at 2pm edt today and have arranged for another session that you can call in and schedule. You could have another weaver treatment or a meditation healing session called Soul Therapy. My first experience of Soul Therapy in 2000 was the beginning for me. I had an unmistakable experience of peace and grace that I will never forget and could not deny. I use the weaver and healing tools and meditation music exclusively. This grace is the only thing that has helped me to recover mental functioning grow in integrity and be freed of pain. The healing is a process but I am committed because of the results. I rejoice in simple positives and what seem like miracles that bless me daily.
Soul TherapyPAMargaritA while ago I gave Peyton my three year old grandson a small Buddha statue on a key chain which he used to attach to his pants or just carry on his finger. He used to get spells of intense sadness and would sob uncontrollably for hours on end. I told him that he should talk to the Buddha and gave him the tiny token. Last week he confided sadly that he had lost the key chain. I suggested we'd buy a larger sculpture to place into his room. His spontaneous response was as follows: "no Grammy that won't do I want the real Buddha the man I need to talk to him and want him to talk back!" That was that - his favorite thing to do now is to drive in my car and listen to Buddha Maitreya's prayers on CD. He demands maximum volume till the car rocks listens intently trying to understand what is being said and eventually always goes into peaceful slumber. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he says: 'oh I have a big job to do I have to work all over the world.' Thank you for the endless blessings
Soul TherapyPhoenix AZ anonymousI have had multiple sessions and they consistently heal relationship issues.
Soul TherapyPinole CAMarsha JarvisI experienced profound deep deep deep peace. These are the most soulful peaceful healing and rejuvenating meditations I have ever experienced and I have been meditating daily since 1979.
Soul TherapySan Francisco CAJudy BoehmSeptember 2005 In June a large bottle fall on my right foot causing two fractures on the Cubic bone and in another area. Very Painful walking. I had two sets of ex rays done the first appointment and a Cat Scan. The breaks were confirmed. I wore a boot from July until the end of October because it wasn't healing. I was in pain all the time when I took steps. I knew that this particular foot was a problem. I had dreams over the years about it. There was always the need to heal issues. I booked alot of Soul Therapies and the foot was not responding. I ordered a Bio Solutions Machine and used the Electric Currents Programed for this situation continuously. I later found out that this actually brings consciousness of the "disease" to the forefront and continues the situation. When using this machine on others it can create graftings on my body of disease imprints. Giving it too much attention feeds the disease. I changed my whole game plan and concentrated on Soul Therapy. I did Soul Therapies...not just for the foot...and when I returned to my Foot Surgeon and he had a fill in there. He said "This is not healing. We need to find out why." He ordered Cat Scan test on the foot. I went back into the boot and when my doctor came back he said "We need to do another test because this is not healing. There is something going on inside the bone." I I had an MRI this time. My foot surgeon who is quite "well known" in my area called me. He said to me "Judy whatever you are doing continue because it worked. There is no broken bone in your foot." (He knows the meditation tools and trips I take overseas with His Holiness) After that I went to physical therapy to stretch the tendons and ligaments. What a relief. I felt like I was never going to walk again.
Soul TherapySedona AZanonymousMy experience of the Shambhala Tools was one of peace and a feeling of being enveloped in Divine Love. The Soul Therapy experience was for me one of the deepest most profound meditative states I've ever had. I came out of it in such a wonderful state of bliss. I am most grateful for the experience and look forward to many more.
Soul TherapySedona AZLynn AnnI have had positional vertigo. My dizziness was so bad I could not lie flat for 18 months - I would pass out or have severe nausea and throw up. I have been in so much discomfort and fear that I had to sleep sitting in a chair I have been to medical doctors (2 md's named). I have had myco facial work cranial work thousands of dollars chiropractic care from Dr *. I was told it was a tumor or vascular damage and needed to see a neurologist. When I got through the Soul Therapy session I had no vertigo. None. I experienced two pops in my left ear and a pulling out sensation at the top of my left side on my skull area. My body felt like it was rumbling inside and then it came to a total peace. This is such an amazing experience how I came to find your healing today.
Soul TherapyunknownToddTodd shared that he has received 5 Soul Therapy sessions himself in his lab and has noticed that 2 medical problems he had have disappeared one is a Hernia that he was about to see a doctor about - which has now disappeared. The other is a parasite that he has had lodged in his Prostrate for over 10 years is not giving him any problems/pain.
Soul TherapyunnknownanonymousWhen i do Soul Therapy treatments I go into a deep state of meditation . As I drift in and out of conciousness I feel a subtle vibration in my body and often feel tingling like chills running up and down my spine . It is very relaxing calming experience and I always feel more mentally clear and connected to myself
Soul TherapyUSanonymousA Lady who works in a Law enforcement office where she coordinates undercover agents who work with drug related crime tells us that she is playing H. H. Buddha Maitreya's healing music CD's all day in her office. She can feel the healing effect the music has on herself and the officers who work there. The music drives some of the officers nuts others come and hang out near her desk attracted by the music and enjoying the healing effect it has. This lady has created a little oasis of healing in her office the music along with plants on her table and a fountain. She even bakes cookies and bread for the agents before they go out on a new mission. Some of the agents have told her that the nurturing things she is doing is what enables them go to work on days when they do not feel like going. With the darkness these often very young agents are confronting every day and the uncertainty they have of even coming back alive the support she is giving is really important and has been appreciated by her boss as strengthening the morale in the office. She can feel the negative energy that comes from the criminals they bring into the office and she understands how hard it can be for the officers who have to take on that kind of identity when they go under cover and risk losing contact with who they really are.
Soul TherapyUSanonymousI experienced a very profound personal healing. A very strong feeling of compassion enveloped me. I had a coughing release off my throat chakra. I have practiced yoga since 1989 and I meditate on a regular basis.
Soul TherapyUSC.W.After my first session in the pyramid I went to work and people came up to me and asked if I had gotten a lot of rest and commented on how refreshed I looked. My eyes looked sparkling and alert and my face where I have had some problems looked less puffy and more balanced. Also I had been rather depressed about a certain health issue but after my first session have felt much more positive and know that I can heal - it was as though all I needed was an energetic jolt to connect me with a new vibration and a new possibility
Soul TherapyUSCarlCarl is a distant relative with a story that could hardly be sadder. He grew up in Germany until the war; then he was shipped off to a camp for non-Jews. He watched his brother die in this camp and then was luckily adopted along with his parents by relatives in Wisconsin. They were treated horribly by the family in the States. They wound up being evicted and no one would talk to Carl in school after that. After his mother died his father lived and worked in a nearby town where everyone was prejudiced against him. He ended up being killed in his apartment and the local police refused to look into it. Carl went to collect what little the father left behind and found an old family heirloom on the mantle of the landlord who insisted that it was his all along and did not belong to Carl's family. When I heard his story I wanted so much for him to be able to feel Heaven to do Soul Therapy. He and his wife are here visiting my mom for a few days. Carl did Soul Therapy today. He was eager to do so and didn't ask any questions about the set-up. He said afterwards that at the beginning he felt as if something was pulling at him tugging at his body inside. He said it was uncomfortable and he really wanted to get up and out of there. But it subsided after the first song; he said listening to the music calmed him down a lot. By the end of the meditation he said he felt total and complete Peace throughout. I noticed that his eyes seemed much larger and open and there was some delight and happiness in his eyes whereas before there had been what could be described as a 'resigned hopelessness'. I am so grateful for this experience for him grateful that the sacred Tools exist to counteract the past evils of humanity! Thank You Buddha Maitreya endlessly.
Soul TherapyUSStephanie AnnDuring the meditation I was reminded that I am an enlightened loving person. I feel liberated.
Soul TherapyWokingham UKNeil GibsonI have been working on several different healing processes recently so I am quite tuned into my own personal changes. From the Soul Therapy session I found a profound calmness and grounding effect that has help anchor me during some fairly turbulent recent events. The treatment itself was deeply relaxing and like receiving energy healing over all of my body instantaneously.
Soul TherapyYuma AZAmanda TaylorI have always been a skeptic. I have had prior spiritual teachers. Thru one of the teachers I was introduced to Sai Baba of Shirdee. Sai Baba has played a part in my life. When he would manifest I would smell sage or incense. Disaster always followed. I thought it was an advanced warning of karma coming into my life. Six weeks ago I put a large picture of Sai Baba of Shirdee over my bed. I stopped sleeping in my bedroom and slept on the couch. In fact I did not even like going into my bedroom . I went to a retreat at the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Center and it was suggested I get rid of all images of Sai Baba of Shirdee and any masters and just see if the energy changed in my bedroom. I did take it out of my bedroom and started playing Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Music and within 24 hours my bedroom was a welcoming sanctuary of peace. Since I have removed the picture I have experienced more prosperity in my business and more peace in my life. As a result of my retreat at the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Center I have realized that not all teachers are as they seem. I am careful to feel the energy of the teacher and see if that is what I want or need. A lot of what would have drawn me prior to the retreat now is repellent or seems like a waste of time.
VajraBoulder COJoanna NeffAt the January 2007 World Wellness Fair in Denver I was drawn immediately to this magnificent light tool! Within minutes I felt its powerful yet gentle balancing. The effects on everyone who holds this sky vajra seem uniquely calibrated to them. At the Fair a psychic reader who's really into her fire element said: "I have to put this down. It's calming me down too much!" :>)
VajraFarnham UKElena SpringI have already received benefit from having the vajra . My energy and happiness is growing day by day. My life has changed dramatically. I have ended an abusive relationship which lasted 17 years.
VajraGlastonbury UKBrian HanmoreOne man came to Buddha Maitreya's Center who was an alcoholic. He held a vajra and experienced his heart opening. He stopped drinking shortly afterwards and said it was the result of the healings he had experienced through the Metatronic tools.
VajraRichmond UKRichmand Fellowship Community Mental HealthThe healing properties of the vajra have been of benefit to staff and residents alike. We find it most useful in grounding and focusing the Self. It is also beneficial in helping to relieve tension anxiety stress and unbalanced emotional states.
VajraUSAnnVery Peaceful. The pulsation from the vajras were in exact rhythm with the drum on Buddha Maitreya CD. I am not certain of the meaning of this but it seemed to have some significance in the synchronous interaction between me and life. I don't have words. Thank you.
VajraUSBonnie SmithI've been listening to the music using my Vajra and finding that so many changes have occurred. I am much more concerned about others than myself. Aware of a deeper meaning for those words Selflessness Harmlessness and Right Speech. I have noticed that I am a lot quieter and when I do speak - what I have to say is more useful this is what I have experienced since coming into contact with these wonderful healing tools!
VajraUTSherri KerrShortly after I found the Shambhala healing tools I was diagnosed with uterine hyperplasia and told by the specialist that I needed immediate surgery. I saw another specialist who wanted to treat the condition with hormones for a few months before doing surgery. (I very strongly recommend getting a second opinion on any medical conditionóespecially from a physician's assistant rather than from the surgeon!) During the following two months I slept with my vajra on my lower stomach. Each night I placed the vajra on my abdomen above my uterus. I could feel and hear the hyperplasia being removed from the lining of my uterus by the vajra. I felt pulling and contractions inside my uterus directly beneath the vajra. As I moved the vajra around on my abdomen I felt pulling inside. Wherever I placed the vajra I could feel and hear the light going inside and doing its work. My dog in the back yard would howl because he could hear the vibration. I did this for two months and when I went in for the reevaluation the hyperplasia was completely goneóand I had gone through menopause in just two monthsóat the age of 43!
Vajra CDUSanonymousI now have a relaxed feeling all over - not just superficial. With the vajras I felt like I was there with the music and words - a great relaxation therapy - like meditating for an hour even though I had only held it for a few minutes. A great meditation aid.