Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery
Building a place like this, setting it up in geometric reality, is something - just like me putting out the different forms - is a very specific science that brings together two polarities, like magnets - male and fe- male - and teaching them in a way that’s done thru chi, natural vibrations, the Holy Spirit. And I’m into transition, so that’s why we’re building what we’re building. This place is a place for conditioning the planet, for people to get to know that such a reality exists, to come in contact with their soul, and to have a realization that God exists.

Foundations on Solid Rock - 2007 to 2008

"This Monastery is one of sacred geomancy - it’s not just a regular monastery or house. It’s for the planet"

After the land was purchased, work began to clear a path from the access road to the site and develop a 2 lane road. This was quite a huge undertaking due to the length needed, the terrain, and the grade: 1 mile of razor sharp obsidian rock and dense forest, and a final elevation of 2,700ft. Another major hurdle cleared was with PG&E who agreed to run power to the site even after an initial assessment that this was, in fact, completely impossible.

As we moved into 2008, the site slowly but surely was pre- pared for the pyramid and dome foundations. There was in these early days no obvious or ’rational’ spot for any kind of building - the only remotely level land was near the bottom of the hill - but Buddha Maitreya had marked the exact location, right at the highest elevation, on his very first visit to the land, almost 2 years earlier. So another huge undertaking was set into motion: clearing and leveling a large hill!

By August of that year, things had progressed to the point where a local astronomer was invited to “string out” true North by reference to Polaris, the North Star, in order to find the exact alignment for the Monastery Pyramid and Domes.