Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Ascension Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Full Crystal Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Metatron Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Tara's Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at The Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.
Why should I meditate in a Soul Therapy Pyramid?
The most simple explanation is that the body, plants, animals and minerals are all based on geometric Pythagorean principles and the pyramid is based on the human ratio, that is the exact ration of the 51 degree pyramid. So when you are inside it, it is extremely similar to yourself but in perfect order, so it brings order back to yourself. The best similar is something that radiates in perfect harmony as you would if you were in perfect harmony.
What is happening during Soul Therapy Meditation?
The pyramid is laying out the geometric pattern for the person inside to communicate in their head and pick up the planet and the planet is moving through them and they are offering up themselves to heal the planet. The Planet is like a big Planetary Soul. Each corner of the pyramid has a corner octahedron and it pulses and so the person inside is radiating out into the local area, and then out 10 miles, 20 miles. If you are in there an hour, you radiate out to the planet and that is Buddha consciousness.

The Planet is Buddha and everything here is of Buddha's mind, so all that energy can manifest and connect to the individual inside and they connect with that energy. So every person can become Buddha and the person in Soul Therapy connects to the energy of themselves as Buddha in the future - so you become a better person and you start to behave as the Buddha that you are.
Is it ok to just use a mat on its own or with just one Buddha Maitreya Vajra or Etheric Weaver?
Yes, you can use either one or two Etheric Weavers or Vajras with the mat or use it on its own. If you have an Etheric Weaver, you can hook it to the wire that comes with the mat and connect that to any of the connectors on the mat. It will then transfer through the whole mat, just like connecting the goldplated essence plat we provide and using it for transmission, like with using flower essences.

Using two Etheric Weavers or Vajras allow the person to hold an Etheric Weaver or Vajra in each hand, connecting the mat and receiving the effect through their hands directly through the body's meridian system. The same can be done with one Etheric Weaver or Vajra but having two of them helps to balance both sides of the body. Using one allows the body to connect ot itself.
Is it ok to place the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat under a bed or should you lie on it directly?
It can be placed under the bed but the effect will be pretty mild. Having direct contact is the way to receive transmission and make the healing work, especially if you use the Metatron Mat with Etheric Weavers or Vajras held in each hand. Ther purpose and effect of the Metatron Mat is helping to establish the first initiation of laying on of hands, including laying hands over something and not touching. It is the same with all the tools. The initiation ability comes from the Planetary Logos, everyone gets the transmission of one of the seven levels of being that the Planetary Logos holds, and the first is touch.
Is it ok to use the Buddha Maitreya Metatron Mat with other healing products or mats?
Everything else is just what it is, but the Tools, including the Metatorn Mat provide transmission and so the more they are used alone and properly is best for one's life. The Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools are not mechanistic products and the Metatron Mat is not just a magnetic mat.
Why all Pyramid Systems are not the same?
When making a pyramid certain metals or even stones have to be used in order to create the Earths' energetic field from a mineral level. All the other kingdoms are raised up from the foundation of the mineral kingdom. The vegetable kingdom responds to the mineral kingdom as do the animal and human kingdoms. The mineral kingdom responds to the light in the form of electricity and radiation, so when you are building something that is applying light and electro-magnetic fields and is an energetic principle, you have to work with those laws. The pyramid also has to apply perfect geometric proportion.

Buddha Maitreya Shambhala pyramids are built in absolute perfection: all of the corners are made correctly, each one has 24K gold plated capstone and octahedron corner connectors made out of copper, allowing them to be proportionally correct unlike other pyramid systems.

Metal pyramids often have connections at each bottom corner that are very strange, they can have bolts or just connected together with wire or strings to make the 3 poles come closely together. In many pyramids, the corners do not come to a point. Instead they are squared off or are just not perfectly proportioned. Cardboard or wooden pyramids are made from inert matter and so do not resonate with electrical or magnetic fields, so they will not have a very strong connection with the Earth's magnetic field. Pyramids made out of glass and plastic are the same.
Why does the Pyramid System need to be blessed?
Pyramids have a highly astral potential if they are not blessed in a very clear and soulful way by a person who is a strong radiatory or pranic healer. This usually means a high Lama or Rinpoche who lives their life in Monastic study has the focus of tone and elemental energy and knows how to give blessings and radiate light into material objects. This protects from the psychic energy that is generated if a person begins yoga or performs any other ceremonies, as these practices can open a person up to lower psychic elemental and demonic possession, which is what any meditation can do, even inside of a pyramid. Shambhala pyramid systems are built only by Monks ad Nuns with no financial focus because the money that comes from them goes directly to build and support Monasteries.

In the 1960s a lot of people used pyramids and did not experience much effect from them. Those who did experience something often did not receive good effects as being in the Pyramid made them feel ungrounded and made life kind of distorted. This process pushes them in kundalini, on an astral level, so for many years no-on bought a pyramid. Being in pyramids did not further anyone because these pyramids were not blessed and were not made correctly. Such a high temple needs to be blessed to function correctly, otherwise it is effectively just a lampshade and will do little for you.
Can you explain some of the uses for a Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid System?
Ideally the system should have its own dedicated room with the Soul Therapy Music playing all day, every day. The systems can be used for Soul Therapy meditations, Etheric Weaver healing sessions, a focal point for group meditations, chair meditations, massage, sleeping (fits over a twin to double bed with an extension pole set available for queen size beds), food, vitamin, essence, water and plant vitalization.

In the future the systems will be used in every hospital, major clinic, prison, insane asylum, old people's home and orphanages not as a part of money or medicine, but to help the people, who have the karma that puts them in those places, have an opportunity to untie that karma, purify and cleanse their vehicles so they will never have to go back there.
A healer asks about the powerfulness of a pyramid that is placed in her apartment - her friend has a system in her house that seems to be much more powerful - could it be the draining effect of the apartment neighbors?
"Are the systems exactly the same? Do they have octahedrons - these multiply the activity and seal it off, maintaining the balance that could be surrounding the area. The capstone cuts out leakage, magnifies and maintains, sealing off energy inside the pyramid. The Solar Orb magnifies the capstone. Additional crystals - in the octahedrons and on the poles - increase the cleansing process so the area is less disturbing. Does the pyramid have a Metatron Mat inside and is it aligned due North?

"The energy of the pyramid reflects the site. If the room is specially just for that and only that energy, and other things don't carry on around it eg. inappropriate music, conversations etc which would keep the spiritual vital energy down. If for example the people in the apartment above are very gross and unclean, the apartment is chaotic, they use dirty words, have hateful thoughts, anger, hate, bad jobs, drink, drugs --living in an unsacred environment --it lends to not building up the energy of the pyramid as powerfully as if it were in a sacred space.

"My Soul Therapy music attracts Buddhaic Angelic forces. These help to influence the sacredness and release the imperil, attracting angelic forces. The key is to maintain it in an orderly way, by playing Soul Therapy music as often as possible and overnight, offering meditation in an orderly way, say at the same time each day. There is a sense of order that goes with time and space -something sacred every day which attracts the angelic process to come in more constantly. If you imagine a monastery, they are enclosed and outside there may be devilish activity and satanic or evil relationships going on, but inside the monasteries they have statues, thangkas, displays of heavenly abode which increases the angelic attraction inside.

"You need to look also at the clientele being attracted by the healer, whether people deny their own need to change and grow and further harmlessness, for instance if they acknowledge the physical, emotional and mental but do not make changes. Practitioners need to work on the level of the soul with soul, not their soul with a client's personality elemental forces- otherwise the practitioner's nature won't develop and will attract bad relationships and will not be able to discern (eg. living in a bad apartment).

"Everything is put into the tools to increase soul activity--transforming, transmuting, transfiguring --and not go through a process of the three personality vehicles attracting glamours. The tools help the transformation process but need the person's willingness to transfigure and transform by transcending their limited processes of illness and lower mind to an unlimited process. The key is to transform and then transfigure, to move from lower elemental to higher angelic or devic qualities. And if there is a tendency to take on energy then you can't transform. If you are at a higher state of beingness then you see in the light and have enormous positivity and discern negativity, and discern the right action to make-- negative to positive transformation. In doing so you transfigure and therefore transcend."

"The forms stimulate the healing ability and recapitulation ability to see from the level of the soul and deal with it from detachment. There is a science in relation. For example, special clothing in order to put things into order, set the note, prayer, ceremony, these are healing abilities a spiritual leader uses that are not invoked with channelling but invoked with truth and will. You know if someone is doing the right thing or not as their body transmits light energy which dispels negativity. The forms help to recapitulate and stimulate those abilities in a healer. When you use the forms you automatically recapitulate and remember past lives -using a cross, building a temple, the same way as a pyramid or grid or vajras. The sacredness automatically helps to bring back that ability to be positive. It counteracts negativity in a room, a person coming to be healed, or the environment."