Buddha Maitreya and his wife Mandarava Tara in front of the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Ascension Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Full Crystal Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at Buddha Maitreya's Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Pyramid

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1 hour private Soul Therapy® meditation in Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Metatron Pyramid. Choose to do Soul Therapy either in person at the Buddha Maitreya the Christ & Tara's Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California or at The Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, UK or as a distance healing for yourself or a loved one.
Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy - A New Way of Life
Soul Therapy is a one hour treatment in a Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid System. Radiating His Holiness Buddha Maitreya's healing blessings, the treatment is a form of energetic, vibrational medicine that helps a person truly heal mind, body and emotions by healing their Etheric or vital body and awakening the Soul or Buddha-Nature, the divine enlightened essence within all things.

In February 2008, His Holiness Buddha Maitreya was invited to Nepal to teach about his work of Soul Therapy. The following is a transcript of that teaching entitled 'Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy - A New Way of Life'. The event was organized by Dr Raj Pradhanang and sponsored by The Buddha Maitreya Treatment & Healing Center Bhuikhel, Swayambhu, Kathmandu – 15, Nepal. The center is one of two free clinics sponsored by His Holiness in Nepal and run by Dr Raj. They offer homeopathic as well as allopathic medicine, together with Soul Therapy treatments. The event was held at the BICC Convention Center in New Baneswor and attended by many Nepali and Tibetan people of different faiths as well as western students.

"I am Buddha Maitreya and the blessings that I give are given telepathically. They align the awakening of the Soul and they bring out an integration of all of your body, your mind and your Soul.

The pyramid system is not designed as a machine in order awaken you, it is actually geometrically designed in order to bring about an alignment to this planet and our spiritual abilities. Everything is locked into geometric form, to divine sound and the colors of the rays and light that comes from within.

All of the Soul is a manifestation of God’s grace. If your Soul is awakened, if you have a Soul within you that is awakened and living daily, you can deal with everything in life. You can deal with all hardships, suffering and pain, the dilemmas of poverty, conditions between you and your relationships and family. It allows you to forgive those who have harmed you. It allows you to heal those who are emotionally stressing you and you stressing yourself.

The Soul has the ability to completely transform all darkness, doubt, depression, a lack of faith. It does not require religion. It does not require a strong faith or belief system. The influence of the Soul is radiated and it allows the influence of the energy of your mind to become more like the Soul, your emotions to be happy, to have understanding and to relate to life in a way that allows you to evolve and grow and mature with greater qualities. It allows you to be a good human being, it allows you to do good things, think good thoughts, feel good things.

When the Soul is actually more awakened and in the body, it allows you to heal other people not only by radiating the same light of your Soul but it allows you to strengthen the goodness, the virtues, the growing need of characteristics in people around you that may lack faith, they may lack the ability to be positive, to see a change in the world that allows them to have an understanding that things will change. All of the Soul has this great characteristic, these great qualities that allows people - that if they do get a blessing from a religion that you are in, from a ceremony that you are performing in order to bring better blessings to humanity, for all the different things that go on in your life that are brought to you by God, many times we do not witness those things because we have too much doubt, too much distrust, too much suspicion about people, too much hate and anger inside of us that keeps the Soul from radiating onto another person let alone awakening within yourself.

So I have created these systems: A pyramid system. So that a person can lay down and be able to just listen to pujas, prayers that I have placed on tape, that I have done, that allows it to invoke a prayer for that person and transmit to that individual so much light, so much energy, that they can be redeemed of the negative characteristics that they carry in their mind, in their emotions and in their body. It allows them to heal the influences of relationships which you may have with other people that treat you badly, that treat you without any respect and care for you very little. It allows you to send love to those people despite those terrible feelings, projections and ideals that they are sending upon you and it helps them to evolve, it helps them to transform those same characteristics that you are growing inside yourself, that are virtues, into everyone around you, into your country , into the world.

It’s a very slow process but through Soul Therapy, it is something you can actually experience immediately. It’s like meditating and learning to meditate, spending long years of meditation developing the ability to quiet the mind, developing the ability to quiet your emotions, to quiet your body – allowing yourself to receive the blessings of the Soul. Many times this can take 20, 30, 40 years of practice but in Soul Therapy none of that is necessary, it immediately reaches into you, vibrates all around you. My transmission of blessings comes to you and it brings forth the ability to meditate like you have never imagined you could meditate, allows your mind to quiet down, your emotions to become calm and your physical body to begin healing from all the stress and anxiety and pain that has gone from life after life after life.

So Soul Therapy is in reality the Science of Redemption, the science of the redeeming negative qualities that we all have inside of us and allowing those qualities to begin to grow into virtues. Every characteristic of a virtue is usually hard to develop but through Soul Therapy it is developed overnight, within the next day, within hours. A person’s mind and emotions, their feelings, their anxieties becomes transformed and they start to experience positive things, thoughts, emotions that are much more spiritual , much more aligned with the relationship of the higher mind of God. Allowing you to transform these thoughts allows you to integrate certain ways of your wishes, your desires to make your life better, to be able to change the world that you see, change the government that you live in, change the attitude of your social condition. All of it is blocked sometimes by negative forces in the world and those forces we can be more attracted to and they could bind certain energies into our body that makes us behave very negatively with lots of suffering going on.

With the Soul awakening, those energies are transformed from negative to positive energies, from vices to virtues. So every single negative thing you may experience in your life, it will not just go away, it will be transformed into a positive thing and allow that positive energy to be expressed by you, by touching people, by talking to people. By everyday that you wake up and live, your virtues will grow and the energy that you share in this Earth will no longer bring the Earth into its dark time, into its negative experiences, help to evolve the planet and heal the planet at the same time.

The Pyramid is designed in order to bring that energy into the planet. As I bless you, I bless the world. I am blessing an energy that actually includes the whole world, every major temple that has been on the Earth, every major Saint, every incarnation of God that has manifested on Earth is all being transmitted through the work that I do. So any temple you go to, any relationship of reverence to God that you begin to start developing, it will increase, it will become easier, you will have more faith, you will develop more ability to understand what God is trying to express. The way God thinks, the way God feels is exactly the way you will evolve into feeling and expressing. It’s like God consciousness.

The same redemption that goes on inside of your being, if you can understand the relationship of the Soul, try and understand the relationship of the Planetary Soul and that the whole Soul of the planet is your Soul. If it suffers, you suffer. If you awaken to more Soul, the planet awakens to more Soul.

Even though I am Buddha, that does not mean that I recommend or say that you must become Buddhist. I recommend that everybody becomes good, that you practices goodwill, that you do good things. I have many, many thousands of incarnations, many of them known as Buddha, many known as Krishna, many known as many incarnations. But I do not say that you must believe in any one of those incarnations, separately. Each incarnation was for a particular time: Krishna was good for Krishna’s time, Rama was good for Rama’s time, Jesus was good for Jesus’ time. Many people think that each one of these incarnations are separate Gods but they are not. They are the same person reincarnating over and over again. So just take it easy, relax. It all is one.

In my work, I bring all of this together. All of your previous lives that you have spent with previous incarnations, all of it can be brought back to you and brought into the light so that your Soul can awaken. It’s not done by focusing on a particular religion or a particular God. I do it by the fact that God is always incarnated on Earth. So in my prayers and in my invocations, I only focus upon your redemption, upon your awakening so that you in your own nature can awaken to the true qualities that you are despite any separative belief system that you have.

So when you go to Soul Therapy, you are receiving Soul therapy, therapy for your Soul, healing you from all of this separation. Love is unconditional. If love is unconditional, it does not mean in order for you to receive love, you have to believe in a particular kind of God. And everybody fights over who is the best God. Whether it’s Jesus, or Muslims or Buddhist or Hindis. Nobody agrees. There are all these different manifestations that people believe to be God. Everybody takes it very serious and believes that if you are a Christian, you have to be a Christian, that’s the condition you have to take in order to be saved. So do Krishna people, so do Buddhists. These are all conditions set up by people, not by God. God is unconditional. God is just Love. Love has no conditions.

You can be a Buddhist and be an angry Buddhist with lots of tempers, lots to bad feelings, lots of distrust and that does not make you a good Buddhist. The same for Christians, the same for Muslims or Hindis. So I do not care about your religion, I only care about you.

When you go to Soul Therapy, you do not have to go in and say you are so good, that you are going to do something really good or that you have a good reason as to why you need to go to Soul Therapy. You go to Soul Therapy because you simply want to be with God.

The pyramid looks very fancy, lots of gold, lots of crystals but really it is a very divine, sacred, geometric design. As a human being, even as a tree or a flower, everything is based upon this design. It’s the nature of God. And in that nature, if it can reawaken inside of you, you will have God’s mind, God’s emotions and you will see God in the world.

The Soul Therapy Pyramid system is a very small temple, designed in the same way as all sacred temples. You go into this temple alone, it’s designed for one person. And inside this system, inside this Soul Therapy, your telepathy of love, the quieting of your mind and the connection between you and God in previous lives becomes awakened.

A lot of times you think you have to do so many prayers, so many offerings, so much ‘mind’ in order to gain spiritual awakening. I believe you can gain spiritual awakening by being blessed by others and that is what I do. What awakening I have in me, I give to you. If I was able to be in every place all around the world, and I was able to just sit with you and meditate with you and do what the Soul Therapy does for me, I would do that. But the Soul Therapy Pyramid system and my telepathy allows me to do this all around the world in different places at different times and be with that person telepathically. Omnipresence, the ability to be in more than one place at the same time, I do that. The difficulty is whether or not you have the ability to receive me.

So through this process of me trying to be able to help you and heal you, the main work that I can do in that is by offering the Soul Therapy, offering the different types of tools such as the Vajras, Etheric Weavers®, many different things that allows you to maybe take a Vajra home, use an Etheric Weaver on somebody else, this allows me to transmit my love beyond Soul Therapy and into your daily life and you can begin healing others.

In the process of people thinking they should receive a blessing from their religious connection is all good. But in my relationship, I believe in my work I give blessings and I don’t ask what religion you are, what faith you may have so that I can better bless you. The unconditional form of blessing that I give is connected to your previous lives, work that you have done in the many thousands of lives that you have lived. There are bits and pieces of each life that have to do with developing your virtue. So my work is more to heal you and healing your Soul, heals your mind, it allows you to think in spiritual thoughts rather than negative thoughts. Every negative thought has the ability to veil goodness and the evolution of your Soul.

We all develop merit, but do we bring that merit with us from life after life after life and if we have merit from previous lives how do we get it to come back and awaken in this life. So when you do Soul Therapy, what is happening is that the telepathy, the higher form of telepathy, begins to change your doubt into unveiling merit, allowing the merit to surface and you find greater light in the world. Everybody is different, some people have very slowly developed merit and have not developed much merit at all, other people have developed very much merit. So when you do Soul Therapy, you will receive the merit that you have developed in previous lives and if you find that you are not as happy as you wish you could be, continue doing Soul Therapy and you will find that that light will increase.

Most meditations, most people try to do their best to quiet their mind. Whether you can understand English, it doesn’t matter. The prayer is an invocation of the word. The sound that comes from the mind. Whether it be in English, Tibetan, Hindi or any language.

When you go into Soul Therapy, this American puja goes on and you may be thinking in your mind: what is he saying? how is this going to affect me? But if you have the ability to close your eyes and be quiet and just be receptive, you will find that prayers and words that you do not even understand are able to effect you. The reason why it’s a pyramid system and you go into a room and you are all alone with no one else in the room is because a lot of times someone next to you will be just talking away while you are meditating. It’s bad enough your own mind will be talking away, let alone someone else next to you or someone else in the room. So by being alone in that pyramid, it allows your mind to slow down and begin to learn how to become receptive. And what you will learn from it in the beginning is how important it is to be quiet, not talk so much. It allows you a place to become quiet and learn how to meditate so that every day, every moment in your life, you can be in that meditative state. But you need a quiet mind. You do not need people around you making loud noises and complaining all the time. This gives you the opportunity to learn respect for the influence of silence and the ability to be blessed through silence.

Some people’s ego is so big, they cannot shut their mouth. They think they are the center of the world and you should listen and if you try and quiet them, they get louder. In order for you to heal and gain all the virtue that you have to gain, the main way to do this is to heal yourself. You learn this through compassion. You learn to develop a compassion of empathy on whether or not you are harming another person by talking too much, complaining too much, forcing other people to do things they should not do. If your mind is not able to quiet down and you are trying to become quiet, that’s simply because it does not have the ability to have a conscience knowing that it is causing you this problem. It’s the same if you are meditating and a person in another room is making a lot of noise even though they know you are meditating, that is very disrespectful. They have no conscience. You need to be sensitive that this is really wrong.

Many times because of our ego, we become totally insensitive to what we are doing to other people when they are trying to be healed. To be able to gain the ability to respond and be harmless, compassionate, caring and help other people is a development of your Soul. So everything that is involved with the Soul has to do with learning and developing compassion. It’s not writing down what you do wrong everyday and try and make that better. It’s about you developing the sympathy and the sensitivity to be able to be aware of what you are doing now and be able to do it in a kind and compassionate way that is softer, more gentle and quieter. This compassion will take the place of your fear, of your worry, of your anxiety and of your lack of faith.

So in Soul Therapy, my work is to pass my compassion, my telepathy onto you and for you to be awakened. So when one wants to go to Soul Therapy, there is no need for a particular offering that comes from your religion or your basic understanding. Going to Soul Therapy is just a process that allows you to spiritually begin to awaken a path that will last you for all of the rest of your lives. It integrates aspects of your being that develops all aspects of your Soul and allows the energy that is inside of you to slowly awaken and bring about peace within the world.

Every temple on Earth is based on the same design as this Soul Therapy system. The geometric form of the design, the way in which the forms sit on top of the pyramid, the crystals that are sitting inside the pyramid and connected to the pyramid, all that is to create more and more energy that allows the individual, while they are laying there, to sense more of the telepathy that I am resonating into the music or the ceremony that I am performing that is on CD. The same CDs can be taken home. You can listen to them in meditation as though you are in Soul Therapy.

The pyramid system is a sanctuary, a place where you can quietly go without the effect of anybody else, their mind or their emotions or any belief system. It allows you to very quietly sit in a space that does not pressure you in anyway but it begins you to begin healing yourself.

All of my life, I have worked in relationship to meditation, I have been meditating since I was a baby, I meditate all the time. I live in state of meditation. There is not anything I do or talk about that is not based on the reality and the effect of meditation. This is not normal for most people. Most people think meditation is something you do maybe one hour out of a day, maybe once a week in a temple, but I believe that we, as human beings, are born to meditate all the time, to have a clear open mind, to have clear emotions, to be in the moment, present in this very moment. Not thinking about the past, not worrying about the future but being so much present in the moment that the past heals itself and the future creates itself. And all we have to do is be present in the moment. Meditation brings this about.

It allows you to stop thinking in negative ways or desiring ways about how the future will be or how things should change or how you can control them. It allows God to bless the world, God to bless your daily life, God to use you as a vehicle for God to express. All meditation does is allow you to be humane, to be good by your own action, to use your will to be goodwill in action. To allow every moment and every word that you express in this world to be a meditative, thought-form building , loving, compassionate expression, allowing every aspect of your life to be transformed into the very love that you are learning and you are developing.

Through your daily meditation, you will find that it’s your very nature, Buddha nature within, that will grow within you becoming more the compassionate person that you really are and developing those same healing abilities that you find in Saints, that you find in other people that you believe to be powerful and holy, are locked inside of you and able to express, able to heal other people and bless other people and change them in the process of their negativity.

The binding of that darkness of their negativity is what the Soul heals. It redeems it, it does not judge it, it does not question as to how it got there. It simply radiates a light into it, transforms it from negative to positive, using the very energy of negativity to transform it into a positive reality but it requires meditation of the Soul. It requires realizing that every word and action that you take has to be something that is part of your compassionate God consciousness and allows that expression to incarnate into this world, incarnate into the children, into the building, into your business, into your activity in every area of the world.

You may be sick, you may have emotional problems, you may have all kinds of conditions in your life that bring about fear, a sense of tragedy, a sense of lack of wellbeing. But through meditation and the blessing of meditation allows this to slowly but surely be redeemed and to be released from your shoulders as though it’s a personal problem and allows it to be passed on to God’s Plan and let it be worked out as God’s creation.

So your entire life can be used as a tool for God to awaken God’s realty into this world. No human being is small person. No human being is soulless and negative and full of evil. Every human being is filled with potential light and potential ability to express God’s complete consciousness in this world and bring about changes in the government, changes in your daily life, changes in your children that you think are completely impossible to change as though they are born this way. But I believe in rebirth and redemption and that every living Soul, every living thing, animals included, trees, vegetables, everything is included in the making of the Soul and its manifestation into the Soul of the planet.

So everyday if you can meditate and if I can help by you going to Soul Therapy, maybe listening to the Soul Therapy Music so that you can increase the Soul in your life. Through this, you are receiving therapy for the Soul, for the influence that there is a lack of soulful qualities in the world and to heal these qualities in the world, it requires the Soul.

So meditation, going to the meditation center, you can go there because you are sick, you can go there because you have emotional problems but what you will get is soulful light that will cleanse these physical problems, awaken parts of your mind that sees things in all negativity and reveal things in the light, allowing them to be better understood awakening you and awakening everyone around you. This is what Soul Therapy is for.

It opens your chakras, it changes you chakras inside, the energies that are inside of your spiritual centers, it activates them in order to be awake. And for every action of that activation, it allows you to naturally meditate like Buddha. All Buddha’s energy, all Buddha’s life qualities are yours, they are inherent in you – it’s just a matter of whether or not it is your nature – have you developed that nature or do you use lower nature and suppress all of these qualities in your very nature? Through Soul Therapy, it is my hope that everyone will receive Soul Therapy and everyone will slowly but surely release themselves from the burden of holding every other person down by not forgiving them, by not giving them the love that they deserve in their life. By sharing your compassion, you are able to give people a foundation of love in their life that allows them to grow and heal and serve other people rather than being self-serving and selfish. That’s the purpose of Soul Therapy. And I hope everybody has the benefit by going to the doctor’s clinic, receiving Soul Therapy, telling their friends about Soul Therapy and having as many people as they possibly can, attain Soul Therapy."
The Science of Soul Therapy
The Science of Soul Therapy that we provide at the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery is actually based on the sacred geometry based in the Word that makes the angelic order of our planet and the cosmos and everything in the cosmic way that God created things in a very powerful plan of order that is brought into everything. It is seen again when we build with geometric design and when we work with vibration, healing and faith. Then we are actually working to heal the soul. So that's what the Center is about.

Soul Therapy has two major things that is involved with it. One is that being a Rinpoche and a Buddha, I have certain healing abilities that people may have read about in Tibet and the different miraculous things that can happen over there and many of those qualities of being able to heal at a distance or be in the presence of someone and cause a healing, actually does take place in my work. So that is Blessed into the process of my Dharma center and the Soul Therapy Systems and whenever a person goes into meditation.

In Soul Therapy people receive the same Blessings that I give in a Monastery. Basically it is a room that is opened up with a large pyramid sitting in it. You lay down on a bed inside the pyramid and you just close the door and you're alone in that room. You have the music that is playing that I made, that is the invocations of Angels, Buddhas and qualities of awakening, and everything with different bells and different sounds that come from Tibetan Buddhism and American drums combined together. And all of that very much relaxes a person and moves them into a transcendental and spontaneous state so their Soul can literally communicate in relationships that are more loving and more understanding and actually helps to bring these relationships, draw them, unify and magnify them into their life, so that they have better relationships in the future; and things that are not working out in their life today being changing in a direction so that they do get worked out, that includes physical, emotional, mental and even personal problems. Family, work, all kinds of situations sometimes get completely worked out or at least set on the path while doing Soul Therapy, so it's pretty powerful.
The Mind of Man Seeing the Mind of God in Objects
"The Soul Therapy Meditation Pyramid brings back natural vitality - this can be checked through Kirlian photography and the energy of light found to have increased many times. It is a pyramid set up in a reality of geomancy that just so happens to be scientific. They have found out that the mathematical equation of the angle at the base of the pyramid is the exact same mathematical equation as the distance around the earth. And from the base of the pyramid to the apex is the exact same proportion as from the Earth to the Moon. And that the angle between the base and the top - 51.1 degrees - is the exact same mathematical equation as from here to the Sun.

"This is not a phenomenon of coincidence and it is not about intent either. It is part of the geometric reality that is the mind of man seeing the mind of God in objects. Like the tetrahedron or the dodecahedron - they are all found in nature. So the Word of God is the sound that comes out of God's voice and out of a human being that makes manifest into form like in the Bible. So we are looking at the Word of God manifested. If you take a pyramid that is set at the proper angle and it is placed due North facing the North Pole, what it is picking up is the pranic vitality of the entire Earth, and that is blessing it, and the pyramid is receiving what it is that makes Earth Earth. Because on Earth the animals, the plants and everything have a complete ecological system that is more evolved than anything due to Prana - vitality - the Word of God.

"Every word a human being says turns into a geometric form. If you take a metal plate and put sand on it, and touch a tuning fork to it, it creates a geometric form. The sound of the Aum creates the Hindu mandala of the Sri Yantra, very intricate. The principle of satanism, on the other hand, is to take geometric symbology and words and use it in an opposite form - like the 5 pointed star turned upside down or prayers that are sent backwards.

"What scientists have found is that if you take a tetrahedron, and look at the shadows it casts on a wall when you shine a light through it, you get every letter of the English alphabet from A to Z in turn through the shadows on the wall. All the letters are actually contained within the tetrahedron, and the same with a spiral pyramid. So if you say a word it depends where you are coming from and your energy as to what form it takes.

"I put out the tools based on all sacred geometric patterns found in nature, and in the Soul Therapy music I speak words - angels, Buddhas, calling on all the Light of Heaven in Word. I speak the words because I can say them perfectly. Another person could say the same words but it would sound different. If a person is evolved and has no imperil and no karma then the words that they speak will liberate you. For a person to have the power of the word they must have the power of the mind i.e. they must know everything and have full and complete enlightenment - and that is Buddha. Buddha is a doctor, an architect, a scientist, top in all philosophy and religion - knows everything without studying. He can play any musical instrument perfectly and never practices . He can tell you the name of any tone you sound and its relationship to geometric forms and color.

"In my Soul Therapy songs I invoke loving wisdom and with enlightenment, and this enlightenment goes into the Word. There is a big difference between one who is enlightened and one who is receiving light. One can be receptive and sensitive - that is one phase of awakening, because those experiences awaken you. The difference is that Buddha is awakened, he is the one doing the awakening through his Word - there is no other - he is known as the Logos, the Initiator of the Word, Sanat Kumara, one and the same."